A Contemplation Upon Flowers by Henry King

May 14, 2018 General Studies

Okra’s memo says “Once upon a time son, they used to laugh with their heart and laugh with their eyes: but now they only laugh with their teeth. ” The author is telling his son about how people in the past who were innocent like him would not smile with their teeth, they smile with the kindness of their hearts. On the other hand Henrys poem is comparing flowers to humans. “Brave flowers! That gallant it like you and be as little vain. The author is telling us that humans should show their beauty and be relevant like these lively flowers.

The poem ‘A Contemplation upon Flowers’ focuses mainly on death, ND it can be seen that two stages of the human life is shown, birth for the first half of stanza 1, and death for the second half of stanza 1, and also in stanzas 2 and 3. The situation that the persona faces in this poem is fear and UN;acceptance of death. There are many reasons in which the persona would be contemplating and associating things as innocent as a flower with death, especially if the persona was an elderly person.

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In the second stanza he further talks about the personalities of the people of the past he says “they used to shake with their hearts” here he is trying to say that when you would et each other you will shake their hands with pleasure and with warmth and do it willingly. “While their left hands search my empty pockets” from this we can see that they are trying to use him to get to his money or receive something from him. This also shows that the people’s personalities are not real and true.

King makes great use of personification to make us have a fair understanding of the poem. An example of this device is “Brave flowers that I could gallant it like you, and be as little vain. ” He uses the word ‘gallant’ to describe the bravery of these flowers and how they are not cowards in the ace of death and the phrase ‘little vain’ to show these flowers are humble and gracious and he deeply admires these qualities and years to have them in himself.

Okra also makes great use Of poetic devices. An example is a simile, “Most of all, I want to relearn how to laugh, for my laugh in the mirror shows only my teeth like a snake’s bare fangs. ” This tells us that he knows he is fake just as the others. In conclusion we discover that both poems and authors are different from each other. Each poem has their style of writing and have their own ideas of writing.


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