A Case Study On Biotech Management Essay


Biotech is a biopharmaceutical company developing human monoclonal antibody therapeutics independently and in coaction with spouses. It is a public company based in US with about 600 employees with net assets transcending $ 500 million. The company besides licenses its engineerings for others to develop new medical specialties. However, the company ‘s major gross is from ‘royalties ‘ received from a developed drug licensed to big pharmaceutical houses. With mention to the instance, Biotech ‘s expertnesss chiefly in presymptomatic development and its R & A ; D activities are funded from grosss guaranting self-financing until the presentation of the effectivity of the new drug in comparative footings.

Biotech 123 ( the focal invention undertaking ) is a curative aimed at managing an acute respiratory disease and a possible ‘blockbuster ‘ conditional to its success in development. This is a extremist new intervention for the inflammatory disease that can alter the current pattern used in clinics for the intervention of this disease.

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The jobs with Biotech are manifold. But, these jobs in the instance can be chiefly categorized as jobs associated with pull offing cognition, pull offing invention and cognition sharing. However, when traveling through the instance, I realized that there were more jobs in pull offing cognition than in pull offing invention. The jobs in cognition sharing besides seemed to be linked with pull offing cognition. Hence, pull offing cognition for Biotech was a large challenge that the house did non believe would do such holds, reverse and failure in the invention of the procedure and in coaction with possible spouses.

Pull offing Invention

The merchandise is extremist although advanced but the whole procedure and attack for intervention is new. As it was a new merchandise, atoms were found in the suspension which indicated that there were jobs even at the earlier phase. With mention to the instance, Biotech had small experience of conducting and pull offing clinical tests. So, non surprisingly many uncertainties and inquiries were raised as what could be the appropriate figure of patients. This reflected Biotech ‘s deficiency of experience in Phase 2 clinical tests. With mention to the instance, the undertaking director commented “ you might every bit good lodge your finger in the air as to how many patients you need ” . Further, there were troubles in enrolling sufficient patients which partially linked to the jobs in pull offing invention and partially with pull offing cognition. The chemists took a long clip and still could non come to an understanding in placing the cause of formation of atoms. Invention is seldom an person activity which implies that for invention to take topographic point workers should be willing to join forces with others to make, portion and use cognition. This willingness is influenced by many contextual factors and is shaped by trust and power dealingss between workers.

Invention may be facilitated within communities of pattern but extremist inventions occur at the interstices across communities and communities of pattern drama a important function in the invention procedure together with communicating ( Swan et al. , 2002 ) . Communication clearly plays a function in pull offing invention and cognition with the will to convey effectual undertaking direction, cognition sharing and direction, squad direction and scientific invention.

Pull offing Knowledge

Biotech faced miscommunication with FDA ( Food and Drug Administration ) , the US regulative bureau which could take to future jobs in pull offing cognition, cognition sharing and reading. There were even differences in prioritisation of ends and aims between chemists and clinical test squads because chemists did non hold the sense of urgency as that of clinicians. So, this clearly showed that there were some knowledge direction issues and knowledge spread among squads. The different proposal programs by 4 spouses seemed to be at odds with Biotech ‘s methodological analysis and the programs were non really good developed. With mention to the instance, Biotech ‘s past experience of spouses was truly bad when the “ spouse screwed even after taking a twelvemonth to acquire things sorted out ” which in effect led to holds in geting a future spouse. The trade with a future spouse should be finalized before test and it seemed obvious that hazard direction sharing was non considered. The spouses and undertaking squads were incognizant of fiscal footings of the undertaking and likewise with mention to the instance, the tenseness created due to atoms and placing spouses at the same time drew a pandemonium. These jobs in direction of cognition were besides because of deficiency of trust within Biotech and every bit good as with its spouses. As a consequence, clip was consumed and the clinical test squad was going despairing as ‘a twenty-four hours saved in development was deserving $ 1 million ‘ . There was even lack of information as infirmary was non permitted as it did non hold the licence to transport out the labelling processes. FDA did non give the blessing and labeled Biotech as ‘external ‘ which once more caused holds.

Knowledge Sharing

There were even jobs in cognition sharing which can be slightly correlative with issues in cognition direction. The cognition of spouses was limited which accordingly led to misunderstanding of informations and with mention to the instance was solved through the formation of new ‘satellite ‘ squads which enabled a better apprehension of Biotech merchandise development procedure. If cognition is non shared so advanced practical feedback and thoughts are non drawn from squads which in bend can take to a failure of the merchandise or procedure. In instance of a failure, any procedure or merchandise is capable to stop up merely like the Sinclair C5 shown in Figure 1 ( See Appendix ) which became an object of media and popular ridicule taking to a commercial catastrophe in Britain during 1980s.

