A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration Essay

October 7, 2017 History

A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. written by Mary Rowlandson. is about King Philip’s War. The war started on June 20 in 1675 and was between English settlers and Native Americans. During the war. the Indians attacked English colonists’ district. They burned the colonists’ houses. killed the obstructionists and captured some of the settlers. The life of prisoners was really tough. They had to travel from topographic point to topographic point with the Indians. The Indians treated them really severely. If they didn’t listen to the Indians. they would be beaten or even be killed. Besides. the conditions was cold and sometimes the nutrient supply was short. As a consequence. tonss of prisoners died during the imprisonment. As a victim of the Indian onslaughts. Mary Rowlandson wrote a graphic description of the 11 hebdomads and five yearss she spent populating with Native Americans which owns really high value in American Literature.

First of all. the work owns high historical value in American Literature. In her description. she vividly shows her experience as a confined which makes people easy understand the state of affairs at this period and the relationship between English settler and the Indians. In her description. we can happen that all the English prisoners didn’t be ruled by the same Indian maestro. There were different Indian Masterss. Each Indian maestro owned English prisoners and located in different topographic points. Harmonizing to the Masterss. the prisoners could be transferred from one folk to another. Besides. in the description. sometimes Mary Rowlandson communicated with the Indians.

From this point. we can happen that some of the Indians could talk English. Besides. in the work. we can besides cognize how English settlers deal with Native Americans. They trade by money. apparels. baccy. spiritss. seed maize hemlock. land Hedera helix and etc. This point shows that the life of the Indians was tough so. They lacked nutrient and some day-to-day necessities. so it was effectual to merchandise with them by something they truly needed in their lives alternatively of money.

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Second. this work besides shows the high value of Christian point of position. As a Christian. Mary Rowlandson uses tonss of quotation marks and transitions from the Bible in the description. No affair how hard the imprisonment was. she ever showed her piousness to God. Alternatively of faulting the Indians. she used the narratives in the Bible to comfort her sorrow and agony. The Bible was the centre of her life during the imprisonment. Even though her experience was so painful. she thanked God for everything. In the work. she strongly showed the positive side of Christianity which make readers offer high value to the Christians. A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson is one of the of import plants in American Literature. It offers readers high values of history and Christian point of position. By reading the narrative of Mary Rowlandson. we can clearly understand this period of American history. and besides recognize the virtuousness of Christianity.


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