A Raisin in the Sun Essay

July 6, 2018 General Studies

1. When Asagai arrives at the flat. how does his temper contract with Walter’s and Beneatha’s? He is really positive and is looking toward the hereafter. Walter and Beneatha appear defeated. 2. How has the loss of the money changed Beneatha’s optimism? What does she state Asagai? What is Asagai’s response? She has given up and admits licking. She tells Asagai there is no hope and everything is over. Asagai is really critical of Beneatha’s feelings and tells her if she has dreams and wants a positive hereafter. she needs to do it herself. He besides asks her to travel to Africa with him.

3. How does Asagai specify dreamers and realists? Which group does he prefer to be associated with? Idealists have dreams and travel after them. Realists merely see the circle of life and the things that are right in forepart of them. He would instead be an dreamer. 4. What alternate position of the hereafter does Asagai offer to set Beneatha’s depression in position? Go to Africa with him. 5. Asagai leaves and Walter comes into the life room. How does Beneatha onslaught Walter? What does Walter make? She attacks him by talking down approximately who he is as a adult male. Walter ignores her and looks for something in the flat.

6. How has Mama’s physical visual aspect changed? Why does Mama set her works back on the windowsill? She is down and seems defeated. Mama puts her works in the window because she feels as if she is traveling nowhere. 7. Who does Mama fault for the current state of affairs. and how does she be after to cover with it? She blames herself for this because people have ever accused her of woolgathering excessively large. 8. Up until now. Ruth has been the practical 1. How does she respond to Mama’s new attitude? She tries to raise Lena’s liquors. She doesn’t cognize what to believe or how to truly manage Mama’s new attitude. 9. When Walter arrives back place. what does he state he has done? What does he be after to make? He has called Mr. Lindner. and the household is traveling to take the money that was offered to them.

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10. Describe Walter’s new position of life as being divided between the “takers” and the “tooken. ” He feels that life is full of takers and tooken. His household has been. he feels. has ever been “tooken” From this point frontward. they are traveling to be “takers. ” 11. What does Mama intend when she tells Walter that if he takes Lindner’s money he will hold nil left indoors? He will free his self-respect and pride of he takes the money.

12. Beneatha says Walter is no brother of hers. What lesson does Mama hold to remind Beneatha about? Mama tells her she has no right to experience that manner or state that about her brother. Regardless of what has happened. she has ever taught Beneatha to love. 13. When Lindner arrives. why does Mama take a firm stand that Travis stay in the room? She wants him to larn from his male parent 14. What does Walter state Lindner? Why? He talks to him about his male parent and how he worked all his life for others. He continues to state Lindner that his household is non traveling to take his money because his male parent earned the house for the household.

15. Why does Lindner make up one’s mind to appeal to Mama? What is her response? He entreaties to her because he says she is older and wiser. He feels that she will flex to the demands of the vicinity. 16. What is the importance of holding Mama return to the empty flat to catch her works? That works represents her dreams and the spirit of her household. Wherever she goes and the household goes. so does the works. She isn’t one to walk out on her household or her dreams.


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