A Thousand Splendid Suns

October 6, 2017 General Studies

A Thousand Splendid Suns

Fictional characters:

O Mariam: girl of Nana & A ; Jalil ( born 1959 )

O Jalil: Father of Mariam, he has tree married woman ‘s and nine kids

O Nana: Mother of Mariam

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O Mullah Faizullah: Koran coach of Mariam

O Rasheed: Becomes Mariam ‘s hubby at the age Miriam was 15 old ages old

O Hakim: Father of Laila

O Fariba: Mother of Laila

O Laila: Daughter of Hakim & A ; Fariba ( born 1978 )

O Tariq: Friend of Laila and Father of Aziza

O Aziza: First girl of Laila & A ; Tariq

O Zalmai: Son of Rasheed and Laila

Part one: Mariam ‘ narrative

The narrative A 1000 Splendid Suns begins with an debut of Mariam ‘s life. She is 5 old ages old and an illicit kid of Jalil and Nana. Jalil is a successfully work forces in the metropolis of Herat. Nana was foremost a housekeeper from Jalil. When she got pregnant of Jalil, she and Mariam were banished to the Kolba. Nana is so acrimonious about the banishing that she learn Mariam at a immature age how bad work forces ‘s are specifically her male parent. Once a hebdomad Jalil visited Mariam and brings her a batch of confect and nowadayss. Just before Mariam ‘s 15 birthday Jalil comes to see Mariam. He describes to her the film Pinocchio that plays at his film. Mariam got so funny about the film that she asked Jalil to take her to Pinocchio in his film as a gift for her 15th birthday. Nana finds it a bad thought and Jalil agreed with Nana. But Mariam insists that she one time to see the film and Jalil eventually agree with Mariam. The following forenoon Mariam goes to the topographic point where Jalil and she had agreed to run into each other. She had ignored the abuses and menaces of her female parent that said that if she goes she would kill herself. When Jalil did n’t demo up she decides to walk to his house. When she arrived there Jalil retainers told her that he was gone. She slept on the doorsill outside that dark waiting on Jalil. The following forenoon Mariam the chauffeur of Jalil took her against her will endorse to the Kolba. When they arrived there the Chauffeur all of a sudden starts to shout to her: ‘’Go back, travel back! ‘ ‘ First she was surprised, so she saw why the Chauffeur was shouting. Nana had hanged herself. The first yearss after Nana ‘s decease she lived by Jalil and his tree married womans and kids. But shortly Jalil and his married womans told Mariam that there was a suer for here that she could n’t refused. First Mariam did n’t desire to hear about it and she said that she wanted to populate with Mullah Faizullah the aged small town Koran coach. He was non merely a coach of Mariam but besides a good friend of her. But that was n’t an option for Mariam. She had to marriage her suer. His name was Rasheed, a 30 twelvemonth older work forces than here. He was a cobbler for celebrated people in Kabul. She moved to Kabul and the first yearss were n’t that bad. But shortly Rasheed got worser than worst. Because of the fact that Mariam could n’t give him a boy he had longed to. He begins crushing her and stamp downing her.

Part two: Laila ‘s narrative

In the 2nd portion of the book you will run into Laila. You get to hear her narrative of Afghanistan. Laila is a nine twelvemonth old miss and really studious. Her parents are Hakim and Fariba. They lived in the same street as Rasheed and Mariam. Hasima and Giti are the best friends of Laila. Laila has besides a good friend called Tariq. They spend much clip together and later they fell in love. There was a batch of war in the state. Communists had taken over the state. One twenty-four hours an Afghanis adult male came at the house of Laila and asks for her parents. He told them that their two boies had been died for the jehad. Her female parent ‘s universe falls apart. Their boies were everything to her. Laila had taken over all the jobs of her female parent. In 1989 the last Soviets leave Kabul. A few old ages subsequently the latest Communist president of Afghanistan Najibullah resignations himself. There begins in the state a power fighting. Many guiltless civilians died trough the conflicts. Besides Giti died in the war. Kabul was an insecure topographic point and Tariq ‘s parents decide to travel to Pakistan. As a farewell Laila and Tariq have sex against all Torahs. Fariba ‘s female parent did n’t desire to go forth Kabul because she wants to see that the company of their boies will won the war. But when Laila about acquire killed she eventually make up one’s mind to go forth Kabul with their hubby and girl. They ne’er make it out of the house. By going there autumn bombs on their house and Laila ‘s parents get killed. Laila herself is severely injured.

