A Farewell To Arms (406 words)

August 10, 2018 General Studies

A Farewell To ArmsA Farewell to ArmsThe book A Farewell to Arms, written by ErnestHemingway is about the love story of a nurse and a warridden soldier. The story starts as Frederick Henry isserving in the Italian Army. He meets his future love inthe hospital that he gets put in for various reasons. Ithought that A Farewell to Arms was a good book because ofthe symbolism, the plot, and the constant moving of the maincharacter.

The symbolism in A Farewell to Arms is very muchapparent. To the main character in novels, nights havealways been a sign of death, or something negative tohappen. Another one of the symbolism’s in A Farewell toArms is when Henry tries to escape from the Italian army byjumping off one of the ships the army was traveling on andrunning away from the army. This water symbolized new,clean life that he was going to live from now on. At thistime, Henry goes off and finds his wife to be. The plot in A Farewell to Arms was always active. They werenever staying in one place too long. It had a very goodstory line, which was a love story that ended up in atragedy. The main character’s wife got pregnant and she was off to have her baby when problems started occurring. They had to have a cesarean, and the baby dies, and when themother of the child starts to hemorrhage Henry knows that itwas over for his wife and he was right.

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From the beginning of the book untill the end, theaction was up. Ever since the front page Henry wastraveling around to different towns so it was not boring forthe reader. That made it very interesting for the readerbecause it was always a new town coming up so you were beingintroduced in the new characters quite often. As the storygoes on , the writer is not introducing as many new people,but they are still traveling around quite a bit. I feltthat the author’s planning of these types of events in thisnovel was put together very well!Ernest Hemingway is one of the world’s best known classicwriters. He uses very strong symbolism that you the readerdon’t always pick up. I am sure that I missed some of thesymbolism that went on in the book. I picked up a few though and they were very interesting. I recommend thisbook to anyone who is interested in a love story without a happy ending.


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