The relationship between emotional intelligence and leaders

August 14, 2017 Management

Conflict competent leaders


The article examines the connexion affecting emotional intelligence and the ability of leaders to pull off and decide struggle positively. Harmonizing to Schlaerth. Ensari. & A ; Christian. ( 2013 ) apprehension of effectual struggle direction is of import traits for competent leaders that lead to constructive struggle direction in organisations. Competent leaders are able to work out struggle in an organisation due to their emotional intelligence. The trait helps leaders to understand their ain emotions and those of other workers. The consequence is usage of the most effectual struggle declaration procedure and scheme that would guarantee the success of the organisation.

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Lack of ability to decide struggles constructively affects the relationship between the employees and the leading. The consequence is hapless public presentation in an organisation. which is blamed on hapless leading. Therefore. the article acknowledges the functions of leaders in the struggle declaration. In add-on. it evidences the importance of extraordinary ability to manage emotions in order to accomplish constructive struggle declaration.

Consequently. the article discusses the demand of emotional intelligence for the non-leader workers in order to guarantee constructive struggle declaration. The non-leader workers will assist to reenforce schemes and procedure that are laid down by leaders to decide the struggle constructively. Hence. the article tries to turn to the inquiry about what of competent leaders in struggle direction and declarations. In add-on. it points out the engagement of other workers in connexion with leaders in order to accomplish effectual and constructive struggle solution.


Schlaerth. A. . Ensari. N. . & A ; Christian. J. ( 2013 ) . A meta-analytical reappraisal of the relationship between emotional intelligence and leaders’ constructive struggle direction. Group Processes & A ; Intergroup Relations. 16 ( 1 ) . 126-136.

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