A forecast of future oil prices

By July 2, 2017 July 11th, 2017 History

Q1: You are a market analyst specialising in the oil industry and have been asked to calculate the likely monetary value of oil in 2012. Carefully explain the grounds behind the prognosis


Oil is a natural natural stuff. Today we are wholly dependent on oil. It is used as a fuel for machinery and vehicles. It is transformed into different forms for different sort of use. Its ingestion is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours all over the universe.

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Market analyst

A Market Analyst is one who collects and analyzes informations to measure bing and possible merchandise and service markets. It is their duty to place and supervise rivals and research market conditions or alterations in the industry that may impact gross revenues. Market analysis is a procedure as which involves looking at numerical informations and trying to spot forms or find likely future motion based on that information. Market analysis procedure expression at how monetary values within their specific sector are traveling, how the market as a whole is be givening, and what single events might impact the monetary values of stocks and trade goods they are merchandising in.

Expected monetary value of oil in 2012

Before I forecast the oil monetary value by 2012, we must look at the factors that affect the monetary value. Without taking them in consideration we can non travel in front.

Like others, monetary value of oil besides depends on basic rules of demand and supply. When the demand of oil is higher so supply, monetary value rises. If the supply is higher so the demand so monetary value lessenings.


It is acquiring more and more hard to happen beginnings and the hunt is going more expensive. Oil companies need to put a batch more in happening and presenting than they did in the yesteryear.

It seems really hard in falling of monetary value of oil in twosome of following old ages, and there is a possibility that it will increase in following two old ages. Now the inquiry sing supply, which comes across our head, is who controls it? and what will they make over the following two old ages. ?

Oil bring forthing states have some cardinal participants and the chief participants ( Based on the Volume of Oil Controlled USA, Russia, China and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries ( OPEC ) .

If we look at the Mission of OPEC it lets us see the influence all these states can hold and how it affects the oil monetary value:

OPEC Policy

OPEC seeks to make favourable oil monetary values for its members by delegating production quotas to its member states with the end of restricting the supply of petroleum oil available on the universe market. The ability of the quota system to command monetary value has been questioned because of the well known leaning for OPEC members to bring forth beyond their assigned production degrees.

OPEC has influenced conditions in the crude oil market as purchasers and Sellerss await determinations taken at OPEC meetings, and supervise the establishment ‘s behaviour. At certain times in its history OPEC has had comparatively clear influence on oil monetary values, as in 1996, when a inundation of Saudi petroleum oil came on the market and drove down monetary values.

In response to recent monetary value additions, OPEC has maintained that a deficit of rough oil on the universe market is non the ground. OPEC has asserted that the market is good supplied, and its existent production has exceeded quota degrees.


Oil demand is predicted to go on to increase despite the high monetary value of oil. There are many beginnings of demand for oil. As states develop and industrialize their oil ingestion grows with their economic system. We can see that planetary oil ingestion has bounced good off until now. We often see fluctuation in the demand every twelvemonth or month in different provinces or states.

The demand of oil or ingestion of oil based merchandises increase when the economic system is strong and we can see a greater figure of demand for oil. The developed states in the universe surely have more affected towards the demand of oil instead so a underdeveloped state.

Population growing and denseness besides affect the demand of oil. We have experienced economic convulsion over the past 2 old ages in America and Europe therefore we would anticipate the demand to diminish and therefore the monetary value per barrel to besides diminish. An scrutiny of the monetary value statistics for this twelvemonth show great fluctuations in the monetary value runing from a depression of about $ 68/Barrel to a high of $ 88/Barrel.

The clime, the usage of alternate energy beginnings e.g. air current, atomic, bio fuels etc. and energy salvaging enterprises are other factors that will besides impact the demand.

Prognosis of oil:

My prognosis is hence based on demand increasing and cost of exploration/extraction increasing and I predict that the mean monetary value per barrel in 2012 will increase to $ 80/barrel.

The Price of Oil can change dramatically over the twelvemonth hence my anticipation is the mean monetary value per barrel for 2012 taking into history the factors described in the old subdivisions.

My logical thinking is as follow:

• The dollar will derive strength against other currencies during the ulterior portion of 2011 and 2012 this will impact the net income per barrel.

• New Fieldss are being explore and for certain its bing really high but if we look on other side, we can see that pull outing or taking out oil from those new Fieldss can take more so 2 old ages but OPEC and the other states do hold militias to get by with the higher demand.

• The economic system will turn stronger over the following two old ages so increase in industry demand can be seen.

• More occupation vacancies can be offered with the addition in industrial end product and hence more spending/travel by the population can ensue in more demand

• There is no indicant that a major struggle will take topographic point over the following two old ages and no addition in unrest, nevertheless planned troop backdown signifier current struggles is awaited. I do non see this will be a major factor.

• Although states are forcing frontward with alternate energy and fuels this is a comparatively slow procedure and will non cut down the demand significantly over the following two old ages – I would anticipate this to be a factor over the following 10 old ages.



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