Abortion: Pregnancy and Whispered Word

By August 18, 2018 Sociology

The subject I have chosen to talk about is abortions. According to the Article (Abortion in America’s not rare, 2013) which states that, “because of the Supreme Court’s decision on Roe vs. Wade, and the existence of organizations like Planned Parenthood, abortion in this country is safe, legal and rare.” My opinion on this matter is that Abortion is the determination of an innocent life and is murder in the eyes of God and the only reason for an abortion is if the mother’s life is threatened within the term of her pregnancy and I believe that’s the way the church would see it also.

Within the same article that was mentioned in the first paragraph. (Abortion in America’s not rare, 2013) “It has been estimated that there has been 55 million safe, legal and rare abortions performed in the United States since the 1973 Supreme Court decision.” For many years abortion has been only for saving a woman’s life if a pregnancy was to threaten her survival and in the article. (A Whispered Word Takes on a New Voice, 1968). “Authorities estimated more than 1 million illegal abortions done annually in the United States.” I do agree with the article that it should be a woman’s choice to get an abortion but I only believe that to a certain extent and I mean that in a way that a woman shouldn’t be able to have an abortion just because she doesn’t want the baby but only if its life threatening.

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If you look at both these article over time the abortion rate has increased a lot in the recent years and that because women are freely choosing whether they want the baby or not and I believe if the woman doesn’t want the baby the court system should make the woman carry the baby out to full term and give it up for an adoption. The only exemption to not keeping the baby is if it’s not life threatening and is if the woman was raped and became pregnant. In the article, (A Whispered Word Takes on a New Voice, 1968). “At the present, there is no state that permits an abortion because the woman simply doesn’t want a baby.” One Obstetrician said, you have to shop around, but I know a psychiatrist who stretches the [law] by saying, ‘if a woman is considering an illegal abortion she is a therapeutic one.” (A Whispered Word Takes on a New Voice, 1968).

Therapeutic means: of or relating to the treatment of disease or disorders by remedial agents or methods or providing or assisting in a cure. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). The theory I am writing about in this essay is making it an example of the Class Conflict Theory, which in the text book states, “Conflict theory helps us realize that because conflict is normal and usually inevitable, it is okay to express it.”(Introduction to Sociology pg. 42). The conflict that we are talking about is whether abortion should be assumed as a free right or should it be assumed as murder and I believe that it is murder in the eyes of God and that’s my opinion and while others believe otherwise it should be a conflict between Christians and society today. Society see it as okay as a free right and the choice of the mother of the baby of whether see should carry it to full term or decide she doesn’t want it and abort it. The church has another view on it and they say that in the eyes of God abortion is murder and anyone that murders a child should be accountable.

The conflict in my summary is that the times have changed and you see it on how many more abortions have been performed over the different times and that means society is letting it happen more often in this day in age and the way I look at it if the child was to see what was happening to him in the near future do you think he would want that? Of course not and I believe God and us Christians feel the same way. Society has adapted to prevent pregnancies by providing condoms and pills for both sexes and there is no excuse for anyone getting pregnant using those preventive measures. The only alternative is to be abstinent and not have sex before marriage. According to the article on abstinence, “combined with new federal funding for abstinence initiatives, has led to a proliferation during the past decade of abstinence education programs aimed at US teens.” (Weed, Stan E, PhD; Ericksen, Irene H, MS; Lewis, Allen, PhD; Grant, Gale E, MA, CPP; Wibberly, Kathy H, PhD. 2008 .An Abstinence Program’s Impact on Cognitive Mediators and Sexual Initiation.) This means more teens have agreed to being abstinent till marriage and trying to eliminate pregnancy and which prevents abortion.


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