A Freedom Writer Toast For Change English Literature Essay

A Freedom Writer named Maria entered category during the Toast for Change and was the first individual to declare what she wanted to alter in her life. Maria did n’t desire to stop up pregnant at 15 like her female parent, end up in prison like her male parent, or weave up dead at the age of 18 like her cousin. She wanted a clean slate, and a bright hereafter, but she did n’t desire to get down by reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Maria felt she could n’t associate to Anne Frank, and on top of that she hated reading. Ms. Gruwell believed Maria would happen herself within the pages of the book, and Maria wanted to turn out her incorrect. So one dark as she read about Anne and the adversities she endured while life in the Attic she realized Ms. Gruwell had been right! Anne and Maria have a batch of things in common.

Even though Anne was n’t Latina, and did n’t turn up in the same vicinity as Maria, these two misss faced both favoritism based on the manner they looked. After Maria finished the book Ms. Gruwell began to notice alterations within her pupil. She had a better attitude in category, more focussed on her surveies, and became more interested in category stuff.

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# 2 In the autumn of 1995, a freedom author was sent on a mission by her household. Her end is to support her ain against and attest against a rival pack member. This immature adult female was a informant to a slaying committed by her friend Paco. A rival pack member sat on the opposite side of the tribunal room falsely accused of the slaying. She was ever taught to protect her household no affair the fortunes. Her head should hold been made up, prevarication and travel place, but as she sat on the witness base two natures were at war inside of her, good and evil. The good nature told her to make what is right and state the truth, the evil nature kept intoning protect your ain and send an guiltless adult male to prison. The determination had non been so easy any longer and person made what Paco thought would be a smooth test into something her household and friends ne’er thought could go on.

On the opposite side of the tribunal room, sat the rival pack members household. Her eyes gazed over their faces, about all were filled with choler except one. A adult female the writer described as being strong with cryings in her eyes. Out of all the faces in the tribunal room this one was familiar. The strong adult female with cryings in her eyes resembled all the writer and her female parent went through when her male parent was on test. She saw her female parent and herself in the adult female ‘s places, and a flashback of the twenty-four hours her male parent was sent to prison. At that minute she knew what she had to make. It frightened her because this was non portion of the program, if she did what was right the mission would non be accomplished and the one principal that held her household together would be shattered. The image of her female parent gave her the power to stop the battle between right and incorrect. In this tribunal room she realized the power she possessed. She could give this adult female what was denied to her female parent so long ago, the truth and her household.

The attorney begins to present inquiries ; she snaps back to world no longer thought of Paco, the loyal pack members, or the codification she was raised by. All that was left was the attorney ‘s last inquiry pealing in her ears. “ Who shot the cat? ” The most obvious reply, the truth was on the tip of her lingua and in that minute she gives her testimony, “ Paco did it. Paco shot the cat! ” ( The Freedom Writers, 66 )

Question # 3

In The Freedom Writers Diary, each Freedom Writer describes their adversities and experiences during their clip in Ms. Gruwell ‘s category. Most Freedom Writers in one clip or another struggled with happening stableness at place and their surrounding environment. In Ms. Gruwell ‘s category the pupils find a place off from place. How Ms. Gruwell ‘s category became a sanctuary to each author is different, but what remained the same among these pupils and their instructor was a bond merely a healthy household could achieve. I will analyse the adversities and challenges from Diary 62 of The Freedom Writers Diary. Where a immature adult female finds her ain signifier of sanctuary in Ms. Gruwell ‘s category, and how this category helped her to understand that she is non entirely.

The freedom author has what many childs can merely woolgather approximately, a loving household dwelling of a female parent, a male parent, brothers, and her Uncle Joe. Even though her household is hapless, they live in a little flat and the writer has to kip in the same room as Uncle Joe and her siblings. The unconditioned love that engulfs this family fills her up with more wealths than the richest adult male.

But in world nil last forever and strong walls of love and trust amongst her household members rapidly crumble. It amazes the writer how rapidly life can alter from normal to abnormal. One absolutely ordinary twenty-four hours turned into a rancid dark when she wakes to happen her Uncle Joe fumbling her, touching her in topographic points she quotes as doing her feel dirty. She feels trapped and entirely, who can she state? Who would believe her? Would she put on the line interrupting the walls of felicity that her other household members experience? She can no longer be comfy at place.

