A Day in the Life of Brent Dorsey Essay

October 3, 2017 General Studies

1. What options are available to Brent in respects to the audit of payables? What are the pros and cons of each option? * Skip audit stairss Pro: Jumping audit stairss will let Brent to finish the work in less clip. leting him to come in under budget Con: Jumping audit stairss can take to inaccurate audit determinations. Misstatements could travel unnoticed taking to an inaccurate audit sentiment. This option besides raises a serious ethical issue with serious effects for the hearers. * Eating clip

Professionals: “Eating time” will intend a batch of excess “off-line” work for Brent. but he will come in under budget and he may be as a true plus to the company. Con: “Eating time” will make inaccurate and tighter budgets in the hereafter and a hapless contemplation of the existent cost of making an audit. This may ensue in hapless determinations at higher degrees of direction. particularly if direction is incognizant of the clip being eaten. * Do the occupation diligently but do it right and enter how long it takes irrespective if it comes in under budget or non. Pro: This gets the occupation done and no cutoffs are taken. Brent may have a good repute for non taking cutoffs.

Con: Brant will come in over budget. He may have a bad repute for non completing in the budgeted clip. and may have a hapless public presentation rating. * Go to John’s supervisor to discourse the state of affairs and seek advice. Professional: This allows Brent to have feedback on outlooks from higher degrees of direction. If John’s plans violate management’s outlooks. they may decide the state of affairs. Con: Departure over a supervisor’s caput without first speech production with that supervisor brings possible negative effects. including the perceptual experience that Brent lacks good judgement in covering with workplace issues. Brent’s repute will endure with John. and could endure with others in the office every bit good.

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2. What consequences for Brent. the auditing house. and others involved. may originate from “eating clip. ” as Scott suggested? Similarly. what consequences for Brent. the auditing house. and others involved. may originate from non finishing audit processs. as Megan suggested?

Eating clip can take to inaccurate budgeting for future audits. As directors prepare the budget for an audit. frequently use anterior years’ audits as a usher. They see that the occupation was completed in a shorter clip in old old ages and fix their budget consequently. Accountants on future audits will hold to finish audit sections in less clip than is realistic. and this can go a rhythm. with each year’s budget going tighter and less realistic. This can do emphasis and jobs for future comptrollers. In the terminal. eating clip is dishonest in that it is an action intended to lead on the users of the clip budget study.

Jumping audit stairss can hold really serious effects. By non finishing the audit stairss. material misstatements may steal past the hearers. The hearers may so publish an inappropriate audit sentiment. which can be really dearly-won. Jumping audit stairss is the best grounds for the attorneies.

3. In your sentiment. which of Brent’s alternate classs of action would supply the best result and why? What should Brent make? How would you manage the ethical issues involved in this state of affairs?

Brent should speak to John foremost. and state him about the state of affairs. There may be some things John could make to alleviate the budget force per unit area. If John is unable to give advice. Brant can speaking to the director above John. Brent should make his best to acquire the work done within the budgeted hours. but should non cut corners. If he comes in over budget. he knows he did the right thing. Many houses reward people who stand up for ethical behaviour and look down on either premature sign-off or feeding hours.

4. What could John Peters and the other hearers do to break manage the demands of calling and household life? He is in a hard place. he is being evaluated for a publicity and feels he needs to do a good screening. The Northwest audit is an of import audit for the house. so he feels a greater demand to make good on the audit but he is responsible for his coworkers work. John should happen better options to assisting the staff acquire back on budget. If there aren’t any ethical options. honestness is the best class of action.

Brent. Megan. and Scott are sing force per unit areas that many face in the workplace. New professionals seting to the force per unit areas of work demand to happen ways to equilibrate the viing demands on their clip and energy. They need to do certain they are puting the right sum of clip each hebdomad in other countries of their lives. such as friends and household.


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