A Good Man Is Hard to Find

June 23, 2018 General Studies

A good man is hard to find” It is a straightforward story. It is narrated through a third person viewpoint, especially from the grandmother’s perspective. Central conflict The central conflict occurs near the end of the story however some conflicts occur throughout before the end. We can see that there is direct conflict between John Welsey, June Star, Bailey, the mother and the grandmother and the three escaped criminals. Emotional conflict could be seen primarily between the protagonist the grandmother and “the Misfit” the antagonist of the story.

The grandmother decided to take Pitty Sing, the cat with her to avoid any potential accident but the same cat was eventually the reason for the car accident. Immediately after the incident, the family noticed a car coming slowly on an isolated road which was less likely. Because the road was illustrated as “The road looked as if no one had traveled on it in months. ” (pg 258). Afterwards the people came to help them in car turned out to be the criminals “the Misfit” that seemed less likely.

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But the story still carried on in spite of these unlikely happenings and coincidences. Rising action and suspense While they were heading “onto the dirt road” took the reader’s suspense to a certain extent. The car accident shocked all the readers and the family vacation turned into horror. But we still didn’t feel fear because no one is hurt, and the writer presented light humour in the story. The children June and John were in a “frenzy of delight” and disappointed that “Nobody’s killed” (pg 259).

The first real suspense and rise in action appear when Bailey begins to realize that the three criminals were not going to help them and John Wesley notices that they had guns. As the suspense going to build up the reader soon realizes that all the family is probably going to die. After the family except grandmother shot dead, there was still suspense that the grandmother might be relieved by the Misfit. Climax Finally the grandmother thought she would be forgiven by the Misfit and pleaded to spare her life. Then she said, “Why you are one of my babies. You’re one of my own children!

This is the climax of the story and also the highest point of action emotionally, physically and the climax as the protagonist, the grandmother, was murdered by the Misfit. Falling action Bobby Lee and Hiram returned to the Misfit after killing the family and the Misfit stated that the grandmother could have been a good woman “if somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life. ” (pg 264). The Misfit realized that life has no true pleasure.


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