Ms. Gruwell ‘s English category is n’t truly a “ category ” by standard definition. It is a place for her pupils. Each pupil in a different manner has embraced Ms. Gruwell ‘s category as a place, some with Ms. Gruwell personally and others with the stuff she taught. What most childs can merely portion at place with their households each pupil is able to show their feelings, frights, and narratives. In the schoolroom, these pupils learned how to break themselves. Ms. Gruwell was a female parent to these kids and through her instruction she guided these immature grownups giving them long permanent advice merely a parent can give.

In the writer of Diary 62 she embraced the category through reading, The Color Purple. She connected with a character named Celie who was from a different life, and some far off topographic point. She learned through reading about Celie how to impart her choler, and her hurting and turn it into something positive. After all her adversities Celie had the bravery to populate. Recognizing she is non entirely the writer of Diary 62 made a promise to herself that she will last.

Question # 4

A quotation mark that resonated strongly with me was from Diary 17. “ I realized a peanut is still a peanut even if the shell is different. Some gustatory sensation better, others look fresher, but in the terminal they ‘re all merely peanuts. ” I was strongly touched by this quotation mark in a positive manner. The fortunes that made this quotation mark of import to me were the narrative behind it.

The writer of Diary 17 was overweight at the clip she wrote this entry. She describes being made merriment of because of her weight. I could n’t believe her fellow equals threw refuse, and tongue at her. It angered me when I read this. How can people be so barbarous! Who gives others the right to judge how we should look? I believe people are all made the manner they are supposed to, and no 1 has the right to set person down for the manner they look.

The quotation mark affected me deeply because I excessively believe people are all merely like peanuts. Some are tall, some are short, some are large, some are little, some are light, and some are dark. At the terminal of the twenty-four hours we are all merely people, seeking to happen ourselves. I have spent many old ages seeking to happen out what I truly like about myself. Was it my hair, my eyes, my lips or my organic structure? I could n’t take because I did n’t like anything about what I saw in the mirror. ! I remember a clip when I became so defeated because I did n’t look like how I thought I should, that I spent months seeking to accomplish what I saw in manner magazines, on telecasting, and in films. Of class I ne’er reached these ends, because my organic structure was ne’er meant to look that manner.

I have been told that I am reasonably, and I surely was ne’er told that I was ugly, but I realize a million people can state me that I am beautiful until their all blue in the face. But if I do n’t experience beautiful on the interior and out what others say means nil. So I decided to halt seeking to alter my organic structure to what I believe other people want it to look like, and merely go on to love myself and bask what God gave me, because in the terminal we are all merely peanuts!

Question # 5

Merely one parent showed up for back-to-school dark, but that one parent helped Ms. Gruwell convey other parents together to organize a group The Freedom Writers nicknamed as Dream Team Moms. The Dream Team Moms helped Ms. Gruwell go acquainted with the community, chaperon field trips, anteroom for contributions, and made dainties for the pupil ‘s potluck. The Dream Team Moms played an of import function in assisting to develop and foster the pupils, which in bend helped determine them for success.

Question # 6

Basketball for Bosnia was a charity event organized by Ms. Gruwell and her pupils. The event consisted of a hoops tourney to help kids in Bosnia. Food and medical supplies were gathered from people who attended the event. Many other events had taken topographic point that twenty-four hours other than hoops such as cheer cantonments, and endowment shows.

Over five 100 people attended the event, but these five hundred people represented something for the childs of Ms. Gruwell ‘s category. They represented a integrity of household, and togetherness. Five 100 people from different cultural backgrounds came together one twenty-four hours to back up a cause for the kids of Bosnia. For the first clip I believe these immature grownups began to see the universe is n’t ever about contending, drugs, and packs. Peoples are able to hold fun with others who are similar and different than them and it does n’t count. This is the local impact the undertaking brought to the people at Basketball for Bosnia.

