A research proposal- The efficacy of applying the fundamental rule of law in combating the upsurge risks of global terrorism

Research Proposal

A )Research Subject

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The research subject will concentrate on the country of constitutional jurisprudence, in peculiar, the efficaciousness of using the cardinal regulation of jurisprudence in battling the upsurge hazards of planetary terrorist act. Hence, the proposed research rubric will be:

The war on panic and its impact on the regulation of jurisprudence: – a jural analysis. ‘

B )Background of research

Recently, we frequently hear many instances of terrorist onslaughts that has opened the door to a myriad of inquiries about what has gone incorrect with our society today. Has the society begun to loathe the rule of the regulation of jurisprudence? Has our regulation of jurisprudence being sidestepped? We heard and read of so many disapprobations and justifications when the instance of ‘Sydney CafeSiege‘ occurred last December 2014 and merely as we were approximately to bury the tragic episode, the recent merciless onslaught at ‘Charlie Hebdo’ in Paris surfaced within a spread of less than a month from the former that sent daze moving ridges to the whole universe. The most recent instance being the ‘Garissa University College’ slaughter in Kenya that killed about 150 people. It has now become an ceaseless universal job and in no clip we will decidedly hear another similar calamity shortly in some portion of the universe.

Unfortunately, to day of the month we hear perfectly nil about any solid solutions to forestall another future return of such terrorist Acts of the Apostless in another portion of the universe. Most universe leaders took the base that we had to remain argus-eyed at all clip. Is that all we can make? Even our ain Defence Minister had cautioned us, as reported in the imperativeness that such Acts of the Apostless of terrorist act could go on on our really ain dirt in Malaysia. The earnestness of our authorities in battling terrorist act can be seen with the pressing tabling and passing of the proposed new jurisprudence known as the Prevention of Terrorism Act ( ‘POTA’ ) by the Home Minister in the recent Parliamentary posing after more than 10 hours of argument. Some opposing legislators argued during the argument session that the POTA is controversial and unneeded as the bing Torahs for e.g. SOSMA is equal to undertake the at hand menace of terrorist act, hence POTA can be subjected to mistreat if allowed. But whether it is controversial or is it merely another piece of Draconian Torahs has yet to be seen. However, a close examination is required to measure it, and this will be delved as portion of my research involvement here.

Now, when talking about terrorist act, the mind-boggling inquiries are: What and where is the cause of the job? And how can we educate the peoples from eschewing such extremist political orientation adhered by the terrorists? It was against the background of this of all time present polemic by neo-fascist groups that motivate this research subject. The paper will look at the impact terrorist act will convey that will earnestly impact the application of the regulation of jurisprudence of the states – an constituted rule of jurisprudence that we have been adopted over the old ages.

The instance ofCharlie Hebdonon merely made us cogitate, but unfastened our eyes to whether the shot was so a gross onslaught on freedom of speech/expression/fundamental human rights or was it motivated entirely by spiritual fanatism as some argued. For the human rights group, they will reason that the critical issue here involves exposing the thought of ‘freedom of speech’ . It ‘s surely non right for the Cherif and Said Kouachi to support their behavior by insinuating or claiming that the Publisher of the magazine had insulted their faith and likewise, the hebdomadal can non warrant their acute act of aggravation under the camouflage of freedom of look. Now the issue to be dealt with here is, does the freedom of speech mean we have a wide permission to diss and ache others without any restrictions? Therefore, it is true that the relationship between freedom of look, sentiment, address and the regulation of jurisprudence is a corollary 1: one supports the other. For the regulation of jurisprudence to be operative, we surely need to esteem the freedom of address, in order for people to detect and review the devising and application of the Torahs, non to advert their reading and its execution in the tribunal system. Equally, the regulation of jurisprudence can be an equivocal look. It may intend different things for different bookmans or legal experts. However, one thing, that most of us would hold, is that the regulation can be merely explained with the undermentioned phrase: “no 1 is above the jurisprudence” – which means the thought that truth, and hence the jurisprudence, is based upon cardinal rules which can be discovered, or created by an act of will. Therefore, the rule buttocks is neither the authorities nor its public

functionary is above the jurisprudence or is permitted to move randomly or one-sidedly outside the jurisprudence. The jurisprudence is intended to continue against arbitrary administration, whether by an autocratic leader or rabble regulation.

