A Doll House, NORA comparison Essay Sample

August 1, 2017 General Studies

It is intriguing how a writer’s personal beliefs. upbringing. and epoch can dramatically alter a characters character. One such character is Nora Helmer from a drama called “A Doll’s House” . “A Doll’s house” was originally written in 1879 by Henrik Ibsen. Henrik Ibsen was born in 1828 in Skien. Norway. Ibsen portrays Nora as a individual with really low ego regard. untrusty. and self absorbed. During Ibsen’s epoch adult females where subservient and listen to what they are told by the dominant adult male in their life. Ibsen’s ain positions about adult females come through in this character. Even though Ibsen efforts to turn to women’s rights. he fails adult females by portraying Nora as a selfish adult female who ran out on her household to carry through her ain demands.

The drama “A Doll’s House” was written in front of its clip. turn toing issue related to women’s rights. Although Ibsen does try to undertake women’s rights as a affair of importance. he fails to make so. By portraying Nora as an unintelligent. selfish individual. Ibsen straight contradicts his ain belief that adult females have rights. Throughout the 1800 and early 1900 100s adult females rights where wholly ignored. “A Doll’s House” was written during the motion of Naturalism. which normally reflected society. Ibsen acknowledges the fact that in the nineteenth century the function of a adult female was to remain at place. raise the kids and attend to her hubby. once more demoing his ain ideals and nature. Nora Helmer in “A Doll House” is portrayed as a victim. alternatively of a strong independent adult female. Nora is oppressed by a assortment of totalitarian societal conventions. Ibsen depicts the function of adult females as subsidiary in order to stress their function in society for that epoch. Nora is oppressed by the use from Torvald. and Krogstad.

Nora and Torvald’s relationship on the exterior does look to be a happy 1. but Nora is treated like a kid in this relationship without her recognizing it. As the drama progresses she begins to recognize and see how bogus her matrimony truly is. Torvald sees Nora’s merely function as being the subservient in the relationship. Taking attention of the kids and being a loving married woman. He refers to Nora as “my small squirrel” . “my small lark” . or “spendthrift” . To him. she is merely a ownership. a show piece. Torvald refers to Nora by pet-names and speaks down to her as if she was a kid. He thinks she is non intelligent. and can non believe on her ain. Whenever she begins to voice an sentiment Torvald rapidly drops the pet-names and diss her intelligence as a adult females through remarks like ; “worries that you couldn’t perchance assist me with. ” and “Nora. Nora. merely like a woman” . Torvald is a typical hubby in his epoch and societal category. He denied Nora the right to believe and move the manner she wished. He required her to move like an idiot and insisted upon the rightness of his positions in all affairs. At no clip did Nora do an effort to rectify Torvald behaviour and thought. alternatively taking to run off and obey.

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Nora is a ego functioning character in this drama. Not merely does Nora non stand up for her beliefs. but lies to cover up her misbehaviors. Nora afraid of losing her fiscal security. her guardian. and household lies to salvage her hubbies life in order to profit herself. When she realizes that the matrimony is non for her. she once more egotistically packs her things and foliages. She goes through many alterations and develops more than any other character. Nora. at the beginning and throughout most of the drama is an “inauthentic character. ” An unauthentic individuality is when a individual believes their personality is indistinguishable to their behaviour. However subconsciously they know it is non true. Nora was unauthentic because her state of affairs was all she was of all time exposed to. She is a adult adult female that was pampered all her life by work forces.

Nora was spoon-fed all of her life by her male parent and so past off to her hubby. She acted as a retainer and believed she was a servant and bit by bit recognizing her behaviour was non who she was. She believes in Torvald unimpeachably. and has ever believed that he was her God or graven image. Nora allowed Torvald to do all determinations on house affairs. She acts like the perfect doll married woman who revels in the luxuries that she can afford. because she is married to a affluent hubby. Nora was besides really coquettish. and invariably engaged in childly Acts of the Apostless of noncompliance ; Such as small lies about things she bought. Nora goes through life with the semblance that everything is perfect. ne’er standing up for her ego. When a adult female of that clip loves as Nora believes she does. nil else affairs. She will give herself for the household.

