A Guide to the Troubles of Pro

December 25, 2016 History

A Guide to the Troubles of Professional Baseball.

Baseball, America’s pastime, has turned into more than just a fun game people gather with friends, compete, and have fun. Has baseball turned into a money issue where the players want more money than they can spend or else they do not play, or does the relationship of the owners of the franchises and players have something to do with these baseball strikes? In addition, it seems that the league is planning to put a “fifty percent luxury tax on the portions of payrolls above $98 million” and the players do not seem to like dealing with a luxury tax on their payroll. (“Owners Await” 1) Throughout the history of professional baseball, strikes have occurred and seasons have been canceled or cut short. Fans are not appreciating these strikes at all and are becoming impatient and frustrated with having to wander if they are or are not going to be able to watch pro baseball during the year. What ever happened to playing for the love of the game? These strikes occur because of bad relationships between owners and players, players wanting too much money, and the players not agreeing with the salary cap and luxury tax rules the league sets.

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It seems to the spectators who watch the game from the stands and at home on the television that players do not enjoy the game of baseball as much as they used to or else they would not be complaining about pay cuts and luxury taxes. A good example of a player who loved the game of baseball is Pete Rose. Pete Rose a former baseball superstar and highly respected athlete for his extreme hustle on the field truly played for the fun of the game. If Pete hit a ball back to the pitcher or a fly ball in the infield he always ran as hard as he could to first base thinking in his mind that the other player might drop the ball and he could be in scoring position. Pete showed his love for the game by his hustle and attitude on the field, but it seems todays players do not have the urge to run out ground balls to the pitcher and fly balls hit to the infield.


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