A Vietnam Country Review History Essay

Vietnam as we know is about 331,688 kmA? in country but it does non include the Hoang Sa and Truong Sa islands, it is larger than Italy and about the same size as Germany. Vietnam is located in South East Asia, bordered to the north near China, to the West near Laos and Cambodia and to the E, by the Pacific Ocean. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, it is located in the North and is the 2nd largest metropolis in Vietnam, as the capital of Vietnam for about a thousand old ages now, and Hanoi is considered to be one of the cultural Centres of Vietnam, where most of the Vietnamese dynasties had left behind their imprint. After that I will sum up some civilization of Vietnam.

First of wholly, the Culture of Vietnam, or in peculiar the civilization of the Kinh cultural beginning in the northern Vietnam, is one of the oldest civilizations in the Pacific part. Although so, the major influence is China, Vietnam ‘s civilization had created a batch of characteristics, rather similar to the other people of East Asia and other states in the Pacific Ocean ( such as Cambodia, Laos and Thailand ) that have suffered a major cultural influence by India.

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Presents, the civilization of Vietnam has changed from clip to clip, it is a particular blend of the many ancient civilizations with the autochthonal civilization of the Vietnamese. Other than the influence of China, the civilizations of the Vietnamese people are besides influenced by the Western civilization. Some illustrations of the Vietnamese civilization are: nutrient, dress, faith, and the cultural district.



First of all I will speak about the clime in the South of Vietnam, it is located in the tropical monsoon equatorial so it has a really high temperature throughout the twelvemonth and it merely has two seasons, which are showery and dry. The rainy season begins from the month of May to November and dry season will get down from the month of December to April the undermentioned twelvemonth. Because the south rainy season is longer than the dry season, so this has some kind of influence in the alteration of civilization I ways of nutrient to the civilization in the South, the cardinal, and the North of Vietnam.

As we know the culinary art of Vietnam is really celebrated around the universe, Ho Chi Minh City ‘s culinary art is besides partially reflected by the cultural life and natural minerals, its culinary art is influenced by the Gallic culinary art, Kampuchean culinary art and the Thai culinary art. Today, the fortes are easy found at Ho Chi Minh, it is a combination of the nutrient from the North, Middle, South and international culinary arts, for illustration: rancid soup is a combination of the rancid salty of the North, spicy Piper nigrums of the cardinal, and sweet fresh of the South. Another illustration is the beef steaks which are thinner and more mature and it is besides piquant veggies served with it compared to France.

By contract, the nature of the portion center of Vietnam is it has a really difficult clime, it is influenced by the sea breezes every bit good as the mountain air currents. The people populating here are severe and rich energetic. The Central Food has nutrient that are really spicy, really spicy-hot, as positive ( for the cold when it comes to soaking in H2O and olfactory property immune nature of the seafood capital nature-sound welding ) and it is really piquant. The nutrient stuffs are frequently simple, but if you of all time have the chance to truly bask, it will be an experience that will ne’er be forgotten.

Besides that, for the North of Vietnam which Hanoi is the capital, the season of Hanoi has four seasons: summer, spring, winter, fall. So the civilization of Hanoi people is more confidential and ever continue their cultural pride with elegance. Hanoi ‘s culinary art is non spicy, their spirits are chiefly utilizing fish sauces. The culinary art of Hanoi is still considered of elegance, edification and harmoniousness from colour to spirit. The profusion and diverseness of the culinary arts of Hanoi is the effect of the conditions. So that is why I think the alteration of clime can assist my state to better our culinary art.


The topography of Vietnam largely consists of hills, mountains, woods and the sea. Furthermore, the state has two major river deltas, the Red River Delta in the North and the Mekong Delta in the South. Based on copiousness of topography I will analyse the influence they have toward our civilization.

First of wholly, the North is covered by mountains, and that is why the civilization of the North has a close relationship with China and Laos and there are cultural people populating near the mountains. So that can assist them to pattern commercialism and trade with each other through the twenty-four hours market at the boundary lines. It is really good as it can assist the people of Vietnam to interchange civilizations with the other state.

Second, the center of Vietnam are largely adjoins with the East Sea in the E and Truong Son Mountain on the West, and it besides is really good to interchange seafood with other states.

Finally in the South, there ‘s the Mekong River Delta, which is about 40,000 km2. The part has really good clime conditions for agribusiness and as a consequence, the Delta is the largest rice turning part in Vietnam. The South people ‘s civilization is chiefly based on working. Every twenty-four hours they are obliged to wake up early for work. Based on topography of the life, the South people live better than Middle.

Nature resources

All natural resources of Vietnam are chiefly oil and gas, mineral resources ( hard coal ) and other resources ( marine resources, tropical wood, and agricultural potency ) . The state has 4 universe heritages accepted by UNESCO, it besides has beautiful beaches, national ecological woods, countryside, high-land and historic topographic points. Based on the copiousness of natural resource, I will explicate some natural resources that will act upon Vietnam ‘s civilization.

As I reference before, Vietnam has a batch of rivers and the sea. With people live near the river or the sea, they have civilizations that are spiritual, which means that before they go angling on the sea or rivers, they ever pray which is believed that they will be assured. Actually, it besides creates a superstitious notion in here that is religious civilization of the coastal fishermen festival. It is a portion of the traditional civilization and its imposts are passed down from one coevals to the following. However it does non impact the economic system.

In the yesteryear, Vietnam was so hapless due to the war. But after that people lived in Vietnam were diversified from natural resources so that they can alter from mobile civilization to civilised civilization. So anyplace that has good natural resources, it ever have a good population. It ‘s a stimulating factor of the Vietnamese civilization. However, the downside of it is that the woods could be overly exploited and this decidedly is doing a great impact on the society ‘s life of the country.


After I analysis three of geographical factors that can act upon civilization in Vietnam are: Topography, Climate and Natural Resources. The civilizations of Vietnam has a tonss of differences alterations follow each of portion of Vietnam ( South, North, and Middle ) , from the yesteryear to future clip. Nowadays, the civilization of Vietnam has changed, from clip to clip, it is a particular blend of the many ancient civilizations with the autochthonal civilization of the Vietnamese. Based on some alteration of geographical that why authorities have some alteration for policy, invention, and integrating. It can assist spirit for promote the societal to come on. So I can believe “ renew civilization in the quest to advance societal advancement in Vietnam today. ”



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