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October 18, 2017 Marketing

The Internet has revolutionised the manner that people interact with each other. With the coming of Web2.0, and the quickly altering web engineerings, it is safe to acknowledge that alteration is the lone invariable. The deductions for any seller is to interrupt through this jumble, in this helter-skelter, dynamic, fast paced universe and to invariably introduce new ways to interact with the clients and happen out methods to maintain the clients involved and engaged so as to get new clients, maintain trade name trueness and to guarantee repetition purchases.

This paper aims at bring outing a new tool for sellers, viz. the Social Media which has the potency of “ extremely cost effectual, one-to-one personalised conversations ” which enables the sellers to affect, prosecute & amp ; connect with the clients.


Social Media, New Media, Emerging Media, Internet Marketing, Engagement Marketing, Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Blogs, Linkedin, Youtube.

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Introduction to Social Media

Tweet. Scrap. Wall Post. Blog Entry. Unfriend.

These footings have become usually recognized idiom in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours lives, some of them, even added in the Oxford Dictionary.

Man is a societal animate being and the impulse to pass on, larn, portion information with others is increasing with the coming of Internet.

Social Networking sites, online bet oning sites, picture sharing sites, and electronic devices like the iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, and other nomadic phones have now become integrated as a portion of our life style.

Social Media is “ an umbrella term that defines the assorted activities that integrate engineering, societal interaction, and the constrcution of picture, sound, pictures & A ; words. ”

Social Media is NOT merely about “ Internet Advertisments or Banner Ads. ”

It is more about a platform which allows the trade name to interact & A ; web with the client, and besides allows engagement between clients.

Social Media is non a Monologue. It ‘s a Dialogue. It ‘s a procedure of constructing a personal relationship with the client.

Social Media is Like a 24/7 Focus Group for the company.

Increasingly, organisations, maintain a path of the Tweet or a Discussion a client stations, as they can understand the jobs faced by the client, the tendencies & A ; behavioral influences that the equals have on client purchase determination and trade name trueness.

“ Social Media is like Word of Mouth on Steroids. It is Exponentially Viral. ”

Some Popular Social Media Tools:






Web logs





Characterisitics Specifying Social Media

Involve: Encourages feedback and parts from all the interested users/customers.

Engage: Social Media fundamentally is an “ synergistic platform ” between the audience & A ; the media. Traditional media is broadcast media ( one- to- many ) , with small or no personalisation and sometimes no relevancy. Social Media on the other manus, is more of “ One-to One, Personalised, Relevant ” conversations.

Connect: With communities and groups, societal media purposes to link the “ like-minded ” audiences which portion the similar involvements like dancing or athleticss or picture taking. This enables promptly, efficient & A ; constructive treatments between the members of the same community. Sellers can utilize these communities as a already “ segemented ” market and mark relevant products/services to them. Eg. A picture taking community would be of peculiar involvement to an organizaton which trades in camera and related accoutrements. The community can aslo act as a focal point group for brainstorming of thoughts for new merchandise development, as a tool to mensurate client satisfaction, and introduce new merchandises to run into the hungry client demands, by acquiring client penetrations.

Social Media: Relationships, Interactions & A ; Involvement at the Core.

Why Sellers Are Traveling Ga-Ga Over Social Media?

3 out of 4 Americans use Social Media Technology. ( Beginning: Forrester Research, The Growth of Social Technology Adoption, 2008 )

67 % of the Global Internet Population visits Social Networking Sites. ( Beginning: Nielsen Research, Global Faces & A ; Networked Places, 2009 )

Visiting Social Media Sites is the fourth most popular online activity, in front of E-mail, after Search, Portals & A ; PC Software Applications. ( Beginning: Nielsen Research, Global Faces & A ; Networked Places, 2009 )

Social Media is Democratizing Communications. Harmonizing to the Global Media Entrepreneur, Mr. Rupert Murdoch “ Technology is now switching the power off from the editors, the publishing houses & A ; the organisation. It ‘s the People who are in control now. ”

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Gathering EyeBalls & A ; Generating Exposure

Addition in Search Engine Ranking ( Automatic Search Engine Optimization )

Addition in Qualified Leads

New Business Partnerships

Acquire New Customers

Decrease in Overall Cost of Marketing

Why Sellers Cant Resist Social Media?

