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By August 19, 2017 Project Management

This is the most initial portion in pull offing a undertaking. In this phase, the undertaking director will set frontward assorted thoughts that will give a brief thought about what the whole undertaking is approximately.

The writer has been selected by the college commission as a undertaking director to do a college one-year magazine. For the same there are choice of pupils to be done on footing of their accomplishments required for the undertaking. Therefore after the choice they will be put in the several squads harmonizing to their accomplishments. This undertaking is really of import to the pupil organic structure as the direction on trust has given the undertaking to the pupil organic structure. The undertaking will concentrate on what the direction wants from the magazine every bit good as the pupils. Thus it will necessitate a batch of work from roll uping article to doing the whole budget. The pupils are besides really eager to work on it as it will be a whole new larning experience. Thus it is a really of import undertaking and the pupil organic structure is looking frontward to finish it on clip and besides give their 100 % in doing it a success.

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1.2 ) The nonsubjective and Goals of the undertaking is as follows: –

.Launching the school magazine will assist the pupils to heighten their accomplishments every bit good as acquire the creativeness out of the pupils. It will assist them construct their ego assurance and besides increase their public relation accomplishments

.It will besides assist in edifice squad direction accomplishments among pupils.

.To aid make a positive energy among the pupils as they will experience fresh and energetic to work on a undertaking that is different from their day-to-day work.

.TO help the pupil construct his of import accomplishments like communicating, squad work, duty, leading, job work outing accomplishments.

.To use the magazine as tool to increase its public value in the market every bit good as show the parents how the school is come oning.

2.1 ) Undertaking Parameters.

Scope ; – “ Scope is chiefly concerned with shaping and commanding what is or non included in the undertaking ” .

-Burke ( 2007 )

Basically it means that what are the things that will go on in the undertaking. This will include the formation of the squad that will assist in doing the magazine for the same there will be choice done on the footing of what the pupil is willing to work in which field he is more comfy as it includes a broad scope of activities while doing a magazine. This will besides do the squad more efficient and the work will be done decently as the pupils will be interested to work as the field given to them is on the footing of what the wanted.

Cost ; – “ The monetary value paid to get, bring forth, complete or keep any thing is known as cost ”


The cost that is calculated while making a undertaking is ever comparative of the figure of activities and the basicss that are involved in transporting out the undertaking successfully. It is the most of import portion while transporting out the undertaking because miscalculated cost can even take to the closing of the undertaking so cost can ne’er be unobserved. The cost that will be included while doing a magazine are publishing, data format, electricity, transit, establishing the magazine are some of the cost that needed to be calculated. As it is a college magazine hence the finance will be arranged from the direction, patron ‘s and even some parents. The cost required for this will be a little as its a little graduated table undertaking.

Time: – It is the sum of continuance taken by each squad to finish the undertaking given to them. Time is calculated down to the minuets detail. This is so subordinated into fewer clip frames for finishing the smaller marks which will assist in accomplishing the concluding mark in ends. By making all this we can happen the entire sum of clip required for finishing the magazine every bit good as the sum of squad members required for transporting out the same. The magazine is set to finish by September as its launch will be done during the one-year dark of the college. Because in that map there are all the pupils every bit good as the parents therefore our ends will be fulfilled.

Quality ; – ” Quality refers specifically to the extent or sum toward whic an inherent or embedded figure of traits fulfil a figure of the preset demand that have been deemed necessary. ”

-PMI ( 2001 )

As the undertaking is used as a selling tool the undertaking leader has to do certain that the quality of the paper, ink adhering arranging the screen page the quality of articles should be at a criterion which should do the college and the pupils proud of holding a magazine. Therefore after every measure there should be a quality cheque so that the criterion ordered by the direction patrons staff and pupil be maintained

2.2 ) Undertaking Success: – ” The lone true successful undertaking is the 1 that delivers what it is supposed to and acquire consequences and meets the stakeholders outlooks ”

-James P. Lewis ( 2010 )

The definition fundamentally means that whenever a undertaking is started the director and the stakeholders should ever hold one end and as to how will they happen out if the undertaking was a success or no.

In the diagram below is a manner in which 1 can state the undertaking was a successful 1: –

Fig2.1. Turning definition of a successful undertaking.

When the inquiry of writers project originate the writer would utilize lively and Standard definition cause it will add both the stakeholders every bit good as the pupils accomplishments to prove and that is the end of undertaking. Here there are two ends of the pupil every bit good as stakeholder therefore we have to contract it to one thing and that is finishing the undertaking with the ends in head. Therefore at the terminal of the undertaking we will come to cognize when it will be assessed whether it was a success or a failure.

