February 22, 2019 General Studies

A HOMELESS PERSON: preparing to leave Spoken like an emperor. You are an emperor, so you would prefer to keep that silly circle of gold that so foolishly sits upon your head and keep your pride than give some food to your own subjects. But it is okay. You are an emperor. You could not do anything else.

He walks calmly toward the door.

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THE EMPEROR: to THE EMPEROR’S ADVISOR Stop him! Seize him! Does he can just go away and pretend nothing happened with his insolence!

A HOMELESS PERSON: My strength is greater than anyone else and my words are more feared than you anything. This advisor of yours cannot even touch me. With one breath from my mouth I can blow over and destroy this whole palace.

THE EMPEROR: Do you hear the insolence and very bad attitude he is giving me? Why do you not detain him? What is wrong with you? Why do you not summon the guards?

He walks out. THE EMPEROR’S ADVISOR struggling to breathe, falls to the floor clutching his throat. THE EMPEROR sits in his chair, dazed.

THE EMPEROR: suddenly realizing After him! After him! He must not be
allowed to go out of the palace! After him!

THE EMPEROR’S ADVISOR: choking I can’t breathe

THE EMPEROR: calling guards on his phone guards come to the royal chamber immediately


THE EMPEROR: Oh no! He must be stopped!

the HOMELESS PERSON’S voice is heard outside.

A HOMELESS PERSON: Give me some food. I’m very hungry.

THE EMPEROR: Ah. He faces the door, afraid of the homeless person, and then, raises his hands toward his crown, contemplating tossing it out.
How am I afraid of a hobo!

A HOMELESS PERSON: continuing outside Give me some food. I’m very hungry.

THE EMPEROR: sees his advisor almost choking to death and grabs a large stick of bread and puts it in his crown and throws it at the hobo

THE EMPEROR’S ADVISOR: starts breathing again Thank you, your imperial majesty.
THE EMPEROR’S ADVISOR starts to choke again and dies

THE EMPEROR: sad How could this happen! How could I be such a fool!
stabs himself in the chest with a sword


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