A Clothing Retail Store In Andhra Pradesh Marketing Essay


It is situated in southern seashore of India and its capital is Hyderabad. Telugu is the official linguistic communication and kuchipudi is the province dance of Andhra Pradesh

Name of the shop: – SHINNING STAR STORE

Description of dressing retail shop

Cloth retailing is one of the top retail merchants in India because manner has become really much popular among childs and even in-between age. In India western civilization is followed presents and our state is following their manner like anything. Becoming the proprietor of dressing retail shop is non that easy it requires batch of planning and difficult work. In this venture we should cognize the Immigration and Naturalization Services and outs of the manner retail concern. The hours of operation will be Monday to Saturday 10 a.m to 8 p.m. The rivals are shopper ‘s halt, Westside, palem leathers, Pantaloons, Bombay shop, Max, etc.

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Environmental scanning of Andhra Pradesh

I am opening a vesture retail shop in Andhra Pradesh and the metropolis that I have selected is Hyderabad.Andhra Pradesh. The retail industry in Hyderabad is on the rise. The ground for taking this metropolis is that its 6th city in India, development, promotion of the substructure, due to its size and population. The vesture retail shop will be free from any political and societal barrier as I am opening harmonizing to authorities policies and society.

Retail shop identity-

The trade name name is KELVIN and logo

Types of retail merchants

My shop is a forte shop bulk of western and remainder is Indian wears. Its for household shopping

Company ownership

My shop is organised as a exclusive proprietary me and my director manage all his administrative and managerial responsibilities of the vesture retail shop

Vision of the retail store-

To sell merchandises harmonizing to clients and fulfill their demands to construct long term relationship and to remain in the market for long tally. To be best dressing retail merchant among other retail shop.

Mission of the retail store-

To fulfill clients in footings of services and supply them best quality apparels harmonizing to their gustatory sensations and penchants at cheaper rate than rivals and mixtures of all sizes and manners. We believe in supplying first-class and superior services and doing shopping a relaxed and enjoyable experience.


The primary aim is to supply one-stop-shopping for all the members of a household

To make shopping environment

To do shopping convenient.

To achieve a place in urban countries of Hyderabad

To construct long term relationship with clients

To derive net income

To guarantee that our clients get the best value, quality and satisfaction from utilizing the services given by my shop


To go a profitable concern

Derive net incomes

to supply them fresh stock

Selling apparels harmonizing to new manner

Goodwill in the market

Establishing for a long tally

To make client and marketer relationship

To maximize clients

Business plan-

Without concern program we ca n’t travel frontward in opening a retail shop. excessively It involves both clip and money budget. We need to border out our concern policies like working hours, regulations and ordinances, stock list and demand to work out on our advertisement and selling program every bit good as employee inside informations, enlargement programs, usage of net income, investing and partnership policies.

2. Selling merchandises of the retail store-

Our merchandises will run from rudimentss to stylish wear.Women ‘s apparels, kids ‘s wear, work forces ‘s wear, insouciant and athleticss wear.


Free bringing


Credit card payment

On-line dealing


Parking installations

Help desk

Proper mixture

Discount offers

Convenient charge processs

Occasional offers

One halt store

3.Marketing program

All goods will be purchased harmonizing to the client gustatory sensations and penchants and all sizes of work forces, adult females and kids.

Pricing scheme

We base the merchandise lines that we carry on their repute and quality as western and Indian wear dress. Most of our lines come with a suggested retail monetary value that we will follow. We will supply price reductions and particular offers seasonally and on occasion. The most of import thing is that we will supply them merchandises at cheaper rate than rivals.

Promotion scheme

It is done by


supplying free samples

postings and streamers

online advertisement


trade name embassador

wireless, etc.


We will offer name trade name western and Indian wear in a larger mixture of manners and sizes that are n’t ever readily available in the mass. To give clients first-class experience through our shops and supply them whole merchandise line and services.



Input signal cost


Less productive labor

Addition in revenue enhancements

Economies of graduated table

SWOT Analysis


Demographic factors

Shoping Convenience

Handiness of resources

Organized Retail


New retail shop

Tax hurdle

Developing supply concatenation

Oppurtunities –


Market Growth


Lifestyle and convenient retailing


Competition from shoppers stop, Pantaloons,


Market analysis of the retail shop

There are four factors which are taken into consideration when market analysis is done for the vesture retail shop: –

mark market- I am opening the shop in Hyderabad metropolis in suburban and urban countries. As the popularity increases we expect to see an mixture of wonder searchers, and local occupants every bit good as the seasonal purchases. And for those who find trouble while buying western and Indian apparels at one topographic point.

customers- they will be of high and in-between income group

rivals – shoppers stop, Westside, Bombay shop, Pantaloons, palem leathers, etc.

