A Hero’s Journey: “Gladiator” (the movie) Essay Sample

July 25, 2017 General Studies

“Gladiator” is a film meant to be remembered for many old ages to come. It is an action-packed ; historical. tragic. emotional. vindictive. moral. astonishing. exciting. breath-taking. and thrilling drive into the epoch of the Roman Empire. Maximus was the most honest. respected. and skilled general Rome had of all time has. and when everything is taken from him. he still manages to decease as Rome’s most respected. honest. and skilled gladiators. Maximus is the definition of Gladiator.

“Gladiator” tells the narrative of the general ( Maximus ) who became a slave. the slave who became a gladiator. and the gladiator who defied an imperium. Maximus was the most honest and well-thought-of general Rome had of all time had. and when everything is taken from him. he still manages to decease as one of Rome’s most well-thought-of and honest work forces.

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Maximus’ journey starts when the dieing Emperor. Marcus Aurelius. asks him to be Rome’s new emperor when he passes. He does non experience that his boy. Commodus is fit to govern. When Marcus tells the intelligence to Commodus. Commodus is outraged and suffocates his male parent while embracing him. Since the Emperor had non announced his wants for Maximus to take the throne publically. the inheritor. Commodus. became the new emperor of Rome. Commodus so asks for Maximus’ commitment to him and to be the general of his ground forces. but Maximus would non hold anything to make with this false emperor.

Commodus orders for Maximus to be executed off from the cantonment. He besides orders for Maximus’ married woman and eight twelvemonth old boy to be burned alive and crucified. So two executioners took Maximus out into the center of some forests to kill him. but being the astonishing soldier he was. he killed both of the work forces. but had been cut really profoundly in his lefts arm. He took there Equus caballuss in an attempt to halt the soldiers from killing his household. When he reaches his farming area. he finds that his full harvest has been burnt. his cowss slaughtered. but worst of all. his married woman and small boy burnt to a chip nailed to crosses above where his kitchen would hold been. He passes out from heartache and blood loss.

THE Threshold:

While unconscious. Maximus is picked up by slave merchandisers and sold to Proximo. who trains slaves to go gladiators. so that he can gain from either their deceases or their triumphs. He had won his ain freedom by being one of the greatest gladiators. He has a particular topographic point in his bosom for Maximus and feels that Maximus will convey him great luck. Proximo tells Maximus. “If you can win the crowd by going their hero. you may. possibly. win your freedom” . He even gives Maximus his old armour that he used when he was a gladiator. Proximo knows that Maximus is a great combatant. but he besides knows that Maximus could be taken against any gladiator and kill him in seconds. Proximo teaches Maximus to take clip while killing his opposition and to entertain the people. because that is the manner to win the people over and to win his freedom.

Maximus easy wins his first few conflicts in little spheres. and is known throughout the people as the great gladiator. The Spaniard. He is winning lucifer after lucifer. Finally. he battles at the great Coliseum. He leads the other gladiators and together. they become a mighty force and are winning. The Emperor ( Commodus ) . unaware that Maximus is still alive. wants to run into the astonishing Spaniard. He tells Maximus to take his helmet and uncover his name to the people. but Maximus merely turns his dorsum on the emperor. which was punishable by decease. Commodus is ferocious and demands for Maximus to uncover his individuality or he will be killed. Maximus turns. easy lifts off his helmet and says. “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius ; commanding officer of the Armies of the North. general of the Phelix Legions. Father to a murdered boy. hubby to a murdered married woman. and I will hold my retribution. in this life or the next” . Commodus is petrified by the site of Maximus alive and could kill him with the simple flick of his carpus. so his pollex faces down. Fortunately for Maximus. the crowd cheers for him to populate and Commodus was forced non to hold him killed.


Maximus had to win the crowd in order to remain alive. He took bid of the gladiators when they fought and he killed all of his oppositions valorously. After winning The Battle of Carthage. he had to uncover himself to Commodus. which could hold meant his life. but he had won the crowd by killing so brightly. so he was spared. Maximus was forced to contend the old title-holder gladiator. Maximus was ready to kill him. waiting for the elevation or lowering of Commodus’ pollex. But when Commodus points his thumb down ( that means decease ) . Maximus lets him unrecorded. and the crowd loves him for being merciful and withstanding the emperor.


Maximus’ hardest challenge is his battle with Commodus in the Coliseum. Commodus. being the atrocious individual that he is. stabs Maximus near his left kidney before the conflict. while Maximus was in turnups. He orders to hold Maximus’ armour cover the lesion. At the beginning of the battle. Maximus’ blood loss makes him weak. but he still fights with all of his power. While contending. Maximus begins to melt into craze. In his semblances. he is at the Gatess of Eden. which is his farm with his married woman. boy. harvest. and peace. He begins to walk into the door. but snaps back to world as Commodus onslaughts. Maximus is brought to his articulatio genuss. and Commodus swings his blade at his cervix. but Maximus ducks in clip and counters Commodus’ move. Maximus knocks the emperor’s blade out of his custodies and beats the snake pit out Commodus with his ain fists. Maximus goes back into craze. As Maximus starts attenuation and dieing. Commodus pulls a knife that had been hidden in his arm turnup. Maximus snaps back to world once more. retrieving that his intent to be alive was merely so he could kill Commodus. Maximus grabs Commodus’ arm and bends it to do Commodus pang himself in the pharynx.

THE Transformation:

Maximus doesn’t truly hold a transmutation. because he dies about instantly after he kills Commodus. But since he kills Commodus. he becomes the new Emperor of Rome. He knows he is about to decease. so with his power. he orders the freedom of his fellow gladiators. and he reinstates the senate to take control of Rome. Marcus Aurelius had said that Rome was to be a republic once more. so Maximus fulfilled the want of his slain swayer.

THE Disclosure:

Maximus’ disclosure occurs. when he defeats and kills Commodus. He realizes that he has fulfilled his retribution against the emperor and is at one with himself. He feels that he may now decease in peace.


In the beginning of the film. after he wins the war against the Romanians. all he wanted was to travel place to his household and the crop. After killing Commodus and reinstating the senate to power. Maximus falls back one time once more into craze. He collapses in the center of the great Coliseum and sees himself walking back to his farm. where his beautiful married woman and small boy have been waiting for his clip to fall in them in Eden. He has returned to his household and is at peace with himself and the universe.


I feel that “Gladiator” is an perfectly astonishing film. The autumn of a general. the rise of a gladiator. the rebelliousness of an imperium. a individual adult male does in one life-time. Although Maximus is non a true historical figure. but the narrative has great lessons and ethical motives that are taught to its audience. The filming of the film is merely superb. You have to see the film to truly understand what goes on and it will astonish you. Maximus takes on an imperium and comes out on top. Maximus was the best of the best. He is non merely a mere adult male of award and an astonishing gladiator. No. Maximus is the Gladiator.


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