Abolitionist Movement Essay

August 27, 2017 General Studies

In the mid 1800’s. the Abolitionist Movement was undertaken to advance the freedom of slaves. One of the work forces who wanted to get rid of bondage was Frederick Douglass. He used non-violent agencies by composing a newspaper called The North Star. Other work forces like John Brown supported the emancipationist by utilizing force and rebellion to assail Harpers Ferry. Frederick Douglass’s actions were the best manner to guarantee autonomy and equality for all because his actions were non-violent.

Frederick Douglass had been a slave himself. who had been beaten and abused. This experience led him to actively oppose and work against bondage. He wrote addresss. spoke out at anti bondage organisations. and encouraged people to talk out and express freedom. In his newspaper. The North Star. he stated. “…the adult male who has SUFFERED THE WRONG. is the adult male to DEMAND REDRESS. -that the adult male STRUCK is the adult male to Shout OUT-and that he who ENDURED THE CRUEL PANGS OF SLAVERY is the adult male to ADVOCATE LIBERTY. ” The commanding words explained how Douglass had suffered the incorrect. and is now demanding for equal rights. He had suffered the cruel strivings of bondage. and now is recommending and back uping freedom.

John Brown’s male parent was a large influence on him to oppose bondage. He told Brown you must make “right” . or you will reply to God. Brown became an emancipationist hero. as a consequence of assailing the federal armory in Harpers Ferry. to capture guns. free slaves to fall in him. and get down a war. “Talk! Talk! Talk! That will ne’er liberate the slaves. What we need is action—action! ” are the powerful words Brown spoke at a meeting in Boston. He saw the Abolitionist Movement as a war against slaves “slavery. throughout its full existence… is none other than a most indefensible war of one part of citizens upon another part. ”

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Frederick Douglass’s actions and point of views were better than John Brown’s actions. He wrote about his life and gave addresss to anti-slavery organisations. Douglass’s actions were better because they were non-violent and more effectual. unlike John Brown’s actions. which led him to be hanged. More people could be educated through words. and understand better through words. instead than through force.

The battle for bondage to be abolished was really hard and took old ages to eventually be achieved. Both Frederick Douglass and John Brown put forth a great attempt to stop the mistreatment of African American people through bondage. Frederick Douglass thought people could understand more within a peaceable treatment. instead than throughout violent actions.


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