13 Hourss: The Amount of Video Uploaded on Youtube, every minute.

412 Old ages: The Time it would take to see every bing picture on Youtube.

100,000,000: The figure of Videos seen on YouTube daily.

13,000,000: The figure of article entries on Wikipedia.

3,600,000,000: The figure of exposures uploaded on Flickr.com ( i.e. 1 exposure for every 2 people on the planet. )

1382 % – The monthly growing rate for Twitter Users. ( Jan-Feb ‘ 09 )

3, 000,000: – The mean tweets daily on Twitter.

5,000,000,000: – Number of Minutes Spent Daily on Facebook.

1,000,000,000: – Narratives Shared on Facebook Daily.

14,200,000: – Number of Hits for Obama ‘s “ Yes We Can ” Video on Youtube.

If Facebook were a state, it would be 8th most populated state in the universe. – Mark Zuckerberg, Founder- Facebook.

Beginning: Espresso – Brand Infiltration Report, June 2009

Some Major Indian Brands on Twitter

Infosys: @ Infosys

Technetium: @ followTCS

Wipro: @ Wipro


IBNLiveTV: @ ibnlive

MSN India: @ MSNIndia

Naukri: @ Naukri

Sharukh Khan: @ iamsrk

Virgin Mobile: @ ThinkHatke

KingFisher Airlines: @ FlyKingFisher

Social Media: Solutions for Assorted Problems

An Indian Social Media Campaign: Sunsilk Gang of Girls

Campaign Duration: June 2006 – January, 2009

Web site: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.sunsilkgangofgirls.com

Campaign Objectives:

Establish an Online Presence to Target the Young Urban Females.

Involve & A ; Prosecute the Target Audience.

Create an on-line community for like-minded misss to discourse and show their ideas.

Core Ideas: Self Expression, Interaction & A ; Fashion Trends with focal point on Hairstyle.

Campaign Execution:

Self Expression: Sunsilk Gang of Girls TV – Upload Images & A ; Videos about Hairstyles, and other members would notice and give suggestions on hairdo.

GetSpotted, Life Cant Wait, Be a DJ Tools & A ; Applications for Involvement.

Girl Talk: Interaction amongst Girls on assorted subjects from manner to sex.

Complete MakeOver Machine: Makeover Tips from Head to Toe.

Gang Blogs & A ; Gang Wars.

Campaign Consequences:

Registered Users: 7, 16, 621

Average Monthly Page Positions: 30,00,000

Average Monthly Page Hits: 1,20,00,000

Average Monthly Unique Visitors: 97,086

Avearage Visit Time: 11minutes, 06 seconds.


Social Media Marketing provides a whole new position to sellers. With the societal networking bug quickly altering the manner we interact & amp ; act with others, the chances for growing and invention are limitless.

Although the industry is in its babyhood, a test & A ; error attack with a strong acquisition curve experience will construct robust selling theoretical accounts for the hereafter, with sellers being able to concentrate on conversations instead than runs. Besides sellers will be able to increase the engagement & A ; battle of the users with the aid of Social Media.

One cardinal factor for success would be non to OVER-DO the societal selling game, which would otherwise invade into the privateness of the user, thereby making a negative trade name association & A ; therefore thining the trade name equity. Modern sellers have to be highly careful about the societal selling medium for this really ground. Invading into the privateness of the client will take to complete catastrophe of the societal media run.

Harmonizing to Forrester Research, $ 3.1 Billion will be Spent on Emerging Media by 2014, which includes Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Display Advertising, Search Advertising. However the bulk of this ball will be allocated towards Social Media.

The increasing spend on Social Media will take to cannibalization of Traditional Media, which will easy be on the diminution, as bulk of users now prefer to pass their clip online.

The growing of the societal media has garnered a batch of orbs as it has wholly revolutionised the manner relationships are perceived and are now quantifiable for sellers.

Rather than merely information suppliers, the societal media is now progressively act uponing the purchasing motivations of users and equals & A ; friends play a really of import function in the purchasing procedure for any client. The purchase is influenced by what like minded people “ jointly believe ” about a peculiar merchandise or service.

It would n’t be incorrect to state that “ Yes We Can ” Campaign by US President Barack Obama could n’t hold been a success without the societal networking phenomenon called Twitter, YouTube & A ; Facebook.


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