A comparason of Finny in A Seperate Peace to Thomas Jefferson

January 26, 2017 Sports

Comparison Paragraph of Thomas Jefferson to Finny in Separate Peace.

“I don’t care what people think, I am still going to wear a pink shirt.” That was what finny thought in the book a Separate Peace. In this paragraph, Finny and Thomas Jefferson will be compared to each other in many different ways. There will be Self-respect, Honesty, and Skill. Thomas Jefferson also did not have a problem with what people thought about his clothes. One person saw this and said he wore ill-fitting, much worn clothes.

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Self-respect was a big thing to both Thomas Jefferson and to Finny. Thomas Jefferson was well educated. He became an architect and was heavily involved in politics. Like above, he did not care what he wore or what was said about him. Finny was always in good condition because he was involved in a lot of sports such as; hockey, football, baseball, and wrestling. When he broke his leg in the book, he kept good care of it by waiting for it to heal by having Gene train in his spot to get to the Olympics. Finny believed he could get better and be the same again even when he knew that he was not going to be able to play again.

Honesty was important thing to Thomas Jefferson because he was very involved with the Declaration of Independence. He was so honest that some parts were so insulting to King Charles that it was written out in the rough drafts. He was honest about not wanting to get involved in politics but did so for the good of his country. Finny was a good friend because he said that you need to be honest and he was honest to everyone. He always spoke his mind even if it was not a good time to do so. At a meeting with the headmaster of Devon (the school where they were) Finny wore a tie as a belt and said, “I”m glad I put something on for a belt!” He was telling what he thought. An honest characteristic.

Skill to Thomas Jefferson was an important thing because he was a well-educated writer.


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