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Stylistics is a systematic and fringy topic which surveies the characters of literature, unconditioned character and its subject. English concern missive is a specific type of authorship, and it is a comprehensive topic that combines English authorship and international concern pattern, the chief map of it is transmit information. This article is traveling to use the theories of stylistic to the analysis of English concern missive from the position of stylistic, and analyze stylistic characteristics in linguistic communication characteristic, textual construction characteristics and grammatical characteristics, and it makes many illustrations to turn out them severally. From the position of lingual features, the English concern correspondence has to follow “ 7Cs ” rule ; from the position of text, the standardised construction and complete lineation, moreover normative format, strong logic, clear idea, and precise construction are the features of text constructions ; from the position of grammar, complex construction of sentence is an of import syntactic feature of concern correspondence. Furthermore, this article is to suggest how to follow these characteristics in English concern missive authorship every bit good. At last, it makes the estimated consequence and research chance of analyzing stylistic to incorporate with concern missive.

Cardinal words:

Stylisticsi??English Business Correspondencei??type of authorship, linguistic communication characteristics, textual characteristics, vocabulary characteristics

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Introduction of Stylistics

Stylistics is a systematic and fringy topic which surveies the characters of literature, unconditioned character and its subject. It is a topic that falls between linguistics, art theory, esthetics and psychological science, it is a topic that is in the position of linguistics to construe the aims of literature and composing manners every bit good. Actually, it has a long history in analyzing of linguistics at place and abroad. The survey of modern western Stylistic can day of the month back to the survey of rhetoric in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. In a long period before 20th century, the treatment about the manners of stylistics was limited in the subjective feeling, and it was studied in rhetoric, literature and the analysis of grammar, so it did n’t hold its ain position in the country of researching. Until the beginning of 20th century, after accommodating the modern linguistic communication method, the manner analysis started interrupt off from the bound of traditional analysis which based on intuition, and systemized and became scientific bit by bit. The European historical lingual and normal lingual became influential independent topics in the beginning of twenties century, and incorporating with lingual, stylistics became a inter subject which had independent position every bit good.

Stylistics was initial known as literature unfavorable judgment in China. But with the development of linguistics, people started to cognize the substance of stylistics, and tried to use relevant theories to analysing stylistics, so that it could advance the rapid development of stylistics. To the clip of 21st century, “ Liu Shi Sheng who derived Stylistic from manner, stylistics, functional stylistics, textual stylistics and societal cultural stylistics which based on Carter ‘s point of position, and its principle is based on Foucouh ‘s point of position that the cognition and belief of people owns the characteristics of societal symbols ( Chen, 2003:4 ) ” , it farther promoted the development of Stylistic in China.

Stylistic is in the phase of development and betterment presently, yet there are different point of positions about the definition of stylistic and the apprehension of its significances among literates. “ Stylistic has widened significance and narrowed significance: the narrowed one means literary manner, while the widened one means linguistic communication assortments of literary manner ( Qin, 2001:2 ) ” . Therefore, more and more bookmans survey and look into it in the country of theories and patterns widely and massively. A Numberss of the bookmans even apply the theories of stylistic to analyse concern authorship, which promote the rapid development of analyzing in this country.

2. An Overview of English Business Letterss

In today ‘s extremely developed and competitory society, communicating between persons and groups is going more and more of import. And it serves to go through on information, to show thoughts and to interchange their ain feelings as good. Generally speech production, concern letters plays an of import function in assorted trading concerns, which is the rule agencies used by a concern house to maintain in touch with its clients. Business missive normally is a formal written manner that for external contacts, such as inter-organizations, among organisations and their clients, and it is used for concern connexion such as acquiring or conveying concern information, concern dialogue such as doing or accepting an offer and so on.