Project direction is widely recognized as a practical manner of guaranting that undertakings meet their aims, merchandises are delivered on clip, within budget and to rectify quality specification, while at the same clip commanding or keeping the range of the undertaking at the right degree.

The form that the writer is following while making a undertaking are as follows: –

Fig2.2 Project Management Procedure

3. ) Planning: –

This will be the portion in which the undertaking director will demo or specify all the belongingss that are needed for the successful undertaking to be held. . In this phase, the undertaking director lists all activities or undertakings, how the undertakings are related, how long each undertaking will take, and how each undertakings is tied to a specific deadline. This stage besides allows the undertaking director to specify relationships between undertakings. Likewise, the undertaking director can put mileposts, day of the months by which of import facets of the undertaking demand to be met. He besides has to allow them be informed that if any alterations after the planning are made, it will do holds and will hold effects on the undertaking. This is the most clip devouring portion of the undertaking procedure. This is the were the writer will organize a squad, list all the undertaking to be completed, do a work break down construction, besides a duty matrix.

3.1 ) Undertaking Team: –

A squad is group of single with different accomplishments coming together with a purpose of working towards a individual end for which they all are credited. Project squad helps in constructing a bond and common apprehension between the squad members. The ground of organizing a squad is to increase the coveted result of the undertaking every bit good as besides build squad working accomplishments among the pupils. Thus the squad is formed. As this is a large undertaking the writer has formed a squad that will be working under his supervising with each squad holding a squad leader to describe the advancement every bit good as to assist them out.

Fig 3.1 Project Team ; –

3.2 ) Undertaking Undertaking: –

In this phase the undertaking director makes a elaborate study as to what all things need to be accomplished. In this phase the director uses assorted tools like dislocation construction, duty matrix, milepost and all to maintain a cheque that all the undertaking that need to be completed are being done. The undertaking undertaking tha the writer has undertaken are as follows: –

The writer with his formed squad went to the college authorization to acquire a permission and the blessing for the undertaking. This was carried out with the writer showing all the facets clearly to the direction. After the blessing was given the writer held run intoing with all the squad members so to happen out their positions on how to make the undertaking every bit good as acquire any good thoughts which would profit the undertaking. The writer besides had to transport out the undertaking in the given sum of clip for which with the aid of his squad members he made a clip scheduling which helped him in cognizing which undertaking will take how much clip and which is dependent on what. The writer besides prepared a elaborate cost budget to show to the direction. Therefore to back up all this the group of these diagrams are

given bellow as follows: –


Predating Activity

Start Date

End Date

No. Of Dayss

1. ) What articles are needed in the magazine




2. ) Promotion of the magazine by assorted ways





3. ) Choice of squad members




4. ) Delegating responsibilities and duty





5. ) Collection of articles





6. ) Budget for the magazine





7. ) Cover page harmonizing to the subject




8. ) People for arranging





9. ) The subject should be approved by the staff





10. ) Geting the finance required





11. ) The articles should be approved by the staff





12. ) Printing transcripts to be checked





13. ) Establishing the magazine





14. ) Reappraisal of the magazine





15. ) Did it run into the outlooks and ends set





16. ) Successful or a Failure





Fig 3.2 Time Scheduling: –



Amount ( INR )


Printing cost

( screen design, binding, typesetting, home base devising, packing cost, cover lamination )



Paper Cost ( Inside paper + Cover Page )



Cover page



Editing and Formating



Sponsor page






Layout Planing



Entire Cost


Fig 3.3 Cost Structure

This is the cost of the magazine that we are fixing the entire sum is Rs 96,000/- for the 500 books that are traveling to be printed with a norm of Rs192/- per book plus 5 % VAT

Work Break Down Structure: –

“ A consequence oriented household tree that captures all the work of the undertaking in a organized manner ” It fundamentally provides a graphical representation of the undertaking planning, communicating, transporting out the undertaking. The work interrupt down construction for doing a magazine is given as follows:

Anthem of RIMS Printing

Banner Deciding On Patrons

Chief Page Editing

Charts Delegating Team

Directors missive Formating

Benefit points to Deciding Number of

Milestone of Rims Houses that have Pages Adhering

3.5 ) Undertaking Leadership and Skills: –

– ” Leadership is about puting ends and aims and bring forthing avidity and motive among the squad, stakeholders to work towards those ends ”

– APM.

