A Piece Of Cake English Literature Essay

September 10, 2017 English Literature

Crime is one of our society ‘s oldest societal jobs. Harmonizing to Webster ‘s New World College Dictionary, offense can be defined as an act committed in misdemeanor of a jurisprudence forbiding it, or omitted in misdemeanor of a jurisprudence telling it ; frequently, specific, such an act of a serious nature, as a felony: offenses are diversely punishable by decease, imprisonment, or the infliction of certain mulcts or limitations: the scope of offense includes felonies and misdemeanours, but non junior-grade misdemeanors such as non obeying a municipal regulation as they are seldom considered to be portion of the condemnable jurisprudence and normally consequences in mulcts. In the memoir, A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown, it tells the narrative of a immature miss who committed several offenses which included such things as harlotry, possessing illegal drugs, robbing, stealing, covering, and gang shots. The list of Acts of the Apostless considered offenses today is invariably altering. For illustration, at one clip, if a individual practiced witchcraft they were charged, but this is no longer illegal. Today, it is going a serious offense to foul the environment. At one clip pollution received small or no attending because it caused few jobs. In colonial yearss in England it was non a offense for a individual to steal money entrusted to them by an employer, but today this type of larceny, defined as peculation, is a serious offense ( Crime, 2007 ) . Like most of the writers of glooming memoirs, Cupcake Brown is besides successful in turning her life of offense around.

The book opens with a tear jolt scene, an 11 twelvemonth old Cupcake waking to the flourishing music from her female parent ‘s wireless dismay clock playing Elton John singing approximately Philadelphia freedom. “ Why did n’t Momma wake me? ” Cupcake thought as she continued walking toward her room, believing about what she would have on to her dada ‘s house. She looked up and stop dead ( Brown, 2006 ) . She ne’er forgot what she saw ( Brown, 2006 ) . The music was still really loud in the background when she noticed her Momma lying face down on her tummy. She thought possibly she was pull the leg ofing as ever so she expected her to leap up like a jack-in-the-box and shriek, “ Boo! ” However, when she touched her female parent ‘s arm she did non travel so she shortly realized her female parent was dead. Every offense she commits and every awful thing that subsequently happened Cupcake hints back to this ruinous loss. The lone household she knew was her mama, her brother Larry ( whom she did non acquire along with and was invariably seeking to acquire rid of ) , her grandma, Uncle Jr. , and her dada. One minute she was mourning the decease of her mama, and the following Uncle Jr. , Daddy, Larry, and Cupcake were sitting in forepart of a justice. The justice introduces the tall black adult male to her and Larry, “ Children, this is Mr. Burns, your male parent ” ( Brown, 2006 ) . The adult male she called Daddy ( Mr. Long ) who ne’er paid child support or visited turned out non to be her biological male parent, so for that ground the justice gave Mr. Burns legal detention of Larry and Cupcake by the province of California ( Brown, 2006 ) . Her male parent, Mr. Brown, said that his house was non ready for them. He said that until he was ready, instead than take attention of the childs he ne’er wanted in the first topographic point he sent them to populate with a lady ( Mrs. Diane Dobson ) who ran a Foster place in Lancaster. Cupcake ne’er saw Mr. Burns once more. Diane ‘s nephew, Pete, who was besides populating with Diane, repeatedly raped Cupcake for his ain ill pleasance. Of class, due to the corruptness of the “ do n’t see, do n’t move ” kid public assistance system ne’er stepped in, go forthing the 11 twelvemonth old no pick but to run off and seek to do it on your ain.