2.1 The Definition and Classification of Business Letters

“ Hutchinson & A ; Waters and Halliday stressed that concern missive belonged to the subdivision of professional English, it was the generic term of English Language Variety adapted by concern trade members in concern activities, and the usage of English in concern ways. Robinson used to sum up the features of concern English in such ways: ( 1 ) content-based ; ( 2 ) goal-directed ; ( 3 ) needs analysis ; ( 4 ) clip force per unit area. ( Zhou, 2010:4 ) ”

Very frequently, letters are a company ‘s lone contact with a client, and through letters, the receiving systems form an feeling of the company. In the present age of information, nevertheless, people tend to do phone calls alternatively of composing letters for the intent of communicating. The rapid development of telecommunication seems to hold decreased the importance of letters. Nevertheless, in this age of electronic communicating, the concern missive non merely retains its importance on history, but besides is re-born in the signifier of e-mail and facsimile.

The intents of concern correspondence are constructing and keeping concern relationship, advancing concern cooperation, keeping good concern relationship, and the look of concern correspondence will act upon the economic benefit of the company.

Therefore, concern letters may be defined as a media or agencies through which positions are expressed and thoughts or information is communicated in the procedure of concern activities

Business letters can be classified in such ways as follows:

First, concern letters can be classified harmonizing to the content of the missive such as petition letters, claim and accommodation letters, answer letters, recognition and aggregation letters, gross revenues letters and so on.

Second, categorization can look harmonizing to different maps in the procedure of a concern communicating. There are letters for constitution of concern dealingss, question letters, citation letters, telling letters, payment letters, cargo and insurance letters, claim letters, etc.

Third, concern letters can besides be classified into personal concern letters and functionary concern letters. In personal concern letters, the salutation may be formal or informal. And the organic structure is normally intended paragraphs ; the typed signature line can be omitted and the full name or the first name should be handwritten. While on the other manus, the functionary can be more formal in recognizing and its organic structure. And the signature is made up of a typed signature with professional or societal or company name, under which the Chinese name should be typed by its Pinyin in the following line.

2.2 The Stylistic Features of Business Correspondence

As a subdivision of professional English, concern correspondence has its ain features of manner. Business letters are now meant for modern business people, so their manner should non be tedious, old fashioned, or jargon-filled, as it was several decennaries ago. Business letters today should be simple, concise, concrete, and easy to understand, etc. And from the position of features of manner, consult letters are normally with way, petition and courtesy ; concern informal letters are normally tendencious, exemplifying and flexible ; the formal concern letters are normally optional, enlightening, contactable and courtesy. ( Zhao, 2007i?s186 ) .

2.3 The Necessity of Using Business Letters Properly

However, we may misapply the concern letters if we are lack of general cognition of stylistics, and the effect of misapplying concern letters possibly serious. So “ when we observe linguistic communication activity in the assorted contexts in which it takes topographic point, we find differences in the type of linguistic communication selected as appropriate to different types of state of affairs ( Cheng,1988:3 ) ” aˆ‚

3. Specific Studies on Business Letterss from with the Perspective of Stylistics

English concern correspondence is a particular type of authorship, and it is a comprehensive topic to incorporate English composing with international trade, we can analyse features of stylistics from the positions of features of linguistic communication, features of text, and features of grammar.

3.1 Language Feature of English Business Letter

Business missive is a common manner used in international concern activities. As it comes from and serves for sorts of concern, and reflects the comparative professional content, its words, sentence structures, significances and connotations have a strong appeal of concern. And a concern message is considered successful when ( 1 ) the receiving system interprets the message as the transmitter intended it, and ( 2 ) it achieves the transmitter ‘s intents. The linguistic communication of it is brief and accurate, the look is strong but moderate.And its mode of composing follows the rule of “ 7Cs ” , which are Courtesy, Consideration, Completeness, Clarity, Conciseness, Concreteness and Correctness. They tie in closely with the basic construct of the communicating procedure, which are important for concern letters by supplying guidelines for the pick of content.

