A Look At Women Empowerment English Literature Essay

A Close Look at Women Representations in Hedda Gabler and Harlem Duet

Womans representation in literary texts seems to change in different ways. Some female characters appear as “ trade goods ” of work forces ‘s impulses and desires, victims of marginalized subjugation, and even as the “ uneducated and regressive members of society ” . This is non ever the instance. Through the advancement and modernisation of literature, adult females characters break off from these stereotyped representations as they become the powerful and vibrating forces in different novels, narratives and dramas. Some female characters possess the features of being manipulative, intriguing, superior, and elite among many others. Even though we, as readers, have our ain impermanent impressions of adult females representation, it is difficult to insulate our ain prejudices on them. Truly, adult females representations in the field of literature are equivocal that makes us inquire if these fortunes mirror existent life. The dramas Hedda Gabler and Harlem Duet present two different faces of adult females representation but constitute the same government organic structure that moves within society.

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This paper will discourse the representations of adult females in Ibsen ‘s Hedda Gabler and in Sears ‘ Harlem Duet. Through textual grounds and extra personal inputs, the paper will portray different facets of representation among the female characters of these dateless classics. In what manner are the characters of Hedda Gabler the same or different from the characters of Harlem Duet? Are they portrayed in the traditional manner or do they divert from societal norms and uphold independency? Do they besides personify and uphold adult females authorization? If yes, how do they body it and how does it impact the result of the narrative and their relationships toward the built-in chief characters? Do they make a locale where societal stereotypes are upheld or are they victims themselves? These are some of the inquiries that could perchance cast visible radiation on how adult females are represented in both narratives. This paper aims non to make personal prejudices but to function as a locale to unwrap features built-in to the female characters. The paper will focus on more on how Billie and Hedda are represented instead than the other characters but, as we go along the manner, we will recognize the importance of the other sub-characters on how their adult females representations play a function in general.

Hedda Gabler portrays a countenance of a adult female ‘s chase for selfish control. We see that a adult female is non merely an “ object ” used to delight work forces ‘s desires but they are independent existences every bit good. At the same clip, a adult female must non mistreat her independency for it can make unneeded effects that are uncalled for. Ibsen creates a powerful character, though unobtrusive at first, portrayed as an elect member of upper-class society. Hedda Tesman is a shoal, sophisticated and difficult to delight adult female with no self-objective in head. She exclaims how “ awfully deadening ” ( Ibsen 250 ) her life is, her mentions to her matrimony as she “ longed for some 3rd individual so many times on that trip, ” ( Ibsen 252 ) , her deficiency of activity and isolation around the house ( Ibsen 249 ) , and her eternal ideas of hatred and indifference towards others such as Elvsted ( Ibsen 237 ) and Lovborg ( Ibsen 288 ) . She has a bosom of selfish desire and an built-in manipulative personality. Her personality clearly shows that she does non belong to a marginalized society. She chooses to consort herself with her “ circle ” ( Ibsen 250 ) instead than get downing a married life with Tesman. This shows that she is non a victim of subjugation and favoritism. In fact, she is the ground why the “ spice ” of pandemonium is implicitly happening in the narrative. In the early parts of Act Four, she becomes an instrument in Elvsted ‘s hallucinations sing Lovborg ‘s ricketiness. Furthermore, in the shutting scenes of Act Three, Hedda is the driving force behind Lovborg ‘s important effort to suicide. Hedda is represented as an sceptered adult female but in the incorrect ways and agencies. She empowers herself to stand out and acknowledge her ain independency and freedom but she uses it to set people down. She goes from holding much regard due to her reputable societal category to being a misanthropic, absent-minded, and deranged adult female as she deliberately ends her life ( Ibsen 303 ) .

On the other manus, Harlem Duet portrays a countenance of a adult female ‘s chase for justness. We see that a adult female can get away from her “ objectified ” province and be and be a tool to show personal sentiments. At the same clip, a adult female ‘s principle-centered sentiment can take to unexpected fortunes of disenchantment merely as in the instance of Billie and her assorted emotions toward Othello. The component of racial stereotypes plays an built-in function on how adult females are represented in this specific drama. Billie is smart, unfastened and a vocal advocator of justness equipped with ideas and thoughts to support herself. She is passionate in her race and colour and a dignified member in her little Harlem community. Though an educated and motivated individual, these certificates do non bear any advantage on her portion. She personifies adult female authorization intellectually, but non socially ( Sears 56 ) . This can be seen in the drama when she expresses her personal ideas and sentiments about Othello ‘s denunciation of her roots ( Sears 73 ) . Othello exclaims his sense of belonging to the White community that made Billie ferocious at him. For her, the root of her choler is non because Othello left her for Mona but because he trashes and spits the foundation of his self-being ( Sears 53 ) . Billie is an sceptered adult female but her nonsubjective in head seems to take a incorrect attack. During this epoch where Blacks continue to contend for justness and equality, she speaks out and expresses herself on behalf of the 1000000s who continually live by the words and dreams of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. She goes from a adult female contending for high regard and equality to a adult female who seeks to achiever her ends through drastic steps ( Sears 102 )

Both narratives may look different on the surface but what underlies in all the unconditioned play and tenseness is their impact on society. In modern society today, there are perchance a million more “ Truncheons ” and “ Heddas ” who continually struggle to be an sceptered person in society. Most people may hold the best of purposes but take a incorrect bend ( merely like Billie ) , but there is certainly rather a figure of people who aristocratically desire to be represented in society in order to do a name for themselves ( merely like Hedda ) . In both dramas, Hedda and Billie are represented non as “ mere societal existences ” but idealistic characters who are influential through their ideas and actions. The chief characters of both dramas may be “ masked ” otherwise but they both belong in the same organic structure as people “ desiring to do a difference ” . The interplay of values and thoughts of both Hedda and Billie constitute non merely a “ adult female ” but a “ WOMAN ” represented to be societal existences with an aim and intent, no affair if it is good or bad.

Therefore, adult females representations in literature are basically of import in order to recognize the fortunes that the female characters undertake. No affair what “ mask ” person wears, finally it will have on off as he/she goes through life ‘s battles, adversities and troubles. It is through demoing the existent face do we acquire to cognize a individual ‘s existent impact in society.



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