AAD culturally because culture is one of

1.Definition of Heritage
1.1 Material Heritage
Material Heritage is the old objects that are physically exist. Objects that are made by our ancestors and are acquired from them. The objects will lose its value as heritage object if it does not relate culturally because culture is one of the standard requirement for heritage objects.

1.2 Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage is a methods for living created by a group and passed on from age to age, including traditions, places, objects, and qualities. Culture comes from a habit of a society and formed through habitual activity of a community in the past. It is not perceptible by touch but it could be felt and experienced.

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2.The Importance of Heritage
2.1 How material heritage is important to the study of history and culture.

Material heritage such as buildings and artifacts are important
2.2 Importance of heritage to the inculcation of national identity.

3. Conservation and Preservation
3.1 The types of conservation (artefact conservation)
3.2 Principals of conservation
3.3 What is being conserved (what is not)
3.4 Deterioration of the materials
3.5 To what extent are conservation efforts benefiting society
4. Conclusion
4.1 The importance of heritage to society
4.2 Areas of conservation that must be given more emphasis.REFERENCES



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