3.1.1 Courtesy

Business missive plays a decisive function in concern activities, and “ Courtesy is a virtuousness of all concern documentsi??Wangi??2007i?s8i?‰ ” , it create so friendly ambiance of equality that it can advance bilateral cooperation and make an understanding. However, it is non simply politeness with mechanical interpolations of “ thank you ” or “ please ” . Alternatively, it stems from sincere regard and friendly human concern for one another. So “ in your concern message, you can develop courtesy by seting yourself in your reader ‘s places ( Wangi??2007i?s8 ) ” , and detecting the following techniques: to be prompt, to be polite, to be on a positive tone.

First, using promptitude is an of import manner to demo courtesy in concern communicating. Whenever we are asked a inquiry or have a missive that needs our response, we should answer it within the twenty-four hours. If it is impossible for us to give a prompt answer in item on the same twenty-four hours, we should compose a short note to the clients to explicate the ground. Promptness is so good manners that it prompts good will. In add-on, it indicates efficiency because of its speedy procedure in concern letters.

Second, the transmitters should be really polite even in inquiring the receiving systems to pay back the debts or declining their demand, and boring looks should to be avoided, peculiarly when we use with “ you ” :

Third, Courteous letters should be written in a positive tone, which helps to make or to strength good will.

E.g. ( 1 ) We are regretful that you misunderstood us.

( 2 ) We are regretful that we did n’t do ourselves clear.

The significances that the writer tries to show are fundamentally the same in these two sentences. However, in the sentence ( 1 ) , it intents to fault others ; while in sentence ( 2 ) , the writer takes duty actively and uses courtesy.So the consequences of these two sentence are evidently.

3.1.2 Consideration

Consideration used in concern letters means that the transmitters should maintain receiving systems in the first topographic point when composition and conveying the letters, because they are covering non merely with a concern organisation, but more significantly with the people whose reaction determines what the transmitter can accomplish in conveying the concern letters. “ Consideration means utilizing ‘ you attitude ‘ in concern missive i??which is to see in other ‘s position and be considerate other ‘s desires and feelings. “ ( Yuan & A ; Li, 2010:11 ) We will compare with the undermentioned sentences, sentences ( 1 ) adapt “ we attitude ” , while sentences ( 2 ) adapt “ you attitude ”


We are pleased to denote thataˆ¦

You will be pleased to knowaˆ¦

We want you to make that.

You will no uncertainty make it.

Sentences 1 ) adapt “ we attitude ” which are in a stiff tone and show a feeling of telling others, and it shows that transmitters think merely of themselves and their job, non about the receiving systems, while Sentences 2 ) adapt “ you attitude ” , that can reflect niceness and tact, stress what the receiving systems want to cognize, mention to the receiving system ‘s petition or order specifically, protect the receiving system ‘s self-importance and esteem the receiving system ‘s intelligence. So “ The you attitude besides creates a colloquial tone ” i??Wangi??2007i?s10i?‰ .


Business missive should to the full show the contents and significances. When the message is complete, it contains all facts the receiving systems need for the reaction that the transmitters desire. The map of completeness in concern letters is conveying the desired response without the disbursal of extra messages, both parties can make a better occupation of edifice good will and debaring the dearly-won cases that may ensue becomes possible, even if of import information is losing. You can utilize “ 5Ws ” and “ 1H ” to verify whether it has to the full replied what the other ‘s position ‘s petitions. What ‘s more, you should give something excess, when desirable. Sometimes we must make more than answer clients ‘ specific inquiries. Because they may non cognize what they need, or their inquiries may be unequal. For case, in the letters of puting an order, it has to explicate “ What you want ” , “ When you need the goods ” , “ to whom and where the goods to be sent ” , “ How the payment will be made ” . And you should explicate “ why ” when you reject the petition of the parties ( i.e. cull to an offer, cull to settle of claim etc. ) . The “ 5Ws ” and “ 1H ” inquiry method is particularly utile when we write petitions, proclamations, or other enlightening messages.

