A Structural Approach To Family Therapy

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Adolescent gestation has become a turning epidemic in the United States today. Statisticss suggest that four in 10 American adult females have had at least one gestation before the age of 20.The gestation rate among immature adult females between the ages of 5th adolescent and nine adolescents have tripled since 2005 ( Benoit, 1997 ) . The dismaying rate at which adolescent gestation rates have risen has sparked much contention. Some of its contention lies in the fact that this issue is no longer restricted to immature misss from minority ‘s backgrounds or lower socioeconomic positions. The job of teenage gestation has spread across demographics, even to 1s that were one time deemed immune to its effects, adolescents from in-between category two parent families have besides been affected by this epidemic, many accounts have been asserted as to why the rise in adolescent gestation has begun ( Furstenburg, 2003 ) .

My premise based on the research given, is that adolescent gestation can be explained by the interruption down in the household construction. More specifically, the deficiency of equal mirror during pre adolescence every bit good a deficiency of healthy communicating of outlooks and household ends between the stripling and the parent. It is besides my premise that Salvador Menuhin ‘s theory of Structural Family Therapy can outdo aid households who are covering with adolescent gestation. The Structural Approach to household therapy focuses on the household as a whole ; it works to understand dysfunctional behaviours and forms within the household and so works to repair them utilizing the healer as a accelerator

A Structural Approach 3

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To alter ( Carr, 2000 ) . The attack can specifically assist parents and adolescent agers covering with the crisis of an unexpected gestation because it can assist the household to reconstruct the communicating relationship between them. In add-on it will assist the household dissect itself and its dysfunctional forms, in bend assisting the parents understand the adolescent ‘s actions and thought procedure.

Reappraisal of the literature

Insight into Teenage Pregnancy

Experts give many accounts to the rise in adolescent gestation. The list varies from the interruption down in the American household, deficiency of attending given to striplings in two parent working places, America ‘s high divorce rates, More sexually motivated telecasting plans, the progress of engineering ( cyberspace, cell phones, societal networking sites etc ) to the thought of sex being taught in schools ( Furksteinburg, 2003 ) . Strong advocators of abstention go so far as to demand that safer sex course of studies be taken out of schools. A Study done in the early 1880ss explained that during the late 70 ‘s and early 80 ‘s it was popular belief that merely people from lower socio economic positions and minorities ; more specifically African Americans and Hispanics were the lone groups that were holding kids before the age of 20 ( Painter & A ; Levine 2000 ) .

However in that same survey it became evident that over a period of 30 twelvemonth survey, the face of the teenage female parent dramatically changed. Both in-between category and lower category a adult females as good African American and Caucasic adult females had become immature female parents. The result of the survey supported the hypothesis of the research worker that

A Structural Approach 4

Likelihood of adolescent gestation is non specifcily dependant on the race or the socioeconomic position of the immature adult females but instead on the support system and construction of the household ( Furstenburg, 2003 ) .

Alan Carr ( 2000 ) would explicate adolescent age gestation as a permeant behavior job. In this he would explicate that the kid is seeking to derive the attending of the parent while at the same clip seeking to demo independency in doing grownup determinations. He farther explains that behavior jobs are 1s that have bit by bit developed over clip. In the kid ‘s early development they began to experience a gulf or deficiency of support from the parent. In most instances of permeant behavior jobs the parent was excessively rigorous and the kid did n’t experience love and fondness or to the antonym the parent was excessively relaxed and the kid felt as the parent did n’t care. When a parent is excessively relaxed, and fails to supply equal monitoring and provides inconsistent effects to govern interrupting and deficiencies to supply proper positive support of good behaviours the kid begins to move in negative attending seeking behaviours. When the construction of the household is weak and regulations and functions are non clearly defined non merely is the kid stressed but the remainder of the household becomes stressed every bit good.

When the emphasis is felt throughout the household, the parents may move in a last effort attempt to seek to derive the trust and conformity of the kid. In making this they may get down to purely implement regulations and penalties. The kid ‘s reaction to the parents sudden alteration of regulations may ensue in changeless oppositional behaviour and may take to that ultimate “ bad ” act such as early gestation, gaol etc ( Herzerg & A ; Cheniss, 1996 ) .

A Structural Approach 5

What is Structural Therapy

The basic premiss behind Structural theory suggests that when a job occurs to one member of the household it affects all members of that household. In this attack to therapy the healer looks to handle the whole household and works with them as a unit alternatively of as persons. To better understand the kineticss of the household it is indispensable that the healer joins the household system. By fall ining the household, the healer begins to understand the subsets and communicating forms of the household. In add-on the healer disrupts unhealthy and dysfunctional forms and helps the household to develop healthier forms while utilizing him as a accelerator to positive alterations for the household.

The theoretical account ‘s typical characteristics are its accent on structural alteration as the chief end of therapy, which acquires distinction over the inside informations of single alteration ( Colapinto, 1982 ) the theoretical account is built upon three renters ; the household, the presenting job and the procedure of curative alteration.

The household is thought of as a life unfastened system, and each member of the household is mutualist on one another. Within the group there is a set up of regulations and ordinances, these are made and maintained by the household. The construction of the household is based upon its regulations. As the household is a life system it is invariably altering and is in transmutation. The transitioning regulations are governed and negotiated by the construction. Homeostasis is in changeless drama in order to maintain the balance of construction in the household.

A Structural Approach 6

Structural theory describes the presenting job as a bug in one of the passages of the household. The presenting job is frequently put into context of whiner ‘s relationship or function in the construction. The end is to look at the showing job as a job in the construction alternatively of in one individual. Often times in therapy the incrimination is placed on one individual within the household. It is the occupation of the healer to understand the forms of each member and to assist them to set the issue into context of the current passage of the household. It is besides the occupation of the healer to name the job for the construction and assist them to knit an environment of support for each member.

The procedure of curative alteration looks to assist the family/structure understand dysfunctional behaviours and inclinations. In the theoretical account of curative alteration the end is to do alterations that are contributing to the construction. This may intend that some members of the household will be rearranged and some subsets within the household will be disturbed. For illustration if there is a dysfunctional, strong relationship between the girl and female parent, to the point where the girl is elevated to the degree of an grownup or parent, the healer will assist the household modify the girl ‘s function so that she is dropped down to the place of a kid. In this the male parent ‘s function may be put in the several function as parent/ supplier. In the curative alteration the household is helped to outgrow the typical negative forms of communicating

A Structural Approach 7

Structural Therapy Applied

Within the context of a household covering with an unwanted gestation, it is of import that the each household member learns and understands what function the gestation plays in the household and how it separately affects their function in the construction. There needs to be a high degree of parental carbon monoxide operation. The disfunction within a construction where the adolescent is moving out and executing in attending seeking behaviours can be attributed to a deficiency of clear apprehension of hierarchies within the family.The kid does non esteem their function as their kid and their parent ‘s function as the caretakers. The adolescent agers need to experience that their function is of import within the household and that no affair how severely they behave they are of import to household construction. In add-on the parental figures within the construction demand to understand that the attending seeking behaviour of the adolescent is a disfunction that they have jointly created. Each member of the household must jointly work together to cover with the job. In order for the alterations to be successful at that place needs to be clear communicating and clearly defined functions. The ultimate end of the therapy is to assist the household to go more flexible within their functions in add-on to assisting them to happen fitter options to covering with each other.

A Structural Approach 8


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