A Beautiful Mind Essay

You have to inquire what goes through the head of a individual with schizophrenic disorder. I have frequently wondered if the people who have this upset have had experiences similar to those of John Nash. portrayed by Russell Crowe. the Oscar nominated best histrion in a prima function. The film was A Beautiful Mind. This 2001 movie received four Academy awards in 2002 for Best back uping Actor. Best Director. Best Picture. and Best Writing Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published.

I think all excessively frequently people are given medicine and other intrusive signifiers of intervention for mental unwellness when cognitive therapy with actuating factors can assist to get the better of the crippling unwellness. This is the play represented in this movie. This movie depicts mathematician John Nash and his womb-to-tomb battles with his mental wellness. Enrolling at Princeton in 1947 as a alumnus pupil. Nash about instantly stood out as an uneven duck ( Honeycutt ) . He devoted himself to happening something alone. a mathematical theorem that would be wholly original.

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He kept to himself for the most portion and while he went out for drinks with other pupils. he spends a batch of clip with his roomie. Charles. who finally becomes his best friend. Five old ages subsequently John is a professor at MIT where he meets and finally marries a alumnus pupil. Alicia. The job that John Nash writes on the chalkboard in his talk is a existent one ( unlike in other films. where math on boards is normally either excessively simple or bogus ) .

There is an of import theorem in mathematical natural philosophies that straight says the reply to this is 1. Subsequently. when he discusses the job with Alicia Nash. he makes extra limitations for the solution. without which the job is much harder. so he is pretty confident she didn’t work out it. Over clip nevertheless John begins to lose his clasp on world. he in secret goes to work for the Pentagon and an elusive undercover agent. interrupting concealed messages from the coded newspapers sent by Soviets to secret agents in the United States. warning of Armageddon ( David ) .

As the deepnesss of his fanciful universe are revealed. we find out that Charles. along with his niece. is a figment of his imaginativeness ; Nash withdraws from society and finally is institutionalised and diagnosed with schizophrenic disorder. Old ages of partly successful psychiatric intervention combined with medicine follow. and although there was some success with this signifier of intervention. Nash realizes his thought is a fog and his matrimony is falling apart and to op it off he does non experience like he is a hubby. With enormous attempt and much pattern he learns to disregard the psychotic beliefs of his head and concentrate on world. Alicia bases by him and continues to back up Nash in his day-to-day battle. It’s non until the 1970’s that John makes his long journey back into the universe of faculty members. bit by bit returning to research and instruction. In 1994. John Nash was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics ( David ) .

Paraphrasing Nash’s credence address. in the film Russell Crowe sums up his calling by stating “And I have made the most of import find of my calling. the most of import find of my life: It is merely in the cryptic equations of love that any logic or grounds can be found ( Crowe ) . ” In decision I would wish to province that by being compassionate and loving towards a individual with mental unwellness it is possible to assist them to get by with life without dosing them. Thank you. Are at that place any inquiries?



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