A common scheme to reassign cognition from undertakings is for squads to capture ‘lessons learned ‘ and store these on a database which could easy be accessed. This scheme is widely adopted but such databases are non widely used. But, even with the usage of such databases knowledge captured from one undertaking is typically non used as a ‘tool of cognizing ‘ by others. The cognition captured may non be utile and project squads could miss consciousness of critical cognition that could be utile to assist them better their procedures ( Newell et al. , 2006 ) . Similarly, in the instance of Biotech, jobs were faced with ‘Target’- the cognition direction system because of mutual exclusiveness of informations with the system. True cognition direction occurs when extremist new ways are established to capture, portion and leverage the cognition of the house ‘s procedures and employees within an administration, as illustrated in the cognition sharing lifecycle ( Figure 6 ) .


In my treatment, I am traveling to concentrate chiefly on the deficiency of trust, undertaking direction and cognition sharing issues in the instance. Trust between spouses is cardinal to the effectual operation of webs ( Newell and Swann, 2000 ) . For illustration, with mention to the instance, Biotech ‘s chemists decided to work out the atom job themselves as quoted in the instance “ to work out the job rapidly and internally ” . Here, internally means within Biotech so that cognition is non made available to others and accordingly non shared because of absence of trust. This deficiency of trust eliminates corporate public presentation and any ‘synergy ‘ that might hold brought positive effects. As a consequence, deficiency of trust led to miss of co-operation which eventually meant absence of control. Sing the classical position which is more of a direction place as opposed to Marxist ‘s position position on control, absence of trust and control consequences in squads holding pandemonium, upset and uncertainness. With mention to the instance, Biotech referred to its initial spouse by a codename ‘Stallion ‘ to maintain the position, trade and name of spouse confidential internally and externally so even bulk work force within Biotech did non cognize the existent individuality of ‘Stallion ‘ and the fiscal trades. Although, the undertaking squad had important engagement in dialogues with possible spouses, but they themselves knew perfectly nil about the fiscal inside informations of the dialogues. This once more is a reproduction of deficiency of trust within Biotech. Trust binds parties in a relation and there is a belief in the competences of those involved because of this belief there is a good will among the parties ( Sako, 1992 ) . This ensures that the other spouse will act in a ‘mutually acceptable mode ‘ ( Sako, 1992 ) . The three cardinal mechanisms of trust production are procedure based, features based and institutional based ( Zucker, 1986 ) . In instance of institutional based trust, it will let collaborative work in a healthy environment.

Multi-disciplinary and inter-institutional coaction is extremely desirable as specified by major research support organic structures, particularly when invention is of import ( Newell and Swann, 2000 ) . Procedures and mechanisms that can incorporate are critical because they are required for the development of trust between a diverse scope of work force. In instance of Biotech, networking among different squads was absent. It can be more helpful to reassign procedure cognition about effectual ways to make cognition of current pattern which in hereafter could be seen as get downing point in trying to alter pattern that is being used for past old ages ( Newell et al. , 2003 ) . Networking with other organisations is seen to be important for the development of new procedures, cognition sharing and for invention. It was rather possible that Biotech did non hold all the relevant expertness inside the house so in that instance developing a web that draws in other pharmaceutical and advanced houses could make full in the spread of cognition because some knowledge clearly seemed losing ( ‘knowledge spread ‘ ) that was important in developing the new extremist procedure and hence, there was a knowing-doing spread seen among the squads of Biotech. This indicates Biotech ‘s involuntariness to swear other houses or spouses. But, at the same clip, Biotech being preponderantly a cognition intensive house non sharing the cognition with its spouses and with mention to the instance was non willing to swear its spouses to whom future coaction could intend a batch in footings of net incomes and gross revenues. Surprisingly, there was even lack of trust within squads as with mention to the literature the undertaking squad was wholly clean about the fiscal footings and trades with possible spouses and which of these spouses was traveling to be farther contacted. If cognition is shared, knowledge integrating is possible and this may be reformulated into a dynamic position, acknowledging the intergenerational acquisition benefits that accrue ( Lindkvist, 2005 ) . There were even jobs with ‘Target’- the cognition direction system because of mutual exclusiveness of informations with the system. Although, the debut of “ Target ‘ system seemed as an effort in doing cognition sharing possible and effectual, but clinical research administrations had jobs associating to inputting information.

Analyzing the clip, quality and cost theoretical account as shown in Figure 2 ( See Appendix ) , we see that a trade off has to be made between the three factors as the trigon works on the rule that as more accent is placed on one component, less is placed on the others. So, in the Biotech instance, rushing up the development and decreasing clip may diminish costs but could damage the quality of the work as apparent with mention to instance “ less patients meant less costs to Biotech ” . On the other manus, with mention to the literature, Biotech was seeking for a hereafter spouse which should hold all the capablenesss ( fiscal, legal, revenue enhancement, market, environment, labour / commercial state of affairs ) and implementing ‘due diligence ‘ on its spouses which did non look to travel good. In the past, line directors took excess duty for their undertakings ( ‘their babies’- as used in instance ) which led to deficient deputation. Power for determination devising was even given to those in ‘satellite squads ‘ . Innovation undertakings involve a scope of administrations come ining or go forthing the undertaking during different phases so psychologically persons does non see themselves as portion of a squad / group ends ( Newell et al. , 2009 ) . Undertaking direction has developed as a organic structure of cognition and pattern with organizational alteration and acquisition as the ‘hands and legs ‘ of the organic structure ( Bresnen, 2006 ) . But decentalisation with short-run accent on undertaking public presentation and distributed work patterns can be of import in understanding the defining and embedding of new direction pattern ( Bresnen et al. , 2004 ) .