A selfless act brought approximately by people in California to assist kids who have suffered in Bosnia is the international impact. The kids in Bosnia may ne’er bury the kindness shown to them by others 100s of stat mis off. Children afflicted in a clip of war and devastation will see that kindness still exists.

During my trip to Scoul, Switzerland I participated in a voluntary undertaking profiting the environment by cleaning the Alps. My friends and I along with people I ne’er met before came together to maintain the Alps beautiful. I was far off from place, and on holiday. I did n’t hold to pass my clip cleaning the Alps, but I knew that I loved populating on this Earth and wanted to demo her how much I cared to maintain her safe. I besides knew it was my responsibility as a human being to maintain the planet safe and clean. Like Basketball for Bosnia I contributed to a topographic point far from place. Not merely did I assist the Alps but besides the people who visit to bask these mountains.

At the terminal of the undertaking we cleared broken subdivisions, fallen trees, and planted new trees to replace those that were lost. It was a genuinely beautiful site that I will ne’er bury. I felt as if I was on top of the universe, the lone thing higher than I were the snowy mountain tips.

Question # 7

Labels are like rubrics, and adjectives, in other words labels describe people, topographic points, and things. I think people label each other for many different grounds, some good and some bad. Many times labels are influenced by visual aspect. Possibly this is why labels get such a negative intension because one should ne’er judge a book by its screen. We as a society are so affectionate of labels because people like to set each other into boxes. Besides grouping people makes it easier for others to separate people who are similar and different.

The amusing property to labels is no 1 fits into merely one. One individual can fall into so many classs. It ‘s difficult for me to make up one’s mind which label I believe person in Ms. Gruwell ‘s category would give me. If I tried difficult to visualize myself in her schoolroom as a different pupil looking at myself, I ‘d see person weak, and soft. So if I could think what person would label me in Ms. Gruwell ‘s category it would be a hood.

Siting in my Psychology category I was talking to a friend about school work, and I guess it was a capable she and I invariably spoke about because one twenty-four hours a cat who sat two seats over told me I talked to much about school and that I was a swot. I was shocked because I ne’er considered myself a swot. In order to be a swot you had to be smart, socially awkward, and all that wind. I for one did n’t believe I met the makings it took to be a nerd. I thought about it for a piece and decided to take it as a compliment. I like school, and while I am at school, I tried difficult to make good and I talk about my school work, so if making those things made me a swot in person ‘s eyes so so be it.

Everyone passes judgement before they get to cognize person, I think its human nature, but there are ways to restrict how much judgement is passed before larning who a individual truly is. Meeting people and inquiring inquiries I feel is a good manner non to go through judgement. By inquiring inquiries it keeps others from merely presuming based on visual aspects this is what person else like.

Question # 8

I made a drastic determination non to travel to the prom my senior twelvemonth of high school. Before I made my determination non to travel I had a day of the month, and reserved a beautiful frock that would get in April. My ma was confused and could n’t understand my pick non to travel. Most misss ca n’t wait to travel to their prom, but I was on the other side of the spectrum and dreaded even believing about it

I am a outgoing individual who loves to express joy, and have fun but sometimes I get this cloud of insecurity that keeps me from being who I am. I felt if I went to the prom people would gaze at me or speak about me, all these brainsick things that likely would hold ne’er happened if I went. One twenty-four hours, believing about all the negative what if ‘s that could go on if I went to the prom I made a determination non to travel. After I made the determination non to travel, it was like a load was lifted off my shoulders and all the negative feelings went off. The lone job left was to state my household and friends I was no longer go toing the prom. I told my ma the truth and she thought I was being silly and tried with all her energy to acquire me to travel. My sister told me, “ You ‘re a adolescent. Adolescents do n’t blow their lives being worry warts. They go out and have merriment! Travel to your prom, if you do n’t you will repent it. ”

At the clip, it was of import for me non to travel to the prom because I was n’t confident with who I am on the interior. To this twenty-four hours, a entire three months subsequently I do non repent losing my prom, so my sister was incorrect about that. Although in a traffic circle manner she was right about a few things. I merely acquire to be immature one time, and I do n’t desire to look back and realized I have n’t enjoyed my teenage old ages.