3.1.4 Clarity

In concern missive authorship, “ Clarity is of import in such concern composing as studies, memorandas, processs, and proposals ( Hu & A ; Che & A ; Li & A ; Su,2004:43 ) ” “ lucidity means doing certain the significance of letters you have written is clear, and it will non bring forth misinterpretation ( Wei, 2005:6 ) ” , we should avoid equivocal idea and beat around the bush phrasing in the missive. And there are three specific ways to assist do the message clear: 1. choose apprehensible words, 2.construct effectual sentences and paragraphs, 3.write on the Write on the degree of the receiving system ‘s apprehension

E.g. As to the soft-shell clam seafaring from Wenzhou to Italy has bimonthly direct services.

In this sentence, the author chooses these apprehensible words such as “ seafaring ” , “ direct ” to do the receiving systems understand clearly as there is a strong demand for words that are non merely familiar and clear, but simple and easy to read. However, the word “ Bimonthly ” may do misinterpretation, because it can be understood either as twice a month or one time every two months, so it is easy to misconstrue the significance of this sentence. Therefore, it should be amended as “ We have two direct seafarings every month from Wenzhou to Italy. ” or “ We have direct seafarings from Wenzhou to Italy every two months. ”

3.1.5 Conciseness

Conciseness means that on the premiss of non traveling against the other C qualities, we use words every bit less as possible to show the existent significances you are seeking to show. Use brief, direct, simple words to forestall unneeded repeat and ornate words. It gets rid of hackneyed and stereotyped phrases in concern letters, saves clip and disbursal for both transmitter and receiving system, aids the receiving system in understanding the message, and makes the communicating more interesting.

E.g. We use “ We have begun to export machines. ” alternatively of “ We have begun to export our machines to the foreign states. ” Because the former sentence eliminates the unneeded looks — ” to the foreign states ” , which express the same significance with “ export ” .

3.1.6 Concreteness

The contents of concern letters must be item and clear, particularly those letters that request other parties ‘ answer or will impact contact in after period. So we should utilize specific facts, figures to accomplish concreteness alternatively of utilizing words that are ill-defined, generalized or abstract. Because concrete words are direct and graphic, clear, and exact. While abstract words are frequently rational, academic, or philosophical. Using specific instead than general linguistic communication, utilizing concrete instead than abstract words, utilizing active instead than inactive voice will be helpful to compose concrete, convincing messages

E.g. We say “ We confirm our goods of January 3th,2011 ” instead than “ We confirm our goods yesterday ” . The ground is that the former sentence usage concrete words that are clear so that there will be no inquiry in the receiving system ‘s head as to the significance intended. And on the other manus, “ yesterday ” is less clear in significance and is more likely to make incorrect or confusing intensions in the receiving system ‘s head.

3.1.7 Correctness

The footings and phrases and punctuations should be used right in concern letters because most parts of concern letters involve bilateral right, responsibility and involvement among concern communications. And it will do gratuitous problems if any errors happen. The term rightness, as applied to a concern missive, means the transmitter should utilize the right degree of linguistic communication and include merely accurate facts, words, and figures. And one erroneous figure ( for illustration, $ 75,000 alternatively of $ 750,000 ) can do a difference of 1000000s of dollars. Even little mistakes of a few cents can rag clients and undermine good will.

E.g. Using “ It is the last monetary value we can offer you now. ” is more accurate than utilizing “ It is the lowest monetary value available to you. ”

3.2 Textual Structure in Business Letter

The success of English concern missive authorship is non merely based on its words and sentences, but its construction as good. “ Text which is the intending unit to pass on by utilizing linguistic communication symbols is made up by sentences, so it can be either short or long. A novel can be a text, a sentence or phrase, even a word can do up text. Business missive is a manner of communicating that bilaterally communicates in written signifier ( Qin,2001:82 ) ” . In the facet of text, concern missive should bespeak the image of authors through orderly and clear construction ; bespeak the achievement of authors through polite linguistic communication ; bespeak the end of letters through accurate and logical look. So ” no affair how simple or complex the concern missive is, it is by and large concerned on the end of composing which has clear and standardised construction and complete lineation. What ‘s more, the textual construction should be with standardised signifier, logically structured, clear hint, and tight structurei??Wei,2005:6i?‰ . ”