In the instance of biopharmaceutical invention, it is non merely be after, implement, proctor, control, complete and reappraisal. Resources should be controlled within the undertaking parametric quantities and should follow some formal undertaking direction procedure. To cut clip and with mention to the instance following the slogan of a twenty-four hours being saved in development was deserving $ 1 million, Project Management tools could hold been used in helping with planning and pull offing the undertaking. The WBS ( Work Breakdown Structure ) or Gantt Charts which can be made either utilizing ‘Microsoft Excel 2007 ‘ or ‘Microsoft Office Undertaking 2007 ‘ ( See Appendix ) are some illustrations of tools that are ideally used in Project Management. If undertakings would hold been divided into subtasks, with mention to the literature the jobs such as the infirmary licensing and the pandemonium of placing spouse would hold been eliminated or would hold been solved rapidly salvaging clip. Ishikawa ‘fish-bone diagram ‘ ( See Appendix ) is able to exemplify some cause consequence relationship so that causes of certain events / jobs can be known. Most project direction methodological analysiss include patterns aimed at working cognition that was created within a undertaking and accordingly administrations have recognized the importance of cross undertaking larning ( Newell et al. , 2009 ) . But, Biotech did non look to larn from old undertakings and errors made in past were repeated and this procedure of go oning old errors gave about a expression of an ‘iterative procedure ‘ .

With mention to the instance, the atoms job could hold solved rapidly by conveying together scientists, clinicians, faculty members, legal and societal scientists merely like GKP ( Genetic Knowledge Parks ) in UK so as to work cognition where the purpose is to better medical pattern, even if knowledge demands to be shared ( Robertson, 2007 ) . Gradually undertakings are being deployed as an of import signifier of work administration, particularly where the focal point is on developing invention ( Newell et al. , 2008 ) .


The lone thing that Biotech seemed to make good was an constitution of the sense of urgency in the clinicians which can once more be criticized to be linked with pecuniary returns. With mention to the literature, the senior direction introduced a more coordinated undertaking squad construction to manage all determinations on merchandise development which included the formation of ‘satellite squads ‘ and a scheme squad called Development Project Team ( DPT ) . Later, with the aid of adviser, eventually altering the undertaking matrix construction brought better consequences for Biotech. An overall analysis of Biotech ‘s ability to pull off cognition and invention shows that the two are non reciprocally sole. In layperson footings, two events are reciprocally sole if they can non happen at the same clip. That is if cognition can non be managed so as invention or if knowledge can be managed so as invention. But, an implicit in premise that if houses are traveling to successfully introduce so they need to pull off cognition efficaciously goes side by side in Biotech ‘s instance when invention has occurred but is non successful ( atom job ) because cognition was non handled efficaciously. My treatment and analysis showed Biotech had more jobs in pull offing cognition than in pull offing invention. Even the jobs associated with cognition sharing were to the full or partially linked with knowledge direction issues in the instance. The issues of trust, cognition sharing and undertaking direction can be said to organize a concatenation such that with mention to the instance there was deficiency of trust among spouses and squads at the early phase of the undertaking. The jobs got aggravated and even worse when cognition was kept within the house ( Biotech ) and cognition was non shared among project squads and spouses. This finally led to holds in pull offing the undertaking and formation of squads was even equivocal with no clear functions. It was merely like a ‘chain reaction ‘ as when one terminal was triggered or lit, the fire spread drastically and rapidly as the job increased bit by bit. The fire ( in this instance the job ) was eventually sorted out with the formation of ‘satellite squads ‘ with the debut of new coordinated undertaking matrix construction which was brought approximately by external adviser, the chair of DPT ( Development Project Team ) .


The cognition is silent as the cognition of Biotech can non be codified and developed as a consequence of experience because had it been expressed for any ground, it would hold been readily codified and communicated to others. From the instance, we see that the premise if houses are traveling to successfully introduce so they need to pull off and portion cognition efficaciously holds true.

Biotech had to pay a important monetary value for this error as the atom job was although solved at the terminal of research, but dialogues with the spouse were cancelled. This in hereafter could intend a possible licensing job for the curative or in the worst instance if favorable consequences were non obtained in continuance of the test.

Word Count: 3190 words


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