A Career in the Field of Nursing

By January 26, 2017 Nursing

Thesis: A career in the field of nursing has a wide variety of different positions and is .

worth the hard work a person puts into it.

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III.General information.


B.Nursing process.

C.Nursing code.

D.Selecting a field.






B.Choice of a program.

C.Types of degrees.

1.Diploma degree.

2.Associate degree.

3.Baccalaureate degree.

4.Masters degree.

5.Doctoral degree.

VI.Types of nurses.

A.Registered nurse.

1.Nurse anesthetists.

2.Nurse midwives.

3.Nurse practitioners.

B.General duty nurse.

C.Surgical nurse.

D.School nurse.

E.Community health nurse.

F.Advanced practice nurse.

G.Clinical nurse specialist.

H.Private duty nurse.


A.Dependent functions.

B.Independent functions.

VIII.Working conditions.







There are thousands of different job opportunities throughout the world. Most of.


these jobs have branches that give a person even more opportunities. Although nursing has not always been broad, nursing in the present day has many different positions that a person can fill and is a great example of how diverse this profession can be. Nursing is a basic in hospitals all over the world and is a job that our world has had need for thousands of years. For every field of medicine, there is a different nursing field that corresponds with the medical field. A career in the field of nursing is worth the hard work a person puts into it.

Nursing is one career that has more than one definition. Scholars have yet to agree on a single definition. Some say that nursing is love. In a way this is correct. A nurse cares for people who are sick in every way and sometimes all a person needs is love and someone to talk to. A scientific definition for nursing is “observes, assesses, and records symptoms, reactions, and progress of patients; administers medications; helps rehabilitate patients; instructs patients and family members in proper health care; and helps maintain a physical and emotional environment that promotes recovery”.


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