First of wholly, the length of concern missive is short and sententious whose linguistic communication is honestly and condensed, and most concern letters have an mean sentence length of 20 words or fewer. Short and sententious, and straightforward bespeak the terseness and effectual of concern missive. In contrast, excessively long sentences can do the whole message clumsy and hard to understand and the reader shortly begins to lose involvement in the missive, therefore hinder clear communicating.

Following, Paragraph length is besides important in concern letters. Because most business peoples are so busy that they do non hold more clip to blow through a series of long paragraphs. Alternatively, they may merely plane a line or two in each paragraph. Therefore, paragraphs in concern letters should be short plenty with the mean length between one to eight sentences. Besides, the paragraph should be arranged in a clear, logic order, with the most of import thought acquiring primary accent and the less of import points placed in secondary places, which will do the missive more clear and better the success of set uping concern relationship.

Furthermore, the format is standardized in concern missive. “ A typical concern missive consists of seven parts: the letterhead, the day of the month line, the interior reference, the salute, the organic structure of the missive, the complimentary stopping point, and the signature ( Cheni??2002i?s11 ) ” .

( 1 ) The letterhead of a concern missive shows where the missive comes from, contains inside informations of addresser, such as company name, reference, telephone figure and so on, which have normally stated in the up-left of the missive. It besides expresses the company ‘s personality and contributes to the company ‘s image. So a good letterhead is ever a soft sell, but should non look like an advertizement.

( 2 ) The day of the month line is by and large typed two or three lines below the letterhead and may get down from the left border, or be centered, or look on the right-hand side, which differs from state to state.

( 3 ) The inside reference should be the same as the name and reference on the envelope. It is conventional to put it at the left-hand border in concern letters, approximately two or three lines below the degree of the date line and above the salute. And the inside reference normally includes the full name of the receiver, concern rubric of the receiver, name of the company addressed to.

( 4 ) “ Beloved Sirs ” or “ Beloved Madams ” are normally used as the salute, which is placed against the left-hand border with at least two lines under the interior reference and two lines above the organic structure of the missive

( 5 ) The conventional construction of organic structure should depend on the jumping end of concern letters whose contents chiefly concern on “ attending, involvement, desire, and action and raising outlooks ” . For illustration, letters which reply to the enquires should incorporate: the look of thanks to ask ; description of the name, specification, quality, measure, bundle, monetary value, payment methods, the day of the month of transportation ; the remarks on the goods ; other comparative affairs, such as other goods that the other party may involvement ; and the look of the desires to set up concern relationship with the parties and to look frontward to puting the orders.

( 6 ) The complimentary stopping point is a line following the organic structure of the missive that courteously signals the terminal of the missive.

( 7 ) The signature should be signed by the addresser himself/herself, which is four lines below the complimentary stopping point. And signature ever contains three or four parts: the name of the company, the signature of the author, the typed name, and the concern rubric.

The paragraphs of concern letters normally exist with hierarchy, which is based on the subject in the debut. And the sentences are cumulated layer upon bed with concurrences, so that these multi-layer sentences can be linked in a perpendicular hierarchy, in which imperfect, oppositive, causal relationship should be most normally used.

The complimentary stopping points normally use “ Sincerely ” or “ Sincerely yours. ”

3.3 Grammatical Features of English Business Letter

Complex construction of sentence is an of import syntactic feature of concern correspondence. And these complexly structured sentences can non merely show the concern significance, but make the chief information be emphasized and do the essay formal.

