A Short Autobiography

My name is Lila. I was born and raised in the beautiful city Squib, Romania which is located in Central Europe. I finished High School in my home town and now am a student at the University “Alma Mater’ Squib. Here am studying to become an economist. I have an elder sister, her name is Nana, she has five children, four girls and one boy and she majored in Letters. She got married to a priest at the age of 19, so we didn’t spend as teenagers too much time together, to become to know each other better.

Now, we enjoy her lovely children, who are a blessing from God. My mother raised us by herself, she is a very strong woman in spite of her gentle look. She believed in us every step of the way and encourage us every time we felt disappointed. Because of her I am studying now economics. She always wanted us to do grater then she did, not to dispel our talents. And here am at the “University Alma Meter” at the end Of my first semester, confident in myself and ready to earn more. M a friendly person, reliable and hard worker. I enjoy walking in the park, riding my bike, having fun with my friends, going to picnics, skiing and spending my time with my wonderful grandchildren. I was a witness to their first steps, their first teeth, when they started to say their first words. Only then you get to really love them for who they are: honest and innocent, they have no bad intentions and they love you unconditionally.

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