A Raisin in the Sun – “Success” Essay

August 24, 2017 General Studies

Success. Webster’s dictionary defines it as “The accomplishment of something desired. planned. or attempted ; the gaining of celebrity or prosperity. ”Although to truly understand the significance of success. one needs to understand the relationship between success and ends. Success can merely be carry throughing your ends. but can besides hold a deeper significance. such as personal growing. In the book A Raisin in the Sun. by Lorraine Hansberry. the Younger’s. Walter and Lena particularly. are portrayed as a typical African American household in the 1950’s. seeking to contend the biass that haunt every facet of their lives. Lorraine Hansberry takes us through the journey of the Younger’s as they attempt to carry through their dreams and achieve success. Overall. despite the obstructions they face such as racism. sexism. and dishonesty. Walter Lee and Lena “Mamma” Younger achieve success to certain extents ; Walter achieves complete personal success and Mamma is wholly successful in her end to purchase a house for her kids and Travis.

Walter Lee Younger reaches personal success by accomplishing personal growing and betterment. In the beginning of this book. Walter is irresponsible and selfish which is shown through many occasions such when Mama tells Walter “Ruth is believing ‘bout acquiring rid of that kid. ” ( 75 ) And later “Walter… has evidently been imbibing. ” ( pg. 77 ) Basically. Walter learns that his married woman is pregnant and thought of acquiring an abortion. and being the irresponsible selfish adult male he was. he went out and got rummies. Additionally. we learn that Walters’s investing did non work out and Mama asks him about his sister Beneetha’s money and he says “Mama… I never… went to the bank at all…” ( pg. 129 ) This quotation mark indicates how absolutely conceited he truly was. to throw all of his sister’s money laid out for her tuition merely for his ain investing.

It besides shows that he no longer has any self worth or pride in himself or his household. which is evidently greatly valued throughout the household. At the terminal he ends up losing the money. for which most people would look at him every bit unsuccessful. but at the terminal of the book. he genuinely does he deliver himself. On pg. 148 Walter invites Linder over and intends on give uping any pride left and acquiring on his articulatio genuss to implore for money. but alternatively something unbelievable happens.

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His intended message was forgotten when he looks upon his boy and household and a renewed sense of ego worth and value possesses him as he says “We have decided to travel into our house because my father- my father- has earned it for us brick by brick… we don’t want to do no problem for cipher or battle no causes. and we will seek to be good neighbours. ” ( 148 ) Through this one quotation mark. Walter’s self growing is evident as he eventually stands up for his household and passages into an honest. caring adult male as opposed to the selfish male child he was at the beginning of the book. As a consequence of this personal growing. Walter Lee Younger has attained absolute personal success.

Throughout the book A Raisin in the Sun. Lena Younger. aka Mama. has been portrayed as the overbearing. but caring female parent and grandma whose chief end seems to be to purchase a existent house for her kids and grandchild. This end is made apparent on when she eventually buys the house and says “Well- at least allow me state him something. I want him to be the first one to hear… Come here. Travis. ” ( pg. 90 ) This quotation mark shows her obvious love and fancy for her darling grandson and subsequently on she says “You sword lily about the house? It’s traveling to be yours when you get to be a adult male. ” ( pg. 91 )

These quotation marks clarify her dreams to travel into a new house to do Travis happy and they are accomplished when after Walter’s address. Linder inquiries her blessing and she steadfastly states that “My boy said we was traveling to travel and there ain’t nil left for me to state. ” ( 148 ) Lorraine Hansberry so ends her book with the Younger’s eventually go forthing their flat behind. demoing that in the terminal. Mama did carry through her dream and was successful in her end of traveling into a new house for her household.

Throughout Lorraine Hansberry’s novel A Raisin in the Sun. Lena and Walter Lee Younger face many biass and obstructions in the manner of carry throughing their dreams. but in the terminal they are successful.


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