A Study On Gun Violence Sociology Essay

October 19, 2017 March 26th, 2018 Sociology

Gun force take a heavy toll both in the lives of its victim and in the quality of life of the victim ‘s relations and friends, many of the narratives of the victim do non capture the headlines of the newspaper, but each violent statistic is a headline narrative to the loved 1s of the victims. Of the 25,000 homicides in the United States last twelvemonth, an estimated 70 % were committed with pieces. And 1000s of other Americans are wounded form gunfires, frequently with long term effects on their wellness. To set statistics into a context, every two old ages more Americans die from pieces hurts in the United States that were killed in the full Vietnam War. Since 1933 more Americans have died from gun lesions here at place that in all the wars our state has been involved in since – and including – the American Revolution.

Condemnable activity, so takes a heavy toll in human life. But guns putting to death and maim non merely because of offense but besides because self-destructions and accidents. In firearm human deaths, more people die from self-destructions than from homicides. In 1999, for illustration pieces were involved in 18,547 self-destructions. And pieces cause human deaths accidentally through accidents, either by misfiring of arms, inaccurate shot, sloppiness, or foolhardiness.

Although Americans use pieces in ways that are condemnable or sinister, they employ guns in the ways that are frequently regarded as law-abiding and good. The 2nd amendment ensures “the right of the people to maintain and bear arms.” Peoples should hold every right to believe and justice, and act for themselves, but non all people do this in the most responsible manner. When immoral, irrational, or unethical determinations are made the authorities needs to step in. Inside the place, one should be able to make what he wishes on his belongings, but even at that place, an unseeable line must be drawn. For the good of the whole, people need to stay by certain Torahs, and when those lines are crossed, the authorities has to step in to protect its people.

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As a society, we put our safety into the custodies of the authorities by using constabulary officers and firemen, and by swearing the work forces and adult females of the military. We should hence, trust the lawgivers, by leting them to do stiffer gun control Torahs. There are some gun control Torahs soon in consequence, while some are waiting to be base on balls in Congress. The 1s that are passed are largely province and local degrees. There are ‘place and mode ‘ Torahs, which prohibit the fire of a gun in certain topographic points, such as within metropolis bounds, and some province restrict transporting a hidden arm anyplace in public. There are besides ‘restricted ownership ‘ Torahs that prohibit the sale of any typed of gun to convicted criminals, foreigners, bush leagues, alkies, drug users, and mentally or emotionally disturbed people. In some provinces, purchasers must make full out an application and there is 10 twenty-four hours waiting period, while their background are checked before the purchase of an piece. These Torahs are helpful, but they are non in consequence everyplace, and they do non ever carry through the intent. One of the most prudent gun control jurisprudence has been tick overing in Congress for the past two old ages. This jurisprudence requires a individual before buying a gun to take categories on the proper ways to hive away and manage a piece, and it besides require the consumer to take this class to regenerate their piece enrollment every twelvemonth. By coercing your local congresswomans we can put in gesture some of these Torahs.

Where kids are concerned, parents need to set guns out of range, and to learn our kids of the dangers of guns. Guns should non be a tabu topic that is non to be discussed. Minor leagues should be one group that guns are illegal to. A individual can non imbibe until he reaches the age on 21, so if the jurisprudence states that spirits could harmful to an stripling who may non be equipped to cover with its consequence, so should n’t that besides keep true for a deathly arm? But guns can be purchased from pawnbroker’s shops, or a trader who ignores the Torahs, or stolen from a relation. The Torahs need dig deeper, get downing with maker. Tobacco companies and liquor distributers are held accountable for the unsafe effects of their merchandises.

Barroom proprietors and even barmans can be sued and jailed if a client they serve injuries person under the influence. So possibly the pieces manufacturers should besides be held responsible.

Firearms have been an of import characteristic in American life since the first Europeans settled in the new World. Although most people who use pieces in the United States do so in a peaceable mode, the illegal and violent usage of pieces remains a great job to educate society, as does the function of pieces in self-destructions and accidents. It would be foolhardy to foretell a solution in the close hereafter ; nevertheless, stricter gun control Torahs would be an effectual start. Education is the key. Educating people about the piece related accidents that that occur every twelvemonth is the first measure. Peoples have to regulate and be governed, in order for a metropolis or state to work side by side to stop force and fright associated with pistols. We need to happen a solution to stop the job, non advance it.


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