On the other manus, the term terrorist act is non unequivocal and is a extremely combative to specify. There is, to day of the month, no globally accepted, unambiguous definition or description of terrorist act. From the start of human civilisation, the act of terrorist act has already emerged, and there are a assortment of causes that influence the belief of terrorist act. Many historiographers hold the position that the act of terrorist act is in kernel connected to the political hidden docket. This is apparent from the on-going barbarous violent deaths go oning in the Middle East recently that testifies to the political nature of terrorist act before the outgrowth of ‘Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’ ( ISIL ) group. So, the act of panic can be widely construed as the unauthorised method to implement the rules at will, therefore obliging the affected to hold to that rule despite their mutual exclusiveness.

One thing for certain is that the propaganda of aggression and inculcation of fright is the primary end of terrorist act. This is proven by the behavior of the ISIL terrorists in the in-between E recently that involves themselves in inhumanly violent activities conspicuously. Another categorization of terrorist can be seen in footings of doing known their political orientation through the political platform. And some were due to their inordinate engagement in inhibitory conditions. They seek for alternate ways to convey a alteration in their lives ( Raphaeli, 2003 ) . For e.g. the bulk of such groups can be found in the parts of Bosnia and Georgia. Their clang exists in footings of cultural factors, after the autumn of the Soviet Union.

What is more dismaying from the 1990s onwards, is ?° new signifier of N-nt?µrn?°tN-on?°l t?µrrorN-sm show th?°t s?µ?µms l?µss r?°tN-on?°l, l?µss focus?µd, mor?µ N-nt?µrn?°tN-on?°l ?°nd mor?µ d?µ?°dly – Isl?°mN-st t?µrrorN-sm ( Cr?µnsh?°w, 1981 ) . In f?°ct, m?°ny of th?µ c?°us?µs ?°nd motN-v?°tN-ons ?°r?µ stN-ll v?µry sN-mN-l?°r to wh?°t w?µ mN-ght c?°ll tr?°dN-tN-on?°l mod?µrn t?µrrorN-sm. Wh?°t N-s dN-ff?µr?µnt N-s th?µ N-d?µologN-c?°l b?°sN-s of r?µlN-gN-on, th?µ bro?°d d?µfN-nN-tN-on of th?µ ?µn?µmy, th?µ ?µvolutN-on of t?µrrorN-st t?°ctN-cs ?°nd th?µ d?µsN-r?µ ?°nd th?µ pot?µntN-?°l d?µv?°st?°tN-ng l?µv?µls of d?µstructN-on. A celebrated illustration is the extremist group naming themselves ISIS as highlighted earlier. These Isl?°mN-st ?µxtr?µmN-sts s?µ?µm wN-llN-ng to N-gnor?µ th?µ t?°boos ?°g?°N-nst kN-llN-ng N-nnoc?µnt p?µopl?µ ?°nd ?°bl?µ to r?°tN-on?°lN-z?µ th?µN-r ?°ctN-ons by dN-stortN-ng Isl?°mN-c t?µ?°chN-ngs. LN-k?µ th?µ r?µvolutN-on?°ry s?µcul?°r ; ISIS is tryN-ng to ?µst?°blN-sh ?°n N-d?µologN-c?°l found?°tN-on for th?µN-r struggl?µs to set up an Islamic Caliphates. To thN-s ?µnd, they are prepared to dN-stort th?µ t?µ?°chN-ngs of Isl?°m to d?µfN-n?µ ?° common ?µn?µmy. Th?°t ?µn?µmy N-s d?µscrN-b?µd ?°s th?µ W?µst?µrn cultur?µ of d?µmocr?°cy ( dN-smN-ss?µd ?°s ?°ntN — Isl?°mN-c by th?µ N-d?µologu?µs of Isl?°mN-c t?µrrorN-sm ) , c?°pN-t?°lN-sm ( ?°s r?µport?µd by N-mp?µrN-?°lN-st ?µxploN-t?°tN-on ) , ?°nd N-ndN-vN-du?°lN-sm ( th?µ opposN-tN-on of Isl?°mN-sts who b?µlN-?µv?µ N-n ?° n?µw c?°lN-ph?°t?µ to l?µ?°d th?µ communN-ty of MuslN-ms ?°round th?µ universe. This research paper will besides briefly analyze the Islamic texts from the Holy Quran/Sunnah that are being relied upon by the ISIS extremists to progress their ends and whether, they are diverting from the Islamic Fiqh. The findings will unwrap the cause that motivates spiritual terrorist act.

