A Dream within a Dream: A Critical Analysis Essay

August 28, 2017 Communication

A Dream within a Dream. by Edgar Allen Poe. is a verse form with its cardinal subjects being sorrow. loss. confusion and defeat. The verse form is divided into two stanzas. each with a different scene but both closely interconnected. It begins with the storyteller snoging his lover upon their “parting” ( line 2 ) . He ponders whether everything in life is nil but “a dream within a dream” ( line 11 ) . The 2nd stanza depicts the storyteller standing on a sea-shore while he weeps. He struggles to keep the “grains of aureate sand” ( line 15 ) within his thenar. but alas. is unable to.

The tighter he tries to hold on. the more they slip off. The poet. through this work of his. has portrayed his most profound feelings and ideas. “The surf-tormented shore” ( line 13 ) symbolizes the poet’s fraught province of head. His head is the shore that is “tormented” with many ideas ( breaker ) . The grains of sand can be taken to stand for the people and things that he loves in life. He communicates his sense of torment at non being able to keep on to them. and at the idea that finally the “pitiless wave” ( possibly decease ) will transport them off.

The poet twice states that he is crying and he cries out to God. This farther high spots his agonised mental and emotional province. The lines “all that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream” are repeated twice ; one time as a inquiry and the 2nd clip as a statement. perchance with a sense of hope that all the losingss suffered by him are nil but mere dreams from which he will wake. The linguistic communication and strong usage of symbolism by the poet endow the verse form with deeper significance.

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The reader can easy associate to it because each one of us undergoes this sense of torment at the loss of a loved one. We might experience that things are stealing off from our custodies but we remain incapacitated. The poet has captured this facet of human being really attractively. Although there are parts of the verse form that are obscure as one can non be certain what the poet is seeking to convey. the overall consequence of the verse form on the reader is capturing. ? Works Cited Poe. Edgar A. “A Dream within a Dream” . Poetry X. 29 Nov 2004. 14 July 2010 & lt ;


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