“A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America” by Ronald Takaki Essay Sample

July 21, 2017 History

Takaki talked about the different minority groups about how they struggled during World War II. and how they contributed in winning this war. Jews. Nipponese. Chinese. Mexicans. and African Americans were chiefly discussed about how they were treated in American society during that clip of the war. and how it integrates with the inequality factors they have faced even though they contributed with nationalism to this land called America.

Takaki negotiations about Hitler. and the race murder of Hebrews throughout Europe. With the race murder of Jews he talks briefly about life in the concentrations camps. This racism from Hitler besides has an consequence of racism in America. Takaki brightly showed illustrations of racism through Hitler and Jews. and he ties in together the racism with Nipponese Americans. and how America put them in concentrations cantonments. Nipponese American soldiers contributed their interlingual renditions accomplishments for the war. yet their people in the West seashore were treated as captives. He ties in how Chinese Americans parts to the war. many of them helped mill planes. and ships yet with their attempts. Chinese quota immigrants were non raised ( Takaki Pg 387 ) unlike Europeans where their in-migration quotas were raised ( Takaki Pg 375 ) .

American Indian soldiers besides contributed to the war. they were used as codification speaker. and American Indians back place bought war bonds to back up the war. and throughout the ages after America took this land from them ; they were considered heroes after lending their attempts to the war. Mexican Americans contributed in the war from their harvest home accomplishments. yet they were discriminated in Texas. and forced to populate in different territories off from Whites. African Americans fall ining the military were increasing from both work forces and adult females. yet they were still discriminated in mundane society.

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Using the 3 Sociological Positions. Functionalist – Minorities described take parting. and lending in the war stabilizes society. Minorities who joined the military evidently increase the work force of soldiers. Nipponese Americans placed on concentrations cantonments. which stabilized society because it gave White Americans a sense of security. Conflict – Hitler had the power. We see that in history. and his order of race murder of the Jews. General John L. DeWitt of the Western Defense had the power because he was the 1 who pushed the mass remotion of Nipponese Americans. and President Roosevelt had the power for he is the individual who approved Nipponese Americans to be placed in concentration cantonments. Media played a important sum of power. The media portrayed slander towards Nipponese Americans. Overall. White persons had the power! If you were white you were safe. and untouchable! Interactionist – We see this with the American Indians who were called Code Talkers. They used their linguistic communication to despatch messages so the enemy had no manner to interpret them.

We see argot with the American Indian soldiers who were Code Talkers. Social inequality is present with all minority groups particularly with Nipponese Americans who were sent to Concentration Camps. Jews and Nipponese Americans life in a concentration cantonment will decidedly see civilization daze ; particularly when you lived a normal life. and now have to populate in that environment. Most concentration cantonments have small rations or no rations. and are on changeless observation. Hitler’s race murder of Jews is an illustration of dominate political orientation. and that was his jurisprudence to interrupt European folkways.

I enjoyed this book ; brightly Takaki used different minority groups. and showed their parts. With their parts to America. he besides writes about their societal inequalities. I truly liked how he talked about the concentrations camps with Jews. and with Nipponese Americans. It’s astonishing how Americans knew about the concentration cantonments in Europe. and so they go in front and do one for Nipponese Americans. This show how shallow and nescient American people can be. What wholly amazes me is that we still do this today in our society. It seems we don’t learn from America’s errors and this hatred rhythm still continues. Though I am certain it is much better now than in the yesteryear. reading this subdivision has made me cognizant how lucky I am to populate in this twenty-four hours of age.


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