It is the most of import accomplishment needed in a undertaking leader as it affects both the squad every bit good as the constitution. Because the public presentation of both are depended on how the leader has taken attention of all the jobs and how has he handled the squad during the undertaking continuance. There are 3 major manners of leading which is Autocratic, Democratic, and Laissez-Fair. These manners were given by Lewin, K in1939

The undertaking director is the in charge of the whole undertaking hence he should hold a clear thought of what his ends are One besides needs to hold the ability to take determinations and so besides be house on it. The event chosen by the writer needs to hold assorted manner of leading qualities because he is managing a squad of pupils hence all will hold different positions he will hold to understand those and act harmonizing. This will assist him heighten his leading accomplishments. The best leading manner is bossy as it helps the whole squad to take part and therefore everyone feels a portion of the undertaking and they are motivated but so it besides lets the director take a determination which he feels is proper therefore booth are satisfied.

The writer was besides being actively informed as to what are the things traveling on in the squads this helped him to interact more with the members which in bend motivated them because when a squad is satisfied and motivated the consequence are ever good because everyone performs good. The writer besides selected merely those who he felt were responsible plenty. The writer had to oversee a batch of squads hence had chosen leaders to describe the advancement to him. The writer did demo good leading manner as he kept the squad motivated and besides made them finish the work given to them.

Fig 3.5 Leadership Styles

3.6 ) Hazard Management: – It is the manner in which the undertaking director will asses all the hazard that may come in his manner while put to deathing the undertaking and therefore happening the solution to the hazard. This will be done one time all the squads are set and ready to responsibly transport out their duty. Thus hazard direction will assist in bettering the overall undertaking and aid in acquiring the desired results if all the squad members follow the extenuation given in the tabular array below.

Hazard Description

Risk Likely goon

Degree of Hazard

Hazard Extenuation

1.Task non completed



The squad director must maintain a day-to-day check on the work completed

2.Unwilling working squad members



While choosing the squad members directors should choose those who are willing to work for the undertaking.

3.Finance non available or delayed



Always get the patrons and the school direction convinced for funding the undertaking

4.Material choosen might be inappropriate



There should be a teaching staff member with the article choosing squad

5.Promoting the magazine might non travel haywire



Make the publicity as interesting which will assist more pupil to take part ever inquire the pupil what sort of event they would wish and those set it consequently

6.Printing issues



Always chose the pressman which is making the magazine from a long clip. Keep a hebdomadal cheque on what is done how much is completed what is losing what is needed make a separate squad specially for publishing issues

7.Formating and Planing



The printing squad should merely take charge of this keep a day-to-day cheque besides select the colors in forepart of the pressman so that there is no mistakes subsequently and take experts to make these plants.

Fig 3.6 Risk Management

4 ) Undertaking executing and Controlling: –

Examine Development of the undertaking: – This is the first phase of undertaking, Where all the ends and the outlook of the stakeholders are clear and are set. In the our undertaking the end is to establish a school magazine and utilize it as marketing tool every bit good as construct up the relationship between the pupils and the direction. The planning is done as shown before and hence the needed sum of finance and the human resources needed were made available for the undertaking which is explained in the earlier portion of the undertaking. The squad was those following all the necessary safeguard as it had already made a hazard tabular array and hence they were traveling in the right way with run intoing all the deadline by following the Gantt chart every bit good a all the activity was taken harmonizing to the Gantt chart.

Undertake the Actual Undertaking: – This is the concluding measure where the undertaking is completed by making the stairss that were discussed and are carried out. The magazine was launched on the one-year twenty-four hours as the squads had followed all the extenuation stairss tha were given to them and therefore they completed it on clip and it was successfully completed. The twenty-four hours the magazine was launched there were a batch of pupils with their parents all were cheered up as it was one-year twenty-four hours magazine was launched by the main invitee and so distributed in the parents there were already positive and good feedback from the people reading it and hence it was a successful launch.

5 ) Undertaking Appraisal and Closure: –

This is the last and the concluding measure in making and finishing the undertaking once the undertaking is completed the concluding finding of fact is taken out as to if the ends set by the stakeholder those are pupil and direction was achieved or no if no what were the things that were n’t completed.. For the following the undertaking reappraisal is done.

Undertaking Evaluate: – For the same the whole undertaking from the beginning to the completion is taken into consideration a through survey is done on it. After this is done so the undertaking is evaluated to look into if the undertaking was a success or failure and what are the things that were learned which could be improved following clip. This survey besides included the squad members working on the undertaking and all the activities that were done during the undertaking are discussed during the closing. After the survey a study is prepared on all the experiences and the activities taken on during the undertaking, This is done to guarantee smooth closing of the undertaking. After the reappraisal the study is submitted to the college direction which will so see if all the ends were met what the success degree was and what were the things that could be improved farther more in the coming undertaking. After all this is done the undertaking is so closed out.


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