A History Of New York State English Literature Essay

I enjoyed chiefly reading literature from assorted writers but non until last spring semester, when I took a category of Humanistic disciplines and Values. This category exposed me on how ocular art can be appreciated and valued, we viewed assorted creative persons work. This is when I came across the work of Albert Bierstadt. It is a fact that, pictures are easier to understand and more interesting than written literature. The pictures of Albert Bierstadt taught me more about the unsettled America, by practically seeing what historiographers have been stating on America. This adult male ‘s work was deserving reading a thousand books of history about America. He represented to me the America I had ne’er seen. Albert Bierstadt lived between January 7, 1830 and February 18, 1902, he was a German-american. He painted big landscapes of the American West. Just like the other painters he made several journeys to obtain his capable affair for his plants and he shared assorted sites and scenes with other creative persons like Asher Durand and J. K. Kensett. Albert Bierstadt was portion of the Hudson River School ; this is apparent in the manner of his pictures. The Hudson River School manner was concerned with charily detailed pictures with romantic, approximately shimmering visible radiation ( called luminism ) .

To be specific I was attracted to his picture of a position of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Valley of the Yosemite in 1864, and East Park, Colorado. Though Bierstadt is the taking ocular creative person of these scenes for the remainder of the nineteenth century, his pictures stood out of compared to the remainder of the painters who did the same scenes. Where most painters saw a beautiful, vacant landscape, Bierstadt saw an even more beautiful landscapes and the environment around it. The existent tree agreement, their tallness ratio, the colour of their foliages, the environing scenario, and the background of the Sierra Nevada position is still as Bierstadt drew it. This makes me appreciate the pragmatism in his pictures ( Mankin and Miesmer, 169 )

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The assortment of his pictures is besides another facet that made me be attracted to Bierstadt. He painted nearing electrical storm on Hudson River, the last of the American bison, four Indians 1859, forest dawn, butterfly and other insects, animate being herds, alone birds and others, all these represents a assortment of thoughts. He had a endowment that is non easy merely like the remainder of the painters, and he was alone in his ain. Another interesting portion that drew me to this adult male is that he was the individual I foremost studied in my Humanistic disciplines and Value category, when I looked at the work of other painters like Thomas Cole ; it was non every bit alone as those of Albert Bierstadt.

When I did farther research on this adult male and looked on his pictures of some other geographic locations, such as Germany and Italy, which highlighted the civilisation that where already in such topographic points, it showed more of edifices and other manmade construction than the natural scene that he drew in America. This made me cognize that there were civilisations earlier in those topographic points than in America. That is why picture had shifted from the natural scenes to manmade construction. It is apparent in most creative persons in this epoch, like Thomas Cole ‘s drawing of New Hampshire, which focuses more on the mountaintops. There is no any other creative person and painter in the nineteenth century that makes me bask and cognize my history than Albert Bierstadt.

Remarks on the First Student Post ( Student 1-Scott )

Having decided and showed that chiefly he is interested in the ocular art of picture, this pupil did a good description by adverting specifically why he is attracted to Thomas Cole work of art, he gave specific inside informations to back up the same with a assortment of three illustrations. When critically sing his work, there is look of some emotions brought by past experience that makes him love this work of Thomas Cole called “ View of the Round-Top in the Catskill Mountains. ” This is apparent when he admits that he has had a opportunity to travel off further into the vale every bit good as the Catskills and see some of these image that Thomas Cole and that ‘s why the picture captured his attending more than any other. A picture should capture attending despite past experience, civilization, guesss or another facet that can non be seen on the picture. It ‘s good to establish an attractive force on other traits instead than past experience. He goes farther and attempts to support his past experience by giving other work that Thomas Cole did on Nature like “ Catskill Falls, ” which puts the spectator under a waterfall looking out into the vale, and others are word pictures of adult male intermixing in with nature, such as “ The Woodchopper, Lake Featherstonehaugh, ” which shows a lumberman on the Bankss of the river. This farther illustrations and descriptions is good in seeking to rectify that impression that he like Cole ‘s work because he drew something that he had one time experienced. The farther two illustrations are what really showed that Thomas Cole ‘s oil picture images are diverse in their word pictures of beauty.

Remarks on the Second Student Post ( Student 2-Danielle )

Danielle ‘s attack was more bad instead than specific, she did n’t advert even a individual picture that Thomas Cole did that largely caught her attending. She dislikes reading or composing that why she dint appreciate literature or writers, but this is non a ground to appreciate Thomas Cole ‘s pictures. She should hold demonstrated this by utilizing specific illustrations holding in head that last spring semester, she took Humanistic disciplines and Values category, where they spent some clip sing Cole ‘s work and discoursing his facets of his life. Her ground to wish Thomas Cole art work is more of Cole ‘s personality and history than what she soon viewed on his work, this is apparent when she says that she give all the Cole ‘s history where he was born, life and how he started painting ( chiefly self-taught ) . That this demonstrates that he possessed pure, natural artistic endowment. Danielle likes Cole because he is good known, but no single attractive force towards Thomas Coles work.



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