A Christmas Carol Analyized English Literature Essay

September 3, 2017 English Literature

Charles dickens novelette, ‘A Christmas carol ‘ has been assembled in a delicate yet powerful in order to hold the maximal impact upon the reader. Dickens has constructed the narrative in ‘staves ‘ to assist support and reenforce the moral message of salvation. A staff is besides normally referred to as a staff it is a musical sheet that consists of 5 lines therefore the ground for 5 staves.Charles dickens has smartly chosen to defiy your stereotyped morale narrative as it does n’t incorporate chapters but alternatively staves.Dickens starts with potrayin him a heartless old “ miser ‘ . Dickens has structured the novel in a effectual and powerful manner and has used the thought of Christmas a vehicle for his thoughts.It is indispensable for Dickens to convert the reader that niggard is average but non evil this because a average individual has the possible to alter whereas an evil individual does n’t. It is critical for Dickens to make an ego functioning character and show that he can go charitable and caring this is so that even the worse can alter.Dickens has divided the novel into 5 staffs, stave 1 and 5 are a contemplation of each other and staves 2, 3, and 4 are the shades of Christmas yesteryear, present and future. Dickens uses the novelette to speak about moral duty and should assist people less fortunate than us and reflect on it.

Two charity workers approach scrooge whether he would donate money for charity and when asked how much money is he willing to give he says “ nil ” the two work forces misinterpret him believing that he wishes to stay “ anon. ” .Scrooge answers “ Are at that place no prisons “ this show that scrooges psyche is dead and his ability to be sort and to love Scrooge believed ‘s that the best manner to acquire rid of the “ Excess population ” as there are to many people.

At the first staff Scrooge is presented as being woebegone by Marley the shade who is condemned for the remainder of clip to drag heavy padlocks which represents the individual he was in life and all the wickednesss he has committed.Scrooge garbages to believe it and calls it “ Humbug ” which shows that he is wholly disbelieving. Dickens intentionally uses the word “ Humbug ” repeatedly through the narrative so that we can retrieve niggard ‘s ignorance and attitude towards the less fortunate. Marley confronts scrooge “ Charity, clemency, patience, and benevolence “ Marley is demoing niggard that ‘s what your concern should be about.

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The Ghost of Christmas past return Niggard to see his past.Dickens takes Scrooge to his yesteryear to demo the audience that he was a nice kid but had a tough childhood.At Christmas niggard was left entirely at his get oning school because his male parent holds a score against his as his female parent gave birth to him and died.

“ A lone kid neglected by his friends is left there still ” Even though he is a average adult male he still shows emotion “ And he sobbed “ .Scrooge was so lonely the lone friend he had was his fanciful friend the parrot from hoarded wealth island “ There ‘s the parrot “ .Dickens wants the audience to experience sympathy towards niggard for the childhood he ne’er had.Even scrooge feels he has missed out and commiseration ‘s for himself “ Poor male child ”

When Scrooge is old plenty to work, he works for the concern adult male Fezziwig who is the complete antonym of Scrooge.Dickens is demoing the audience that that you do n’t hold to be average and awful like, Scrooge you can be like Fezziwig lovingness and loving. Scrooge subsequently on gets engaged and they agree to propone their matrimony for so long the immature adult female interruptions of their battle this wholly shatters him and this is the polar point. ” Why do you please to torment me “ This shows that niggard is covering up what he is genuinely feels by being awful and average.

This shade so takes Scrooge to ex fiance and he so sees that he could of lived his life like that.He so realized that he could of lived his life like that they could hold been his kids and she could hold been his kids and she could hold been his kids. Dickens end the chapter when his fiance realizes that he lives a mean, awful life and niggard begs the shade to take him back as he is heartbroken and shattered by what he has seen.