Question # 9

My male parent is large on misogynism between work forces and adult females. I am his lone girl and he invariably finds ways to cretic about everything I do. Just yesterday I was eating little cocoa bit cookies the 1s that can suit into 1s oral cavities in one spot, and I did merely that. I put the whole cooky in my oral cavity. He literally blew a coffin! I am supposed to seize with teeth the cooky, non toss it in my oral cavity. Now any other clip, I would hold to hold but this was a little cooky and I was in the comfort of my ain place. Then my male parent had his ain monologue on how it is incorrect for adult females to eat a in the mode I was. He went on to give me what if scenarios. What if a cat proverb you eating that manner? Harmonizing to my male parent the immature gentlemen would desire nil to make with me every bit shortly as I stuffed a small cocoa bit cooky in my oral cavity. Bottom line adult females are supposed to hold superior etiquette at all times, because one ne’er knows whose observation.

My other illustration of an inequality between work forces and adult females is something I saw on the telecasting show, Wife Swap. One married woman entirely depended on her hubby for everything, nutrient, shelter, and money. The hubby would non let his married woman to hold any occupation. He believed that a adult female ‘s responsibility was to remain at place and take attention of the kids. The hubby ‘s occupation was to supply for the household, and the work force was no topographic point for a adult female. Even though taking attention of the household is a full clip occupation, the adult female wanted to hold her ain freedom, and her ain money. When I watched this episode I could n’t believe people still believed adult females had bounds on what they can or should make.

My female parent knew a immature adult female who is Asiatic, and one twenty-four hours they were speaking about college, because my ma works for SUNY Downstate Medical Center. The immature adult female told my ma that kids used to do merriment of her when she was immature because she was n’t on the stereotypically degree of brilliantness that comes with being Asiatic. She would ever be afraid to raise her manus in category, because if she got the reply right childs would badger her for being a nerdy Asian and if she answered the inquiry falsely people would look at her amusing, like is n’t she supposed to cognize the reply. She could n’t understand why some people thought Asian ‘s were smarter than other races of people.

An inequality that still holds strongly today trades with sexual orientation. Peoples, who are straight can have a matrimony licence but in some provinces people who are homosexual can non. Some people believe being homosexual is a job that will merely rise if they are allowed to get married, but if person looks at it merely on the surface: Homosexuals ca n’t acquire married. Straight people can acquire married. This is an inequality, homosexuals and heterosexuals are both people but yet one group is allowed something while the other is denied.

I believe America prides itself as being a thaw pot filled with all different civilizations, and ethnicities. If American society is plagued with inequalities the people of this state seek their best to rectify them. Sometimes inequalities take root and it beings to impact non merely the American society but besides the universe in a negative and positive ways. Peoples can get down to believe in these inequalities, which can ache the certain group being discriminated against. Or people can beat up against the favoritisms and battle for alteration.

Question # 10

Yes, I think the media tends to concentrate on the negative properties to a narrative, and has a wont of publication articles, or airing intelligence that is sad and disconcerting. Social webs and other media mercantile establishments will seek to add inside informations to a narrative, or blow a certain portion of the narrative out of proportion. This can impact the manner audiences will construe the intelligence brought to their attending.

The ability to hold so much information accessible allows people to be informed quicker, which could salvage lives, and do people more comfy. Having information easy accessible has its downsides. Life has now become an unfastened book, and security has become stronger in order protect the privateness of citizens. With strong sweetenings in engineering it is n’t difficult to happen information on people, and topographic points. Life can be really nerve-racking if person is in a place where privateness is an issue. Peoples such as politicians and famous persons invariably struggle for normality with cameras that can descry person a stat mi off.

Technology rebelliously does non put a function in the detachment of persons and their communities. I can merely believe of ways engineering enhances the battle of persons. Whether good or bad, engineering allows people to interact globally, the Earth has ne’er felt smaller. I can talk to person 1000s of stat mis off through phone, Facebook, or electronic mail and I will ne’er hold to experience the distance. Technology such as telecasting, cameras and computing machines have allowed persons to see other civilizations, and imposts without holding to step outside of their vicinity, hence heightening the interaction between people and their communities.



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