A History of American Appeals

By September 25, 2018 November 1st, 2018 History

The painted and glorified past of American history makes a mark on all of us as we grow up and are taught about the noble acts of the founding fathers and wondering what would have happened if we were never able to gain our independence from England. We think of them as the founders and the pioneers of a diverse and free country where all men are created equal regardless of class, race, and religion. However, we all know there are two truths to ever story and when learning about the injustices that the Native Americans and the African-Americans had to face we then need to ask ourselves; At what cost did we gain our independence and the title of ‘life liberty and pursuit of happiness’ and who was this really meant for?The primary source documents Appeal of the Cherokee Nations and Appeal of Forty Thousand Citizens gave us specific examples of the brutal and ridiculous truths of our country, where the government stripped the rights of minorities to strengthen the majorities power against the constitution.

During Andrew Jacksons administration in the year 1830, he enforced the ‘Indian Removal Act’ which forced an estimated number of 60,0000 Native Americans out of their homes in the Southeast parts of America. The law required that the tribes living in these areas must move west of the Mississippi River (mostly Oklahoma) so the government could claim the land that belonged to their ancestors.

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The Appeal of the Cherokee Nations was an appeal written to display the protest of the Cherokee Natives and how they felt about the law and its injustice. “And there are others who could not think of living as outlaws in their native land, exposed to numberless vexations, and excluded from being parties or witnesses in a court of justice. It is incredible that Georgia should ever enact the oppressive laws to which reference is here made.


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