A Comparison of Han China and India Essay

September 7, 2017 Geography

Mauryan/Gupta India from 320 B. C. E. to 550 C. E. had similar every bit good as different methods of political control with that of Han China from 206 B. C. E. to 220 C. E. in the sense that both used civilization to warrant societal inequality supported with the thought of lifting in societal position and the usage of faith to assist with political control. The differences were more seen by the twos’ organisation in political control every bit good as the linguistic communication function in the thick of the civilisations.

The differences between the Han and Gupta/Mauryan had been mostly attributed to the chief sense of political organisation when maintaining a civilisation running. Han China was more organized due to a solid bureaucratism as a solid political system where all people would be told what’s what so there wouldn’t be confusion as to where thoughts and Torahs were traveling. India on the other manus had regionalism which could travel otherwise for each political system that would be developed. This political method appeared to be the best option for India since the Geography would non allow them a more cardinal and organized political system such as the 1 that Han China had created.

Another political difference involves the usage of a linguistic communication. Han China had the standard linguistic communication of Mandarin which kept the civilisation more together and unified as a whole. India did non hold a standard linguistic communication at all. They did hold the usage for Sanskrit but this was chiefly reserved for the elite merely. Again this political method kept India more apart than Han China.

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Both Han China and Mauryan/Gupta had the thought of a societal hierarchy and the accomplishment of a position on that hierarchy. However the Han had less of a spiritual path than India in this sense. Han China had a class of survey for all pupils known as the civil service test. The passing of this test would guarantee and/or find a student’s place in the authorities. India would hold a sacredly political apparatus where there would be a alteration in societal position through reincarnation.

At another point both Han China and India used faith in a manner to assist their political control. Han china’s political method underwent Confucianism which would let everyone to hold a good image in their caputs of a universe that can be unified so every bit long as they follow their responsibilities and follow an single kind of function all the piece. India had Hinduism as a signifier of political control. As it became popular under the Guptas. Hindooism was made the chief faith which in itself unifies the people under one individual faith.

Han China was overall stronger when it came to that of political organisation and the usage of a standard linguistic communication to maintain the people unified. India still kept up similar features with regionalism and Sanskrit but was non as strong. Both still had evened thoughts to make with lifting in societal position and guaranting political control through faith.


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