Part tree: The meeting of Mariam and Laila

At one twenty-four hours Rasheed came place with a severely injured miss. Believe it or non this the minute were Mariam and Laila foremost run into each other. They took attention of Laila. When Laila eventually recovered a adult male knocked on their door. His name was Abdul Sharif. He told a squealing narrative that Tariq was decease. Laila believed him, subsequently she will happen out that it was a prevarication. A twosome of yearss after the visit of Abdul Sharif, Rasheed gave Laila two options. Marrying him of she has to go forth his house and live on the streets. In the interim she was pregnant from Tariq. So the option was rather easy to do. She chose to get married Rasheed to give her child the best. That same dark they had sex. Mariam felt betrayed by Rasheed and was Jealous on Laila. She felt that Laila had stolen her hubby. When Laila give birth of their first kid, it was a miss. Rasheed wanted a male child, and took his choler on Mariam. He hit her with a belt. Laila stopped him and at that minute the relationship between Mariam and Laila started. The name of the kid was Aziza. And the first clip Mariam saw her she loved the kid as her ain. Laila and Mariam start sharing secrets. Together they make a program to run off to Pakistan, because Rasheed did n’t handle both married womans good. They did n’t do it far and the constabulary brought them place. Rasheed was so angry and beat the two married womans and locked them in different suites without giving them nutrient or H2O. From 1996 the Taliban had taken over Afghanistan. Laila was pregnant of Rasheed. And she needed a cesarean delivery. She has given unrecorded to a male child. They called him Zalmai. Rasheed was so happy and he and Zalmai were close brother ‘s. In summer 2000 Rasheed ‘s store burned down. And the money easy runs out. That ‘s the ground that in April 2001 Aziza had to travel to the orphanhood. The Orphanage manager was Zaman. At one twenty-four hours when Laila came place, Tariq was at that place. They were so happy to see each other. Laila told him about his girl. They arranged an understanding to see her in the orphanhood following twenty-four hours. With that promise Tariq left. When Rasheed came place and heard that Tariq went into his house, he went loony. He begins hitting Laila and when he wants to kill her Mariam kills her hubby with a shovel. Mariam recommends Laila to fly with Tariq and the kids to Pakistan. She remains behind to take the incrimination. Mariam were arrested by the Taliban for killing her hubby and without test shooting decease in a Football bowl full of people.

Partially Four: Laila and Tariq, the stoping

Separate four goes about Tariq, Laila and the kids. They left Rasheed ‘s house and moved to Pakistan. Where they receive shelter and work in a hotel. It was 11 September 2001. The universe has changed. Two aeroplanes had crashed into the Twin Towers and the Taliban claimed the terrorist onslaught. Bush declared war to the Taliban, to do Afghanistan a safer state. In 2002 Laila wanted traveling back to Kabul. She was homesick and wanted to reconstruct the state. When she was on their manner back they slept in a hotel and that twenty-four hours Laila visited the place of birth of Mariam. She visited Mullah Faizullah house. Unfortunately he had passed off, but his boy Hamza was still alive. He shows her the Kolba and they talked a batch about Mariam. When Laila left, Hamza gave her a box. Jalil gave it to Mullah before he died. It was a box for Mariam. And now Hamza gave it to Laila he thought it remains to her now Mariam is decease. When Laila went to the hotel she opened the box. There were three things in it. A picture of Pinocchio, an envelope with a missive of sorrow and money. Laila does n’t understood why there was a picture of Pinocchio in it. But it was the film Mariam wanted to see when she turned 15 old ages old. The money in the box Laila used to reconstruct the orphanhood of Zalman. April 2003, Tariq has a new occupation and helps Zalmai renovating the orphanhood. Zalmai is now six old ages old and Aziza ten old ages old and Laila, she is pregnant of her 3rd kid and if it ‘s a miss she is certain that her name will be Mariam.


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