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April 23, 2019 Human Resources

A sharp growth in number of female workers can be seen in the past 20 years but at the same time the issue of glass ceiling can be seen creating hindrance for them to work in such environment. Women have become more independent in the past two decades compared to the time before. But an invisible barrier can still be experienced by women these days working in a corporate sector job. Further discussion on the topic is presented in the forthcoming text.
Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it’s got about 18 million cracks in it (Hillary Clinton 2008). Powerful women like Hillary Clinton, Rihanna and other famous celebrities are helping other women to come out and do what they want to do and with their support a lot of women are trying hard to achieve more. Women work as much as men do but sometimes they get paid much lesser than men, which discourages them and they may start losing interest in their jobs. Men are likely to occupy higher status technical or business-related positions, while women dominate the more ‘socially skilled’, yet more intensive and routinized customer service roles (Lloyd and Payne, 2009). An old belief is that men are physically as well as mentally stronger than women which doesn’t quite co-op with the present situation. Women are equally participating in every sector and now more than ever. Every women working today has broken some barriers in her life but this social barrier is the hardest to break.
Findings were provided by Federal Glass Ceiling Commission and revealed that “95 percent of senior level managers are men and of that 95 percent, 97 percent are white. And of the five percent of these managers who are women, only 5 percent are minority women” (Redwood, 1996). In spite of the fact that equal opportunities policy have implemented for decades and women occupy “44 percent of the total persons employed in executive… this category is extremely broad, and women are grossly underrepresented at the top executive positions of Fortune 500 corporations” (Jackson, 2001, p.30). To overcome these threats organisations should create a friendly environment for the employees and provide them with encouragement and motivation as per the need. Also they should conduct programming of specific human resources activities, based on personal development and human capital policies. The main problem is that women are deprived their right to occupy high administrative positions. Men are dominant in the top level management since the beginning and women’s role was to occupy the lover-paying positions.
According to Chaffins et AL (1995) glass ceiling is “the form of discrimination has been depicted as a “barrier so subtle that it is transparent, yet so strong that it prevents women and minorities from moving up in the management hierarchy (Morrison & Glinow, 1990 cited Chaffins et al 1995, p. 380). The glass has been evident in both position and pay within organisations (Frieze et al. , 1990 cited Chaffins et al 1995, p. 380)
Discrimination on the grounds of sex or national status is unlawful, and has to be overcome in the work place (Morrison, 1994, 72). The necessity of breaking glass ceiling policies is an issue of the present day, because every minority is discriminated in many aspects of our life and workplaces.


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