3.3.1 Use of Complete Sentences and more Compound Sentence.

Business missive is a formal manner, the most important grammatical characteristic is that sentences are completed, the construction is complex and the sentences are long. And adverbial clause, parenthesis, appositional, and the absolute construction are often used. Because the complex long sentences in concern letters can non merely show complex significances so that the authorship will look to be strict, but besides the chief information will be emphasized in the signifier of word order, and strength the grade of formality.

E.g. With the addition of the monetary values which becomes conspicuous this twelvemonth, the following cargo will be much dearer, so we recommend you to take prompt advantage of this offer.

This is a compound sentence that compounded by “ so ” , the prepositional phrase “ With the addition of the monetary values which conspicuous this twelvemonth ” is located in the first half, and the prenominal clause is among the prepositional phrase which makes the construction more complex. However, the hierarchy is clear and precise, and it clearly indicates the status of each other relationship.

3.3.2 Use of Assertive Sentences instead than Negative Sentences.

In order to show polite and friendly relationship, concern letters should non utilize negative sentences excessively much. Assertive sentences emphasize to the receiving systems what can be done instead than what can non be done, therefore assisting the author develop and maintain favourable relationships and good will. In contrast, negative sentences may bring forth other unfavourable reactions, and if we point the unwanted things that the other party ca n’t finish, it will give the feeling of discourtesy which against the rule of polite, so we should utilize as more self-asserting sentences as possible, so that the mode will be circumbendibus and polite.


1i?‰ We can non make full your order because you failed to direct your cheque.

2 ) We shall be glad to make full your order every bit shortly as we receive your cheque.

By comparing these two illustrations, it can be easy found that sentence ( 2 ) is more circumbendibus and polite than sentence ( 1 ) , which is in agreement with the grammar of concern missive, and it imparts enthusiasm and assurance.

3.3.3 Use of Common Language

Since the primary intent in concern letters is to convey information, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, the transmitter do n’t necessitate to enforce burden upon the receiving system with excessively hard words that influence speedy and precise communicating between both parties. What ‘s more, concern missive is an official missive that is with belongings of concern to concern. So we should utilize common and familiar linguistic communication to show the niceness and formality of the missive, and these words are bit by bit fixed to go a everyday after long clip used in concern activities, and now they are widely used in concern letters, such as “ We offer you aˆ¦ ; Enclosed we handaˆ¦i?›we are pleased to inform youaˆ¦ ; thank you foraˆ¦ ”

3.3.4Useof Declarative Sentences instead than Imperative Sentences

“ Most of the two parties involved in the concern letters are concern spouses, so each other ‘s positions are equal. Therefore, imperative sentences will non be used, even if one party wants another party to take some actions, because imperative sentences express the mode of giving orders which seems excessively chesty and direct. However, the mode will go so polite if we use declaratory sentences to show one ‘s desire in the missive that constructing the image of authors will go possible. What ‘s more, this mode frequently motivates the other party to take actions ( Peng, 2008:198 ) ” .

E.g. It would be appreciated if you could direct us your transportation instructions.

What this sentence seeking to show is “ Please direct us your transportation instructions ” , nevertheless, utilizing declaratory sentences will demo the niceness of the author and be in conformity with polite rule.

3.3.5 Use of Passive Voice Properly

The inactive voice is a really of import manner in composing concern missive. The inactive voice does non emphasis the action of beginning, which will look that the action is non imposed on the other party. In concern missive, we normally use “ It is hoped that the offer is made every bit shortly as possible ” alternatively of “ Make the offer every bit shortly as possible. ”

3.3.6 Use of the Inversion Sentence Properly

“ We use inversion sentence in two state of affairss: one is puting the emphatic constituent in forepart, particularly when the author wants to remind that the receiver stuffs have been posted with the missive ; another state of affairs is to show the possibility of uncertaintyi??Peng,2008:202i?‰ ” .

E.g. “ Enclosed please happen the bill of 60 bales wool bought by your order. ”

In this sentence, the author topographic point “ enclosed ” in forepart of the sentence to emphasis the aim.

