A special moment in my life…narrative essay

September 4, 2018 General Studies

It was August 20, 2011 when I received a letter that would change my life. the problem was how to communicate to my mama. I spent the entire day with some of my friends asking them for advises, though there was only one possible way… to talk with her. When I coming in to my house my mama and sister were watching television as they usually did. In that precisely moment my heart started to accelerate like wanted to escape from my chest, my face was white and my ears were hot. I took a deep brief and I said, “mother I need to talk with you in private,” she answered to me: “let’s go to your bedroom.

” We kept in silence while we walked on the upstairs to the second floor where my room was; the door was locked and I tried to put the key inside of the lock door three times, but the key slipped from my trembling hands; finally, my mom unlocked the door. She looked directly to my eyes with their dilated pupils and she asked me, “Are you pregnant,” I immediately answered to her: “No I do not! ” She fell down on the bed and breathed as she was alleviated of a terrible anguish. After that, she asked me what happened to me; I told her that I had gotten married.

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She laughed for a moment because she believed that I was playing a joke; she did not know anything about my boyfriend because he lived in the United Stated and I lived in El Salvador, we met when he visited his father in El Salvador and the most of time we just keeping in contact by phone or e-mail. My romance was extremely secret because my family wanted a different husband for me and I did not want to have conflict with them. I know they were able to do everything to separate me from him because they did the same thing with my youngest sister. I expected that my mama was angry and yelled me; on the contrary, she remained silent.

I added that in the morning I had received a notification from the U. S. embassy about my admission to the United Stated, so I was leave my country the next month. She stood up and told me that it was better if we talked later. It was night so I decided to sleep; I was reflecting about the reaction of my mama and I just wished that she was able to understand me. I felt placated when I read a though on face book that said, “Day is over, night has come… Today is gone, what’s done is done… Embrace your dreams through the night…Tomorrow comes with a whole new light…!


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