A Character Analysis Of Harry Potter English Literature Essay

October 9, 2017 English Literature

In J. K. Rowling ‘s novel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, readers see Harry ‘s character develop and construct upon the individual Rowling introduced in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets shows Harry farther mature as a ace and as a individual. Though he is still immature, Harry learns many of import lessons in this novel that help him larn about life and himself. By the terminal of the novel, readers can see Harry as a spot more developed, but non as a wholly different individual.

The 2nd novel in the Harry Porter series is n’t excessively different from the first in that it enforces many of the features readers have already learned about Harry from the first novel. For illustration, in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone readers learn that Harry ‘s deepest desire is to be with household. In the really beginning of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets readers learn that he ca n’t wait to travel back to Hogwarts and see his friends, who are his new household. Readers besides see in the 2nd novel that Harry has many uncertainties in himself, he still lacks assurance ; probably caused by old ages of maltreatment by the Dursleys. Readers can besides see that Harry is still sort, witty, honest and weather individual. These can be seen when Harry treats Dobby as an equal in a sort mode, when Dobby asks him about his friends non composing and he instantly inquiries Dobby about how he knows that, when he refuses to lie to Dobby in order to acquire him to set down the bar, and eventually when he uses the floo pulverization without much vacillation. Readers besides see that Harry is merely every bit righteous in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as he was in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone. This can be seen in his antipathy of people like Lucius and Draco.

Another characteristic which Rowling physiques on is how Harry trades with celebrity. In the first book readers see Harry detect that he is celebrated for the first clip, nevertheless his new found celebrity does n’t truly look to impact him. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets readers see that Harry really dislikes his celebrity. Harry seems to be the exact antonym of Lockhart. Though, Lockhart is unmindful to this and ends up piquing Harry by presuming that he seeks celebrity the same manner he does. Rowling clearly shows readers how Harry feels about his celebrity when attempts to decline to take a image with Lockhart and even more so when his image in the image refuses to remain in the image ; go forthing Lockhart to present entirely.

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Two major subjects Rowling writes about in the novel are category and bias. From the really beginning of the fresh readers can see that Harry treats all existences equal ; seen when Dobby shows up. However, readers can besides see how immature and naA?ve Harry is in this novel. For illustration, when Draco calls Hermione and a “ foul small mudblood ” Harry has no thought what that means ( 112 ) . Through this readers can see how guiltless Harry really is. He does n’t cognize how evil the universe can be and this is something he learns during his clip at Hogwarts. In add-on, Harry lies to Dumbledore about what he knows and so turns to Riddle for aid with calculating out what is go oning. This shows how immature Harry is and that his judgement still needs more development. Finally readers can see Harry deriving better judgement with respects to who he should swear.

The voice that Harry hears besides helps readers place some of his features. When Harry hears the voice say that it is “ clip to kill ” ( Rowling 137 ) , his inherent aptitude is to follow the voice in hopes of forestalling it from making anyone any injury. This is a characteristic that Rowling continues to construct upon with Harry. His inherent aptitude is to ever make good things and prevent immorality from happening ; nevertheless Harry does non understand the beginning or nature of the voice. This deficiency of understanding becomes the beginning of defeat and uncertainty for Harry. He ulterior trades with this by confiding in his friends, but rejects aid from a more mature and experient people, such as Dumbledore. The fact that he seeks aid from his friends shows some adulthood in Harry, but because he does n’t seek aid from Dumbledore readers can see that he has some turning up to make.

Throughout the book Rowling enforces many of the features she has already given Harry. For illustration, Harry does n’t look down on Filch for being a squib, he throws a banger into a caldron while in potions category, so that Hermione may acquire the ingredients for the poly juice potion, and eventually his public presentation during the Quidditch game versus Slytherins. These show that Harry treats all existences equal, that he ‘ll interrupt the regulations for the greater good, and the Quidditch lucifer shows his courage, trueness, finding, and teamwork. The Quidditch lucifer a really illustration for depicting Harry because of how intense it is. Oliver tells Harry, “ acquire to that snitchaˆ¦or die seeking ” and that is precisely what Harry does ( 167 ) . In add-on, he tells George and Fred to go forth him entirely, so that he can happen the fink while go forthing himself defenseless to the knave bludger. This shows that Harry is even willing to give himself if his friends benefit.