Nora believes her intent in life is to be happy for her hubby and the kids. Nora did believe that she loved Torvald and was happy. She had a passionate and devoted bosom that was willing to make about anything for her hubby. At first she did non understand that these feelings were non reciprocated. Torvald does non desire a married woman who will dispute him with her ain ideas and actions. She eventually realizes her feelings where untrue. The concluding confrontation between the twosome involves more subjugation by Torvald naming her a “featherbrained woman” and “blind. unqualified child” . but by this clip Nora has realized the state of affairs he wishes to keep. and is convinced her ain felicity is more of import. The rage Nora saw in Torvald after opening the missive that exposed her prevarication showed Nora a unusual adult male. Person she had non been married woman to. person she did non love. Their matrimony is bogus and reciprocally good because of their societal category. She realizes they are non truly in love. Nora provinces. “Yes. I am get downing to understand everything now. ” It is now that she can get down to grok her counterfeit was incorrect. non because it was illegal. but because it was for an unworthy cause.

This is when the readers see Nora embark into her transmutation to her reliable character. Nora decides the lone manner to repair the state of affairs is to go forth Torvald and her kids and happen her ego. Slowly. Nora’s character is forced to stop her unauthentic function of a doll married woman and seek out her individualism. her new reliable individuality. She comes to recognize her whole life has been a prevarication and chooses to run off like a coward. The semblance of the old Nora continues good after she becomes a new individual. She realizes that duties to her ego are more of import. Nora non merely slams the door on Torvald. but on her kids as good. Nora did non believe of how the kids would experience. she did non believe of them at all. alternatively taking to mouse away like a stealer.

Nora Helmer is a character fighting to detect her reliable individuality. alternatively of her unauthentic individuality influenced by the work forces in her life. Throughout the drama Torvald was condescending towards Nora and forced her to move and look in a manner that pleased him. Nora allowed Torvald to play dress up with her and no affair what the state of affairs had to invariably stay Torvald’s quiet. happy. small doll. Nora ends her doll life by go forthing her doll house to larn and research on her ain.

In 1970 Clare Boothe Luce retitled the drama “A Doll’s House” and named it “Slam the Door Softly” . Clare Boothe Luce was born about a century subsequently in 1903. She was a successful magazine editor and worked in political relations for two old ages as a congressman. She so rewrote the drama to her ain thought as a feminist reformer. The subject and secret plan remained the same. but the characters had a wholly different character. Mrs. Luce being an active reformer for the women’s rightist cause. her beliefs. and upbringing gave the character Nora an reliable individuality from the start.

In ‘Slam the door softly” Nora was non a cautious. sly character with low ego regard. but a strong decisive adult female. Nora had already made the determination to go forth Thaw ; there was no demand to force her. No bullying could rock her determination and she had strong replies for every inquiry raised by Thaw. Nora went every bit far as coming up with a measure for all the jobs done around the place. and presented the concluding sum to Thaw. Nora tried to decide the differences with Thaw on many occasions. but all her efforts fell on deaf ears. Nora Continuously attempted to happen her ain ego worth by larning. trying to work. etc. merely to be dismissed by Thaw. Merely when she could no longer do Thaw understand she made the determination to go forth. Nora besides planned and thought about the well being of her kids. She did non merely run off and leave her hubby with the childs. but made readyings to hold Thaw’s mother come down and remain with him.

Nora would hold taken the kids with her. but did non desire to upset their school and friends. Nora besides was intelligent plenty to acknowledge if she did stay. her hubby would lose regard for her. She uses Thaw’s father as an illustration. saying “You will go like your male parent the typical biddy packed hubby. Thinking of his married woman as the ball and concatenation. and taken on a mistress” . She recognizes being the submissive married woman would destroy their relationship in the long tally. Nora genuinely believes that in order to salvage their matrimony. if it can be saved. she needs to happen her ego. hold self assurance. and be able to mentally excite each other. In the last sentence Nora provinces “I do love you. And I besides need a adult male. So I’m non banging the door. I’m shuting it really softly” .

This shows Nora’s soft side every bit good. demoing she is non a right wing women’s rightist. but a individual with demands. She leaves hope for them. Making Thaw understand she needs to be a individual. she needs to hold regard for her ego. and merely so she could portion herself with him.

Bing a adult female and turning up in a different epoch enabled Mrs. Luce to give Nora a batch more power and strength. When “Slam the door softly” was rewritten. our society was traveling through a big feminist motion. Womans in the 1970’s where more liberated. they had occupations. they where researching their sexual freedoms. and had a take charge attitude. Although Ibsen efforts are the start of a motion. non till Mrs. Luce do we see true women’s release. I believe Mrs. Luce’s Nora gave adult females a true function theoretical account and inspiration.


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