A Freudian View Of Cruel Inten Essay

June 17, 2018 General Studies

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A Freudian View of Cruel Intentions

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In a film like Cruel Intentions which is filled with sex and sexual dealingss between its characters, a adult male such as Sigmund Freud would enjoy in the realisation that the characters have about their ain gender. The two chief characters Sidney and Sebastian begin the film with little more than a basic longing to carry through the desires of their ID. Both characters express overtly sexual behaviour and desires to be at the top of the societal category through whatever agencies necessary. The deficiency of parental influence exhibited in the film about high school pupils explains why the two characters have minimum development in their self-importances. The actions of Sidney, in peculiar, represent the ID features. When a adult male scorns Sidney she instantly devises a program for retaliation that will give her satisfaction by doing hurting to others. These evident actions of the ID are besides tied in with actions of the superego. Sidney attempts to take actions to carry through the desires of her ID. Freud states these as actions of the superego. Sidney s insouciant usage of illicit drugs is another illustration of her ID being the opinion system of her personality.

Sebastian begins the film utilizing predominately his ID and evolves to bit by bit use a healthy combination of his self-importance and superego every bit good. Throughout the film Sebastian s realisation of his true feelings and beliefs allow him to successfully use the potency of his self-importance and superego while minimising the actions he takes in order to carry through the demands of his ID. Unfortunately in the film Sebastian dies shortly after recognizing the full potency of his mind to equilibrate each different aspect of Freud s neurology.

Sebastian relates to his half sister, Sidney, by ab initio showing a passionate desire for the lubricious conquering of her organic structure. When Sebastian Begins to hold feelings for another person, he sees that the lubricious desires for his out half sister are no longer present, and they were merely the demand to fulfill his animalistic ID longings.

Sidney positions Sebastian as an equal in the beginning of the film

because of his attempts to relentlessly topographic point himself above the others in his societal group. Both characters had perfectly no job in making any title, which would be viewed by the self-importance and superego to be incorrect, that would rise their sensed image. Sidney stops at nil, and no 1, in her attempts to experience superior including the individual she sees as her closest rational spouse. Sebastian finally makes his manner through a hard conflict within himself before he is able to move on the portion of his self-importance. His eventual pursuit for the things that are true to his bosom are clear actions of his superego. Sidney s willingness to destruct her closest intimate is yet another illustration of how her ID is the over-riding system in her personality.

The other characters in the film are, for the most portion, merely present in order to do alterations in the personalities of the chief characters. The major back uping portion of the character who late becomes Sebastian s girlfriend is an illustration of a strong presence of self-importance which evolves into the superego as the film continues on. This strong self-importance character has a major portion in the function of assisting Sebastian s character evolve into his personality. Sebastian s further development into his superego is brought on by the confrontation that he has with Sidney. It is his disgust and misgiving with Sidney for aching him that causes him to look farther into himself and alter his ain personality.

In decision at the oncoming of the film the two chief characters seem to be merchandises of their ain Ids and little more. The film shows the rapid patterned advance of their personalities. This rapid alteration is linked to the emotional hurting that occurs to each character all through the film. On the surface the characters in this film look to be playing in-depth head games with one another. Upon closer rating from a psychoanalytical stance it becomes evident that all of the characters are simply traveling through typical developmental phases, each being at different points in their ain personality development. The intelligence and intricity of these character s actions are non valid show windows for their personality traits.


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