Readers can see farther development of Harry ‘s character when the Riddle ‘s journal goes losing. Harry decides that he and Ron must speak to Hagrid about the state of affairs even though he “ ca n’t believe it ‘s him this clip ” ( 259 ) . Harry is willing to interrupt regulations because he is interested in protecting his Hogwarts every bit good as continuing it. This is an of import scene in the novel because Harry does non by and large do bad things. Harry ne’er truly has a job spoting right from incorrect. However, there are certain fortunes when he must interrupt regulations in order to accomplish the greater good ; this is yet another trait which Rowling is constructing upon. Readers can see that Harry does non accept position quo and will make whatever it takes to make what ‘s right. Readers can see illustrations of this when Harry goes into the out wood and makes Ron come with him. Even though the last clip he went in the out wood he saw Voldemort, Harry does non waver to travel and even when he stands in forepart of Aragog Harry maintain his cool. In these transitions readers can see that Harry genuinely is a courageous individual of action. Harry ‘s courage is besides enhanced by the fact that he has to trust on his ain inherent aptitudes and himself for aid ; Hermione has been petrified and Ron ‘s wand is broken, rendering him useless. Another illustration of how Harry ‘s character develops can be seen in how he handles being blamed for petrifying Hermione. Even though so many atrocious things are traveling on around him, he does n’t detonate or over react. In fact, when Ernie apologizes for surmising him, Harry does non keep a score.

Hermione ‘s character really participants a major function in the development of Harry. Her status leaves her confined to the infirmary and leaves Harry to work out jobs he ‘d go forth to Hermione on his ain. Without Hermione ‘s cognition, Harry must near every unsafe brush while trusting on his ain inherent aptitudes, courage, and trueness. For illustration, when Ron suggests that they go speak with Lockhart, the Rowling tells the reader that Harry agreed because he “ could n’t believe of anything else to make, and because he wanted to make something ” ( 296 ) . Besides, when they go to see Lockhart and recognize that he intends on running off, it is Harry who challenges Lockhart ‘s and stops him. He tells Lockhart, ” You ‘re the Defense against the Dark Arts instructor. . . You ca n’t travel now! ” ( 297 ) . These scenes show readers that Harry is going more independent and can trust on his ain abilities. Even without anyone ‘s aid Harry is capable of doing his ain determinations and making what he believes is right.

In the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, readers see Harry take portion in a struggle similar to the stoping of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone. In this concluding struggle, Harry shows huge courage and trueness. He besides learns an of import lesson with respects to his good nature and swearing other people. Harry wanted to believe that Riddle wanted to assist him, but he shortly discovers that he is does n’t. In fact, he learns that Riddle is Voldemort and Harry shows bravery in seeking to contend him. Harry besides shows how loyal he really is when he tells Riddle that “ Dumbledore is the greatest ace in the universe ” ( 314 ) .Because of his trueness, Harry is rewarded with the Phoenix and even though Harry does n’t cognize precisely what to make, he is still courageous plenty to contend.

The terminal of the book besides foreshadows what is to go of Harry. Harry utilizing his humor to flim-flam Lucius into liberating Dobby shows that in the hereafter he ‘ll hold combat evil with his intelligence in add-on to his actions. Even though many readers many have grown a disfavor for Dobby because of what he has done to Harry ; Harry sees that his actions were to assist him, so Harry tries to assist him in return. This kindness is a characteristic Rowling besides builds upon in Harry and is indispensable in his personality.

Harry ‘s character evolves throughout the novel. In the terminal readers are presented with a character that is different, but non wholly. Readers can see that Harry is non an exceeding hero. In fact he is more of an mean individual that is aided by those who care for him and are truly concerned for his well being. Harry is a good individual and this would be true even if he was n’t a ace. While charming adds to the novel, it does non wholly do up Harry ‘s personality. In fact, it is Harry ‘s human features that allow Harry to reflect as a hero in this novel. He is a hero, but this fact is non based entirely on him being a ace.

In decision, Harry ‘s development teaches readers many things and gives them some penetration of what is to go of Harry. One subject of the novel is that people will ever meet obstructions. Harry learns that even as a ace, he will ever confront hard times. To get the better of his enterprises Harry must go on to turn as a individual and go on to populate to the full cognizant that dangers are present. The best Harry can make is maintain utilizing his strong character traits such as candidly, courage, humor, trueness, and eventually what is likely most of import to his character watchfulness.

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