On what Scrooge thinks is the 2nd dark, he is visited by the shade of Christmas present.The shade takes Scrooge to see the Crochet household they are hapless but happy.It is Christmas twenty-four hours an the best apparels he has is “ Threadbare clothes “ and his boy has an “ Fe frame ” to back up his limbs. This is the best clothe they have to Christmas twenty-four hours.Dickens wants the audience to experience understanding for the household and gain even though they are hapless they are happy and united.

Goose was a rare juncture for the Crockett household and would salvage all twelvemonth. It is the most of import repast in the twelvemonth. ” Its tenderness and spirit, size and bargain rate “ this shows how of import pricing is for the crocket household. ” Eked out by apple sauce and mashed murphies ” Potatos were the cheapest things they could purchase.Dickens is demoing that the goose was in affair of fact little but they stuffed themselves with murphies.Christmas is the most of import repast of the twelvemonth the audience apprehension to believe what they eat for the remainder of the twelvemonth Dickens is demoing that they are highly hard up.

The audience like Tiny Tim and should understandings for Tiny Tim ‘s state of affairs.We experience guilty once we realise that bantam Tim will decease unless he gets support and adequate nutrient. Unless scrooge alterations bantam Tim will decease but if the reader does n’t alter so million of people like bantam Tim will decease. This is the polar point of the narrative when the Christmas shade points out at bantam Tim and Tells scrooge that he is the “ Sulphurs population ”

The shade shows scrooge a figure of people speaking about person ‘s decease. Scrooge does n’t gain who they are speaking.These people go to extreme steps to steal his drapes and apparels.

As a author dickens wants to convert the audience that niggard is reformed and wholly changed. He reintroduces the characters that foremost appeared in the chapter and he approaches them in a different manner. This shows us the complete transmutation of Scrooges character. Scrooge is demoing his extreme joy through his series of similes “ I ‘m every bit light as a plume, I am every bit merry as a school male child ” .Throughout the narrative whenever Christmas is mentioned niggards relies by stating “ Humbug ” whereas now scrooge has a different attack about Christmas.

Scrooge ‘s first act of generousness is that he wishes to stay anon. for his good workss where every bit at the beginning of the narrative he could n’t care less. This is a complete contrary of the start of the narrative as he wishes to stay anon. for all the incorrect grounds whereas now he has wholly metamorphosed for all the right grounds.

He subsequently on tallies into the same work forces that he met the dark before, inquiring him whether he would donate any money to charity and he replied “ Is there no prisons “ but now Scrooge

Whispers into there ears a important figure of money that would be abashing to state out loud.The work forces doubt him and ca n’t believe he is the same adult male “ Mr. Scrooge ” .Scrooge has n’t changed physically but in every other facet he has changed.Dickens is demoing that even smiling and holding a difference attitude can wholly alter your visual aspect.

When the nephew opens the door even he ca n’t acknowledge him this shows how much of a transmutation niggard has had “ Who ‘s that ” .Such a alteration in personality cipher has seen him happy and smiling. The following twenty-four hours Bob Cracht returns to work tardily and he is expected to free his occupation and ab initio scrooge act as the mean adult male “ I am non traveling to stand this kind of thing any longer ” he acts as if he is the same adult male and so he droops the bombshell that he raised his wage. This insures that the household can populate good and Tiny Tim can be saved.

Scrooge eventually changes for the better and has become a better adult male for good. “ God bless us everyone ” this is Tiny Tim ‘s phrase that was said earlier in the narrative.Dickens has intentionally don this so tat the last thing the reader can retrieve is Tiny Tim and assisting other people like him.

Dickens has produced a novel with a cosmopolitan and cardinal message that everyone can associate to regardless of faith or cultural background. Dickens has confronted society with the universe we are populating in today and has given society a redress that through clip will assist mend.Even in the democratic universe that we live in today Dickens ‘s cosmopolitan message has great relevancy and the thought of being a decant human being and assisting others in demand is sometimes overshadowed.Since being published it has been invariably retold and made into new versions.


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