A Look At Emma By Jane Austen English Literature Essay

I have read a batch of good books recently, but the best 1 is called ‘Emma ‘ and it is written by Jane Austen Discover More Here https://essaylab.com/blog/social_performance_of_unilever . It is a narrative about Emma, a beautiful, smart and rich miss. Emma grew up in Highbury, a little small town in southern England. Her female parent died when she was really immature, fortunately the governess Ms. Taylor was able to look after Emma and her sister Isabella.

What struck me most about the book is the manner it describes how people lived at the really beginning of the nineteenth century. It is so different from the manner we live at the minute. It looks like there are regulations for everything, and if you do n’t obey those regulations people will speak about you and dishonor you. The society was at that clip devided in societal categories, and Emma belongs to the upper category and so she has a batch of responsibilities which are important for her rank. For case she has to look after the hapless by conveying them nutrient and other supplies. Something else that struck me was the niceness of people. Emma and Mr. Knightley know each other their whole lives, but still name each other Ms. Woodhouse and Mr. Knightley. That seams weard in my eyes, because I call all my familiarities by their first name. And they besides do whatever people want them to make, and if they truly do n’t desire to make things they have a really polite manner to show themselves.

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The subject of the talkshow would be: ‘Do other people know better what is good for you than you yourself? ‘ .

I think the reply is no, because at the terminal you are the 1 who is responsable for your ain life. You have to do your ain picks, and cipher else can make that for you. Every character in the book makes his ain picks at the terminal. Mr. Churchill marries Ms. Fairfax after his aunt ‘s dead. Ms. Smith marries Mr. Martin though Emma told her non to at the beginning. Mr. Elton marries Ms. Hawkins after being rejected by Emma. Ms. Taylor and Mr. Weston got married though Ms. Taylor knows Mr. Woodhouse does n’t wish to see her leave. And ofcourse Emma, she marries Mr. George Knightley after stating she would ne’er acquire married.


The alteration of the chief character is the interior alteration of Emma. First Emma thinks she understands peoples Black Marias and heads better than anybody, so she starts doing lucifers. She thinks she made the lucifer of her sister and Mr. John Knightley. Emma ‘s lucifer for Ms. Taylor besides turned out good. But when she tries to fit Mr. Elton and Ms. Smith she turns out to be incorrect. Ms. Smith is devastated and Emma feels responsable for her wretchedness. At the terminal of the narrative Emma realizes she should non tamper in other peoples lives. She was so busy to understand other Black Marias that she did n’t pay attending to her ain bosom.


A memorable transition from the book is page 113 up to 117. This is memorable because it is non at all how you want anyone to respond if you tell person you are in love with her/him. Emma is non happy at all, she is baffled and huffy. I will ne’er bury this transition because I got so sad when I read it. I could almoast experience Mr. Elton ‘s hurting.


The narrative is all about Emma and her interior alteration, so it is non unusual that the rubric of the book is ‘Emma ‘ . Nevertheless the rubric could besides be ‘Confused ‘ . This would be wholly appropriate because there is so much confusion. Emma thinks Mr. Elton is in love with Ms. Smith, but he turnes out to be in love with Emma. Later Emma thinks Ms. Smith is in love with Mr. Churchill, but she appears to be in love with Mr. Knightley. And it besides looked like Mr. Churchill was in love with Emma but in the terminal he appears to be engaged to Jane Fairfax. As you can see there is a batch of confusion.


If I could ask for a character from the book I would inquire Jane Faifax to come to my dinner party. She grew up whitout her parents, even her other household did n’t populate near by and the lone manner to hold contact was by composing letters to each other. The lone advise she got was ‘work hard ‘ , and that is precisely what she did. She is about 20 old ages old and already accomplished. I would besides inquire my female parent to come because she besides worked really hard. My female parent did turn up with both of her parents and a batch of household, but her household told her besides to work hard. Like Jane Fairfax, my female parent listened to the advises she got and she became a fantastic and complete individual to. They are both complete adult females and I think ( if my female parent got the opportunity ) they could speak all dark long. Even though there are tonss of subjects to speak about I would state the subject of this eventide would be literature. They would speak about, George Eliot, Anthony Trollope, Geoffrey Chaucer, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Charles Dickens and Shakespeare. They would analyze every item of every book and travel on for hours.


Even though this book takes topographic point in a different society, the lesson of the book does non alter. It is clear that I should non tamper in other people ‘s lives because I do n’t cognize what other people feel and what would do them happy.

Jane Austen besides remembered me about the fact that I have to do my ain picks in life. Though I like it when people agree with me, I still should do my ain picks. And I am certain that I am able to make that, I merely have to listen to my ain bosom.



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