3.3.7 Use of Abbreviations

Abbreviation, purely means a shortening or abridgment word or phrase, and normally refers to a missive or a group of letters taken from a individual word or phrase. Because of its space-saving and time-saving, abbreviations are used often in concern letters. And most abbreviations have fixed significances in the concern letters, such as FOB=Free On Board, CFR=Cost and Freight, CIF=Cost, Insurance and Freight, UK = United Kingdomi??S.S=steamship, etc.

4. How to Follow Stylistic Features in Business Letter Writing

As concern missive has specialness in communicating and conveying on the information, the maps and ends of concern letters are non merely evidently different from literary activities and day-to-day life, but other concern text, such as instant advertizement. So “ in the concern missive authorship, we should hold on the format, use proper words, attentive to the inside informations, and utilize appropriate tonei??Peng,2008:203i?‰ ” .

4.1 Grasping the format

Though the basic parts in the concern missive have remained the same for centuries, ways of set uping do alteration. Sometimes a company adopts a certain format as its policy. Three major missive formats are normally used: Full-Block manner, Indented manner, Semi-Block manner, whose major differences lie in indenture of paragraphs, arrangement of missive parts, and usage of punctuation.

In general, foremost, we should put the day of the month in forepart of the salute ; 2nd, the salutes by and large use a fixed format “ Beloved… ” so, the organic structure should come heterosexual to the subject ; at last, we should stop with “ unfeignedly ” or “ sincerely yours ”

4.2 Use of proper words

There is a direct relation between concern missive and the success of the concern, so we should utilize fair-spoken, polite, formal and professional vocabularies decently and accurately.

E.g. We trust you will see to it that the order is shipped within 3days, as any hold would do us no small incommodiousness and fiscal loss.

The author uses “ trust ” and “ no small incommodiousness ” in the illustration sentence to demo a so mild tone that the other party will accept it easy.

4.3 Attentive to inside informations

Business missive must be practical and realistic, it should neither overstate the vocabularies nor narrow its vocabularies. We should non be careless and be equivocal in the inside informations of concern activities, such as measure, day of the month, monetary value, the sum and insurance.

E.g. Our offer is a house offer and remains good until 3:40p.m. , 20th January, 2010, Wenzhou.

4.4 Use of Appropriate Tone

Business missive is a mean of written communications, so we should peculiarly pay attending to the temper, which should be polite, in appropriate manners, nonsubjective and formal. They have more life, and can therefore best keep the reader ‘s attending and involvement and construct the company image of the transmitter and demo the quality of the employees. Beside, we should choose polite linguistic communication to indicate the other party ‘s unwanted things that the other party ca n’t completei??which is to show thank, felicity and satisfaction. E.g. We shall appreciate it if you will do us a house offer for 60tons of peanuts.

5. Decision: Estimated Effect and Research Prospect of Studying Stylistic to Integrate with Business Letter.

Economic globalisation requires closer interaction among concern groups around the universe. The concern missive is touring the concern universe in both its electronic and traditional signifiers, and playing an progressively important function.

This thesis probes into the concern missive from the position of stylistic characteristics and topographic points emphasis on the stylistic characteristics of its linguistic communication, textual construction and grammatical characteristics. Then we can acquire the decision that in concern missive authorship, we can finish concern missive efficaciously and rationally if we have profoundly went penetration in its stylistic characteristics and applied the characteristics, so that we can do this sort of lingual signifier which exists with high practicableness be suited on the specific juncture, and to advance minutess.

Besides, analyzing stylistic characteristics integrate with concern missive composing favored develop practical advantage of concern letters, and it can cut down the errors and maltreatment usage in the write concern letters which owes to non cognizing the map of Stylistic in concern missive authorship. So we can understand the authorship criterions of concern missive better and complete it efficaciously. Meanwhile, the application of stylistic in concern missive authorship has made a theoretical geographic expedition, and it helps to convey trade information efficaciously, so that we can increase the feasibleness of trades.

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