So in the coming old ages, Cupcake life of offense Begins. She would run off from the Foster place several times, merely to be taken back by the constabulary, a disquieted neighbour, or a societal worker. Cupcake became a kid cocotte, after being schooled by another cocotte, Candy on how to turn fast ones for money. At age eleven, she smoked marihuana, drank voluminous sums of intoxicant and sold and took drugs, from LSD and cocaine to crystal Methedrine. By the clip she turned 13, she was pregnant. When she was six months pregnant she was beaten by Diane ‘s girl Connie and the remainder of the surrogate misss populating in the house at the clip. Consequently she lost the babe she was transporting for a 21 twelvemonth old adult male named Tim whom she had met at a party in Los Angeles. Cupcake ‘s life of offense began to take a bend for the worst. At age 14 she ran off once more to South Central Los Angeles to populate with her grandaunt and four male distant cousins. She joined the ill-famed Eight-Tray Gangster Crips pack, which farther encouraged her engagement in condemnable activities ( robbing, stealing, covering, drive-by shots ) and intensify her love and dependence to cocaine, PCP, crystal Methedrine, LSD, and many other drugs. On Cupcake ‘s 16th birthday, she was changeable twice in the dorsum on the right side by the rival pack 60 ‘s and was told she might non of all time walk once more ( Brown, 2006 ) . Incredibly, she recovered and was forced to travel back to Lancaster to populate with Diane once more. After a few hebdomads, Cupcake got the itchin ‘ to run off once more but decided non to reiterate the same form of tally, return, run, return. So she called Uncle Jr. to direct money for a coach ticket to San Diego. When she arrived in San Diego she lived with her Daddy for a few hebdomads, enrolled in nearby Hoover High School. They wasted no clip looking for an flat to fix Cupcake to go an acceptable campaigner for emancipation. Cupcake got her first occupation as an “ dismay proctor ” since the place read “ no experience necessary. ” When tribunal inspected her flat, verified her employment, and confirmed that she was so working and taking attention of herself as an grownup the emancipation went through without a enlistment.

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It did n’t take long for her life to fall apart. Although Cupcake was doing adequate money her day-to-day intoxicant and drug escalated. The more Cupcake used the more she wanted. Cupcake shortly quit her occupation and became a drug trader that used drugs. Cupcake thought it was a good thought since she was a weed caput anyhow. It did non take long for her moneymaking concern as a drug trader to fall apart every bit good. She was invariably delving in the “ ware ” for her ain personal usage. It did non take long for Cupcake to smoke more “ ware ” than she was selling. It was non long before Cupcake ‘s friend Sheila and director Ken convince her to travel to Mesa Vista Hospital which provided drug rehabilitation. He stated the infirmary was so she could detox under medical supervising. During Cupcakes intervention she learned that alcohol addiction and dependence were diseases that are cunning, baffling, and powerful. She admitted it was excessively powerful for her to retrieve entirely and enlisted the aid of her unbelievably compassionate foreman, household, friends, colleagues, counsellors, and her new-and-improved ego.

The offenses that Cupcake committed can be classified in assorted ways. For illustration, her offenses against public order or morality like harlotry, usage of marihuana, drug maltreatment, and public inebriation are considered by many experts as a medical job and that the wrongdoer should be given medical intervention alternatively of being sent to gaol ( Crime, 2007 ) . While the offenses she committed against people such as robbing, drive-by shots, and stealing should have terrible penalties such as a county gaol or prison sentence. There is much argument and widespread dissension about whether certain patterns hurt society and should be considered offenses ( Crime, 2007 ) . So did Cupcakes usage of marihuana, harlotry, and public inebriation warrant and apprehension? Although I consider the offenses she committed evil Acts of the Apostless and should be regulated in the best involvement of society the best class of action for a drug maltreater is medical intervention. Cupcake Brown ‘s decease of her mama, kid maltreatment by her opprobrious Foster female parent in Foster attention, colza, drug maltreatment and dependence, abortion, pack banging, alcohol addiction, near-death experiences and homelessness, all during her tragic childhood contributed to her life of offense. All the failed efforts by her stepfather, Daddy, and her Uncle Jr. merely perpetuated Cupcakes condemnable behaviour. She learned to last by stealing, selling sex, pack banging, making and every drug imaginable. It is a admiration that she was able to draw herself out of the deepnesss of her dependence and go a attorney without of all time holding graduated from high school. Through her recovery from drugs and intoxicant dependence she learned to love herself for who she was, which helped her to keep her soberness, achieve her ends, and eventually hold the happy life she deserved.


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