A Case Study My Best Life Teacher English Literature Essay

Hsiu-Ying Fang Kuo is my grandma ‘s name. She is my male parent ‘s female parent and I am used to naming her “ A-ma, ” which means grandma in Taiwanese. My grandma was born on September 7, 1960 in Miaoli, Taiwan. I had been populating with her for five old ages, so I knew that she is a sort, hard-working, and stalwart adult female. For illustration, she used to assist her siblings to take attention of their grandchildren, but she did non inquire them to pay for her. Besides, she is like a ace adult female because I ne’er saw her halt working or making housekeeping even when she was ill. Therefore, I doubtless respect my grandma ‘s attitude. In fact, I was non a persevering pupil when I was in junior high school. However, I heard from my grandma that she could non hold opportunity to analyze when she was small, so she hoped I can analyze at one of the top universities and go a individual who can lend to society. I started to analyze difficult and achieved every end that I set. It besides became a motive for me to analyze abroad because I thought that I could acquire better instruction to come true my grandma ‘s dream.

When grandma was a kid, her household was really hapless. Everyday the repast was either a piece of sweet murphy or a bowl of rice porridge. Sometimes, she ate a piece of dried fish with petroleum salt and a cup of vermicelli soup. Besides, her apparels were made of pokes, and she did non hold places to have on. The most unforgettable and unhappy memory for grandma was her schoolmates teased her when she was in simple school because she did non hold adequate money to pay for tuition. She did non experience defeated even though her schoolmates laughed at her. She still studied difficult and earned wages from school. Actually, grandmother wanted to acquire higher instruction, but her household could non afford her to analyze in junior high school. Therefore, it made her value school more than other people and survey besides became her dream.

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Grandmother began to work on her male parent ‘s farm after she graduated from the simple school. She did non hold excessively much clip to play with other kids because she should work on the farm. Therefore, she normally had merriment when she worked on the farm. One clip, when she worked on the farm, she stepped on something looked like clay, and it was a small spot warm. She did non care excessively much until she found out that her pess had stinky smell. Grandmother laughed and told me that the clay was chicken ‘s fecal matters. She said that poulet ‘s body waste is stinkier than other domestic fowl ‘s body waste. It was one of the amusing reminiscence that she had in her childhood. Grandmother said that she fell into the clay about mundane, so she normally looked like muddy. Possibly, it could be one of the ground that male child did non like her when she was a immature miss.

Grandmother got married when she was 21 old ages old and she gave birth to two kids before she was 25 old ages old. Although, she knew that she could non give her kids a good survey topographic point, she still encouraged them to analyze hard. My grandma cried when she knew my male parent got the good class on his category. She besides bought a bike for my male parent at that clip. She loves child so much, but she ne’er spoiled them. After gramps passed off, she started her baby-sitter occupation. She used to assist her sibling and gramps ‘s sibling to take attention of their grandchildren. However, she did non inquire them to pay for her because be a baby-sitter merely her avocation. As I knew, she had been babysat for more than five kids, and all kids had a happy clip when they got along with my grandma.

Grandmother had besides babysat me when I was a babe, and it was a merriment experience that she had. She remembered that I ne’er cried more than three times per twenty-four hours when I was an baby. I normally slept whole twenty-four hours and did non like to eat. In fact, grandmother thought I was a really unusual babe. Grandmother was proud about I knew how to utilize chopsticks when I was one old ages old. I still did non like to eat even though I could utilize chopsticks really good. Grandmother had told me another unusual thing that I did. When I was two old ages old, she rescued a Chihuahua and raised him on the backyard. One twenty-four hours, she saw I was speaking to the Chihuahua after I broke my mortise joint. By the clip I finished speaking, the Chihuahua started barking for whole twenty-four hours. Cipher knew what happened to this Canis familiaris. I told grandma that I merely said tonss of pest words to him but I did non cognize what happened either. Three yearss subsequently, the Chihuahua ran off and ne’er came back. However, I did non cognize this narrative until grandma told me today.

All in all, grandma is the best life instructor that I have. She taught me tonss of life experiences, such as how to be patient from being a baby-sitter or how to separate the domestic fowl ‘s body waste. Although those experiences are non really of import, I still gained some life cognition from her. I besides learned optimistic and perseverant from my grandma. She is a terminal leukaemia patient, but she did non give up her life easy. Even though she is enduring from the unwellness, she still keeps positive head and be happy mundane. In fact, I knew that this malignant neoplastic disease is really difficult to bring around and retrieve. Therefore, when I saw my grandma still smile to me, I was so happy. Otherwise, due to grandmother ‘s malignant neoplastic disease, I went to infirmary with her a batch of times. It made me desire to major to nursing to assist people. However, I could non analyze nursing in the United States because I am non an American citizen. Grandmother encouraged me to analyze concern because she thought that if I become a rich people in the hereafter, I still can utilize my money to assist people or donate some charities. Furthermore, grandma was the individual who gave me the motive to analyze abroad. When I was afraid that I can non get the better of some obstructions in America, she invariably encouraged me at that clip. Besides, she convinced me to acquire better instruction to come true her childhood ‘s dream. It made me experience more assurance to analyze in the foreign state. This is the ground why grandma was the biggest motive for me to analyze in the United States.



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