Fashion- seasonal or the occasional and the latest tendencies prevails in that metropolis.

Market share-

Our connotation will be to derive 80 % market portion by concentrating on placement, location, other trade names, publicities, etc.

Organizational structure-


Shop director



4.Operational plan-


I am opening this retail shop in Hyderabad

There are major factors on which location depends –

your ability to pay for it, land cost

the visibleness of that location to the mark section you plan to concentrate on.

No. of other dressing retail shop in that country

Life style of that peculiar country

Demographic factors like age, sex, etc.

Competition in that country

The topographic point is 1000 square pess and has been taken on rental for two old ages.

Key supplier-

Supply concatenation direction is really necessary because of stock list direction so that we will gain maximal if there will be no deficit of stock anytime. The apparels will be imported from Delhi and Mumbai.

Store layout-

We follow the form of free signifier layout as it provides restful environment and facilitates shopping and browse. Merchandises are placed in a systematic mode. The shop will be dual storeyed on land floor childs subdivision, 1st floor for adult females ‘s subdivision and 2nd floor for work forces ‘s subdivision. We ‘ll supply convenient shopping to our clients

Recognition policy-

Bing a retail environment we will non be selling on recognition we ‘ll accept hard currency, cheques, and all major recognition cards because through there is decrease in bad debts.

Merchandise Management System:

The order received from a seller are kept in warehouse and stock list is raised when there is deficit of stock. Therefore there is demand to maintain a record of entire orders received and sale. There is a demand to pull off the ware so as to maintain minimal degree of stock which should be there all the clip in shop. To run retail shop well we have to look upon our stock list clip to clip. We should give both the quality and compatibility to clients.

Store management-

Its really of import for the retail shop to pull off their shop. Employees will be encouraged to work in their originative, physical and rational boundaries. Duties will be delegated harmonizing to strengths and failing. All determinations are made in-line with the company objectives and employees undertakings are delegated based upon their degree of expertness, creativeness, etc. Medical benefits are besides given to employees. All Entire work force of the vesture retail shop.


1 shop director

3 tellers

6 sales representative

Security guard

Delivery new waves, motorcycles and male childs

Merchandise will be purchased harmonizing to company ‘s mission and client focal point of equiping all sizes including adult females ‘s plus sizes, work forces ‘s large and tall and for childs of 1 twenty-four hours to 16 years.

I would utilize the unit of ammunition path for exposing the apparels in the retail shop.

Human resource management-

In dressing retail shop we need both skilled and unskilled labor and follow the policy of client relationship direction.

I would follow these stairss in my vesture retail shop: –

Retail market & A ; fiscal

Retail site location

Customer relationship direction ( CRM )

Information & A ; Distribution system.

5. Fiscal program


There is a demand of 5 crores to open dressing retail shop. We have planned to open a retail shop that is in Hyderabad. Supplement funding is besides required to work on site readying, stock list, and operational disbursals. The loan sum appears in the long term

Use of fund

Fundss will be used to pay redevelopment, building, gross revenues counter, painting, rug, illuming, decor & A ; show fixtures.We will besides buy stock list, hard currency registry and computing machine equipments and besides an stock list direction system and remainder will be the operating cost. In future we ‘ll reinvest residuary net incomes into company enlargement and forces.

Projected hard currency flow

Our concern will roll up immediate payments from the client. So it will much likely to the income statement. Our hard currency flow statement clearly demonstrates our ability to cover all the measures.

Projected balance sheet

Dressing retail shop will establish in Hyderabad with an equity of 2 crores and 1crore in loans. Credit sum and providers term for stock list will look in the balance sheet as a short term liabilities. All the other inside informations will besides be shown in the balance sheet.

Customers on Average/day

Expected Growth on sale


Sale /Month

Sale Annually

140*100 on Average





Second Year

25 %




Third twelvemonth

25 %




Expected Break Even Point/store

Break even analysis has been completed on the footing of mean costs/prices.The following chart shows what we need to sell per month to interrupt even, harmonizing to these premises:

Expected Break Even Point/store

Break Even Analysis


PV Ratio=





Gross saless

Gross saless


Variable cost


35 %





BEP Points=

Fixed Cost/PV Ratio



Fixed Cost





Net Net income


Future outlooks

If we will accomplish and transcend our gross revenues and profitableness ends we will increase the merchandise line and spread out our line of trade names with those that have been repeatedly requested by our clients.

Keies to success of the retail shop

Targeting client

Assortments of all sizes to suit the clients

Ad and publicity in targeted countries

Latest tendencies in the market

Valuable client service



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