A purpose and involves knowing a person

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Courtship is a process that has direction and a purpose and involves knowing a person better to see if they are right for each other, and eventually, if they are, leads to marriage. A courtship can be considered successful when the man and woman find out if they are right for each other or not.

They pursue marriage when they find out that they are for each other, and they end the courtship if they see that they are not right for each other. When a man and a woman understand the purpose of courtship, it much easier for both to move on when their relationship doesn’t work out. Courtship is like new season of friendship. Ii is something that should be entered when a man or woman is ready for marriage. According to Joshua Harris, courtship is a relationship guided by the principle that “the joy of intimacy is the reward of commitment.” (Harris, 2005)
When men court women. They are usually romantic, and they buy flowers and cards to make the women feel special. When the man gets the blessings of woman’s father, he then proposes to her. When the woman accepts the proposal, they would get married and live together as husband and wife. (Gianforte, 2008) But as courtship evolved into a more free and liberated type, it has now been occurring outside the home, which means it is now more of the man’s control because he is the one paying for the date. People date because they want to able to enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of being intimate without the need to be in a real commitment. (Harris, 20004)
Prominent among the results is the idea that courtship is still initiated by men. What varies now is the way men do their courtship especially because the use of technology is already inevitable today. This is what most people refer to now as “modern courtship”
Courtship in the Philippines is known to be moderate and to be taken under control unlike those of the western cultures. Traditionally, it has been done with the first step of man visiting the woman’s house and presents himself to the parents in an official manner. It is generally unacceptable to most Filipino families to court the woman without knowledge to her family. (Business World, 2002)
Courtship in the Philippines involves the suitor working hard for his love even if he must go through a long-time courtship. Traditional courtship would entail men serenading, giving love notes, or going to the women’s house to bring her flowers and other sorts of gifts.

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Courtship allows women to enjoy the attention they get from men by being treated in special way and receiving gifts from them. It became important to a person to choose well to enhance his or her family’s image. Dating as an activity in courtship, has been very popular, as it was an influence from the western culture. But even before people were influenced and dating became popular, the Philippines already had come up with its own courting practices. These practices were passes on by their families to use when entering courtship. (Medina,2005 as cited in courtship in the Philippines today)


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