A Natural Histry by Jennifer Price Anaylis

May 4, 2018 History

When you first read the title “The Plastic Pink Flamingo: A Natural History”, you think you are going to learn the story of Flamingos. Jennifer Price uses rhetorical strategy to compare and contrast the generation of the 1950s to Flamingos. She has several different strategies to better emphasize her point. She uses logical appeal, imagery, diction and the comparison of American culture to help her readers understand her point. Because of Jennifer Price’s use of rhetorical framework, her audience was able to see the similarity between the 1950s generation and Flamingos despite the unlikely comparison.

One way Price reaches out to her audience, is through her diction. She uses formal language and through her words, identifies herself as a scholar. She presented her essay in such a way that not only could highly-educated people read it without being bored, but regularly-educated people could read it without struggling. “The bird acquired an extra fillip of boldness…” (L. 20) In that sentence, she uses the word fillip that an average person might not know. Although you might not know the word, price gives us context clues that will help us figure it out.

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With her use of “extra: in front and “boldness” behind it, I was able to figure out that “fillip” meant excite or a general idea about the word. Jennifer Prices use of diction engages the reader and leaves them wanting to read more. Ethical appeal is clearly represented in her essay. She uses dates and well-known places to help get her point across. She also uses famous people to help ensure her story. For instance, in line 44, she talks about how Elvis Presley bought a ping Cadillac. This is easily something that you could research to see if it’s a fact. Therefore, we know she is using genuine facts.

She also uses the history of different religions to help us better understand the “red phoenix” (L 55) Her use of ethical appeal lets us know were reading a factual story with genuine facts in it. Her greatest strategy was imagery. When she uses imagery, she appeals to us thorough our senses. We like to picture a story when we are reading it and her use of very descriptive words, helped us do that. “When the pink flamingo splashed into the fifties…”  These words send swirling images in our heads that bring to life what Jennifer Price is saying.

Her appeal to our senses was a great way of engaging us into her essay. In conclusion, Jennifer Price used these strategies to engage her audience and to enhance her essay. We wouldn’t have been interested in reading her essay without the twist and strategies she puts on it. She used them in a very efficient way. Because of Jennifer Price’s use of rhetorical framework, her audience was able to see the similarity between the 1950s generation and flamingos despite the unlikely comparison.


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