A Natural World vs. A Brave New World

January 27, 2017 General Studies

Imagine a world where thousands of babies at a time, each looking identical, were.

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They would be brought up in bottles and until the age of twelve,.

live together in a “conditioning centre” where they would be taught to share the same views, act.

in the same way, believe and like the same things, and live their lives in the same manner. Now,.

compare such a world with one where children are born and raised by parents. Each child would.

look different from the next, have their own views, and truly live their life in way they chose to. .

Quite frankly, I would have to say that the second way of living would be far more interesting. .

Sure, in the first world there would be virtually no mistakes, but isn’t that what life is all about? .

Making mistakes and learning from them? Are we not supposed to explore and provoke each.

new idea we have in order to learn more about ourselves? In the first instance given, life does not.

include mistakes or truth, or learning about a true individuality. Instead life is simply about.

survival of the human race.

In Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World,” children are in fact manufactured, and actually.

live in conditioning centres until age twelve. These manufactured children, or Bokanovsky’s,.

(the method by which they are produced) are brought up to hate many natural things. To merely.

think about parents, or someone being born, makes these “civilized” people almost sick to their.

stomachs. For example, when Linda is first introduced she tells Lenina of how she gave birth to a.

child; “And I was so ashamed; just think of it: me, a Beta- having a baby: put yourself in my .

place.” (126) In response to this Lenina just shuddered. Another natural or human feeling shut.

out in this utopia is true affection or love . It is looked down upon not to have more than one.

partner. One of the many common phrases engraved into each person’s head is that “everyone.

belongs to everyone else.” At one point, a friend of Lenina’s, Fanny, scolds her for having only.


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