A Hostile Work Environment Commerce Essay

September 23, 2017 Commerce

This compensation can come in the signifier of salary addition or fillip. If person feels they are non being rewarded or even considered for an addition they really frequently expression to travel someplace else that they can have a higher wage.

A hostile work environment is besides a major ground that employees felt demotivated. When an employee feels that their work environment is non safe or that they are treated below the belt they may frequently look to go forth. Many times they do non seek to face the state of affairs, but alternatively would prefer to merely avoid it which greatly dissatisfies them and which would in bend prevent the organisation from retaining its employees.

Problem Statement

In this research survey, the motivation factors which are non being implemented due to which Ufone is confronting problem to retain its employees

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Research Question

What are the actuating factors that will take to employee keeping at Ufone?

Rationale of the survey

The basic premiss for analyzing the Human Resource Management Practices ( HR ) and Employee Retention in relation to degree of motive of employees at Ufone is to measure the importance being attached to these critical facets by the organisations concerned and to develop an apprehension of the relationship between the overall mode in which motive has subsequent impact on the willingness of the employees to remain with the organisation.

It ‘s the demand of today for us to analyse the of import function played by the ability of the organisations to retain competent employees for developing typical competences for an organisation.

This study can be utile for different people for organisation and employers who are be aftering to retain gifted employees and are faced by deficiency of employee turnover.

In today ‘s emergent universe, the Telecom industry is spread outing vastly and the 2nd largest sector in Pakistan. It is indispensable to carry on research on telecom related subjects in order to make a better apprehension of the sector and assist to increase the gross generated from this sector for the authorities and for itself, holding a positive consequence on the economic system excessively. Institutions are being reshaped to set to a postindustrial society.

Naisbitt suggested that motivational deductions are really of import ; most of our economic system continues to switch from fabricating to service and information occupations. In an of all time ramping conflict of exceling each other, organisations with typical competences out perform their rivals. To derive and keep competitory advantage an organisation uses every possible mean available to it in its battery of resources.

Sellers and multinationals would desire their competent employees to remain within the organisation, therefore they would desire to happen out the motivation factors that lead to employee keeping. The present research focuses on explorative ends such as analysing the motivation factors that lead to employee keeping, which in bend effects the over all public presentation of the company.

Research Objective

To research factors that lead to employee keeping.

To analyse if on the job environment plays an of import function in the motive procedure

To entree the acknowledgment of work and its impact

To analyse the sum of influence preparation has when it comes to actuating employees

To happen out what are the challenges and bottle cervixs forestalling Ufone from heightening the employee productiveness and in retaining endowment.

To happen out the importance that motive holds for employees in order to remain with-in the organisation.

To asses whether authorization and deputation of authorization gives an employee a sense of duty

To research if internal and external factor would assist increase the motive procedure

To analyse the sum of influence that motive at Ufone has on its employees.

Scope of the survey

This survey is restricted to the motivation factors that would take to employee keeping at Ufone. In this research secondary information is obtained from beginnings such as published articles and studies while primary informations is gathered through interviews and questionnaires study from the employees of Ufone. This study can be utile for Ufone, its caput of sections and the establishments which would convey into light the jobs and how to forestall those factors that lead to employees being demotivated and how a company can retain its employees.

Chapter 2


In the concern universe, motive is the word used to depict the thrust that impels an person to work. A genuinely motivated employee is one who wants to work, if employees know what strengthens and weakens their motive, they can frequently execute more efficaciously and assist themselves happen more satisfaction in their occupations. Employers besides want to cognize what motivates their employees so that they can promote continued peak public presentation ( Halloran, 1986 ) .

A batch of research has been done on the survey of motive and it can be traced back to the authorship of the ancient Grecian philosophers. Hedonism has given a basic premise in the prevalent economic and societal doctrines of Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham, and John Stuart Mill who explained motive in footings of people seeking to maximise pleasance and minimise hurting.

Motivation is a personal thrust to move in order to fulfill one ‘s demands. It comes from within the person. It creates a thrust to move, which may be influenced by some external stimulation.

Employee keeping is an of import factor in an organisation ‘s ability to accomplish sustained competitory advantage over a longer period of clip. Besides this facet a failure to retain competent employees leads to a legion other jobs. Retaining good employees is critical to a house ‘s long term success. In the technology and concern markets, employee keeping is highly serious since the occupation market is tight and competition is really intense for campaigners. The chief factors in retaining employees include, corporate trade name individuality, employee purpose to stay, organisational civilization, self-pride, demand for accomplishment.

The cost of employee turnover adds 100s of 1000s of money to a company ‘s disbursals. While it is hard to to the full cipher the cost of turnover ( including hiring costs, developing costs and productivity loss ) industry experts frequently quote 25 % of the mean employee wage as a conservative estimation.

When an employee foliages, he takes with him valuable cognition about the company, clients, current undertakings and past history ( sometimes to the rivals ) . Often much clip and money has been spent on the employee in outlook of a future return. When the employee leaves, the investing is non realized.

Customers and clients do concern with a company in portion because of the people. Relationships are developed that encourage continued sponsor ship of the concern. When and employee leaves the relationships that employee built for the company are severed which could take to possible client loss.

If an employee resigns so good sum of clip is lost in engaging a new employee and so developing him/her and this goes to the loss of the company straight which many a times goes unnoticed. And even after this a company can non guarantee the same efficiency from the new employee.


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