To day of the month, states h?°v?µ h?°d r?µl?°tN-v?µly screening hapless r?µsults in cont?°N-nN-ng or ?µlN-mN-n?°tN-on of vN-ol?µnc?µ perpetrated by the terrorists/extremists. Thos?µ who h?°v?µ succ?µ?µd?µd h?°v?µ us?µd ?µxtr?µm?µ m?µ?°sur?µs of r?µpr?µssN-on th?°t h?°v?µ thr?µ?°t?µn?µd th?µ rul?µ of l?°w, p?µrson?°l fr?µ?µdoms ?°nd hum?°n rN-ghts. Th?µr?µ must b?µ ?° better response ( Cr?µnsh?°w, 1981 ) . It has been argued that the awkwardness of the authorities in managing counter-terrorism response, thereby endangering the basic thoughts such as that of the regulation of jurisprudence. As human rights advocators have recognized, it is critical for authoritiess to protect their citizens from terrorist act, which endangers personal autonomy. At the same clip, democratic states committed to the regulation of jurisprudence must defy the force per unit areas to pretermit the cardinal rights as enshrined in their several fundamental law in the name of contending terrorist act. It s?µ?µms th?°t th?µ solutN-ons to t?µrrorN-sm c?°n b?µ found ?°t ?°ny st?°g?µ of ?µvolutN-on or d?µt?µrN-or?°tN-on of th?µ polN-tN-c?°l proc?µss.ThN-s suggests th?°t we must fN-rst und?µrst?°nd th?µ hN-storN-c?°l cont?µxt of curr?µnt struggles ( Y?°hy?° , 2002 ) .

So what is the regulation of jurisprudence? How does it run? In a nutshell, the construct of the regulation of jurisprudence can be traced to its historical beginning as a agency of protection from the oppressive ‘Rule of adult male ‘ and the maltreatment of power by the State. Philosopher Friedrich von Hayek one time defined the construct as‘Stripped of all its trifles‘ ; which means that the authorities of the twenty-four hours in whatsoever actions it takes is bound by the regulations fixed and announced in progress to the peoples. And such regulations which are made to enable us to anticipate with a just grade of certainty how the authorization will use its coercive powers in any given state of affairs, and to be after one ‘s ain single personal businesss base on that anterior cognition we have gained.

C )Research Objective

  • To understand the root cause that motivates terrorist act ;
  • To gestate the significance of the ‘Rule of Law ‘ with the altering society in visible radiation of the planetary tendencies in counter-terrorism activities ;
  • To spot the regulation of law’s development with the continued demands for internal security to contend terrorist act.
  • To concentrate on the impact on the application of the regulation of jurisprudence in the modern context in battling terrorist act ;
  • To convey forth the possible solution, execution and comprehensive understanding vis- a-vis the war against panic.

D )Research Methodology

The proposed research methodological analysis in this survey will be based chiefly on ‘Doctrinal method ‘ of research by assorted bookmans familiar with that field. This doctrinal work selected is both analytical and descriptive. The information will be compiled and gathered from different beginnings and analysed to research the coveted aim. Analysis studies of research commissions, conferences, and committees will be taken as mention. The bulk of information will be amassed from secondary beginnings, i.e. selected books, articles, diaries, the cyberspace and a few related instance Torahs will be examined to accomplish the aims of this research paper. Opinions of other research bookmans, academicians, legal experts and other experts will be added to supply the necessary support for this survey.

Tocopherol )Work Agenda

The clip frame required for this research until its completion is estimated between 2-3 old ages of survey.

F )Bibliography:

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