A Study On Christopher Columbus History Essay

The first individual I am making my study on is Christopher Columbus, because he explored most of the new universe and helped people settle and make trade ways. He was an Italian Spanish sailing master that explored the Atlantic Ocean to happen a mob to Asia but found the Americans on accident. In autumn of 1492 the two adventurers of the east meet the folks of the West for the first clip in the Caribbean Sea. After this Columbus maintain doing trips from 1492 to 1504 and was convinced he found what Marco Polo talked about in his Hagiographas.

Though Columbus was non the first to happen the Americas he is credited with the award because he was from a much larger civilisation that the Vikings. The Vikings were said to happen the Americas in their late 10th or eleventh century. Even though this was a great thing for the Eastern states to colonise and to research these fantastic new things of this new and awe inspiring universe, it besides brought decease and devastation to the folks that live at that place and ran most of them to extinction.

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Christopher Columbus was said to be born in Genoa, Italy from august 25 to October 31 in 1451. He translated his name as he lived in different states to suit in more. His male parent was a wool weaver who was in political relations. He had three brothers and one sister. His household moved to Savona that was west of Genoa in 1470. Though he was non really educated he had remittal reading and composing accomplishments. As a male child he joined his male parent in wool weaving so subsequently left to go a sailing master.

The 2nd individual I am composing my paper on is Ponce De Leon, who was many things in his life from a courier for the royal tribunal to a soldier in their ground forces. After being driven out of Spain he decided to travel with Christopher Columbus on his 2nd ocean trip to the Americas. De Leon among the other 200 voluntaries reached the Americas in merely two months and visited many islands and eventually landed in Hispaniola. After this De Leon dropped off the radio detection and ranging for a several old ages but many speculate that he went back to Spain and finally came back to Hispaniola.

De Leon was put in charge of oppressing a rebellion that was originating and afterward was awarded for his singular leading by being appointed governor by Nicolas de Ovando. De Leon so married a adult female named Leonora and had four kids three misss and one male child, after he built a rock house which stills bases today.

De Leon meet with a adjacent state and heard narratives of rivers that run rich with gold and wealths, after hearing this he requested to travel and research and was granted the pleasance. He was said to hold gone many more times that the official documents say to reconnoiter and larn the geographics. On the official geographic expedition he found gold and the expedition was claimed to be a great success and he was made governor of San Juan Bautista.

The 3rd individual I am making my study on is Joaquin Murrieta or more normally known as the Mexican Robin Hood. He is a legendary figure in California in the 1850s gold haste yearss. He is known as both an ill-famed felon or Mexican nationalist. Many people debate wither he was born in the a Alamos or in Sonora, Mexico, and even Quillota, Chile

Murrieta ‘s nationality have been questioned a batch he has been said to be Cherokee, Mexican, and even Chilean. His female parent was thought to be Cherokee but from Mexico she was besides thought to be from other Central America counties. Many think this because the Cherokee settled in many Latin American states after being forced out of America.

Murrieta was n’t ever an criminal he was in fact an honest gold mineworker that was successful until American gold mineworkers started taking notice. He was attack by American mineworkers and forced to watch them colza is married woman. After this tragic ordeal he decided to travel to a life of offense and acquire retaliation for what the gold mineworkers did to him, but this was subsequently found incorrectly and it was determined that his household were largely felons and assist him kill six of his tormenters.

Many Texas Rangers were hired to run him down and claimed to kill him and convey his caput as cogent evidence. They did and many signed stating it was his caput but was subsequently to be found non Murrieta ‘s but an guiltless mustang wrangler. It is said that most of the people that signed the paper were bribed and that he lived was ne’er caught.

The 4th individual I am making this study on is Luis W. Alvarez one of the scientist that aid do the Atomic Bomb that won the 2nd universe war. Alvarez was born on June 13, 1911 in San Francisco, California, USA. He went to the University of Chicago and got his Bachelor ‘s grade in 1932, so his maestro ‘s in 1934, and eventually his Ph.d. in 1936 he so got a occupation working in the Radiation Lab at UC Berkeley.

During the old ages in the Radiation Lab he published 20 documents but merely three are really of import. He made a set of experiments to prove K-electrons gaining control in Radioactive Nuclei. Another great thing he did was responsible for the expression that was the base for the H-bomb. He besides created a single-channel energetic beam of thermic neutrons.

Alvarez received the Collier Trophy from President Truman in 1946 for his work in the Manhattan Project. He chiefly won this for his inventions and aid with the design of the Fat Man bomb that was used to stop the war. After wards he returned to go a professor at the University of California. He kept his thoughts fluxing on how to better his atom gas pedals. Thought to his best attempts he was beaten out by Edwin McMillan whose construct of stage stableness beat his thoughts by a long shooting and led to the synchrocyclotron. Though he was beaten he congratulated McMillan on his singular work on the undertaking.

The last individual I am making my study on is Ritchie Valens. He is most notably known for his vocal “ La Bamba ” a vocal that was Mexican common people music that he made into a hit stone vocal in 1958. He was really celebrated for the vocal and a function theoretical account to many Latino people. Many besides call him the sire of Chicano stone.

Valens was born in Pacoima in the San Fernando Valley of L.A on May, 13 1941 He was raised listening to Mariachi music that was really traditional and reliable to Mexico. He was pushed by his pa to pick up the guitar and learn to play because he was demoing marks of desiring to do music. He was left handed but wanted to larn the guitar so bad he learned it right handed alternatively.

He played around his school and joined a set called the Silhouettes as a guitar player and subsequently became lead vocalist and guitar player after the former lead vocalist quit. The set played at public presentations with them and besides solo on petition.

He would play material he was coming up with on the topographic point and it amazed most people. Though he improvised most of the vocals they were great either manner. An agent heard rumours about him and went to see him populate merely to be impressed and aw inspired from his endowment.

The agent signed him and they started entering vocals they already knew and played. Then Valens came up with the vocal “ La Bamba ” which is the vocal he is remembered for and the vocal was an instant hit. Sadly he died on February 3, 1959 in a aeroplane clang. This twenty-four hours is widely known as the twenty-four hours the music died made so by Don McLean ‘s hit vocal “ American Pie ” .



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